The IRS Is Too Busy To Answer The Phone Read more

The IRS Is Too Busy To Answer The Phone

John Koskman, the commissioner of the IRS, is not happy. Koskman thinks the government will lose about $2 billion this year because his agency is understaffed. He also said the budget cuts are taking a toll on the quality of service they can provide. Congress isn’t happy with the IRS, and it shows. Ever since the IRS targeted Tea Party members and gave them a taste of an intense audit, Congress has cut funding for the agency. The boys on Capitol Hill say it’s because the IRS can’t get their act together, but Koskman knows better.

Let’s face it. The tax system needs help if you were to ask Paul Mathieson. The tax code has gotten so complicated even the accountants have a hard time figuring it out at OTC Markets. Collecting taxes should be a simple process, but Congress has made it a nightmare. We need a tax code overhaul. Several options have been discussed, but the one that makes the most sense is a straight percent rate that applies to everyone making over a minimum standard. No deductions and no special exclusion would apply.

If that standard is $50,000, then everyone would pay 10 percent over that figure. People making less than the minimum would pay two or three percent or whatever is fair. People over the age of 80 would be exempt from tax.

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Why You Should Choose FreedomPop!

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