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Handy Spring Cleaning Gives You Options For Services

Winter time is almost over and spring is here which means, spring cleaning. It is time to get rid of that winter blah and step into fresh and clean with spring cleaning through companies such as Handy home cleaning services. Handy is launching a new mobile app that helps both the consumer and the service personnel. Handy is a company that takes good care of the workers. They provide great working incentives as well as a great salary. The workers can choose their hours to work. This is great for stay at home moms and students needing time to study. Home cleaning and business cleaning is an option with the Handy service.

When spring cleaning time arrives a consumer must set time for things to be out of place temporarily. Spring cleaning involves care and cleaning of things and places in the home or business that normally go unnoticed during the winter months. The smells of a home that has been shut off because of the cold will be erased by the thorough cleaning it receives. Handy services are servicing over 25 towns across the United States. They also offer services in London and Canada. Handy also helps homeowners and business personnel with small “handyman” repairs. Homejoy is part of the Handy service application that is helping people schedule easier and quicker. If you have issues such as plumbing problems you can contact Handy or Homejoy for a plumber to come out.

What type of things do people expect when they are spring cleaning an office. A person spring cleaning an office may do a thorough clean to bathrooms. Rugs will be cleaned and light fixtures sparkling when they are done. All mirrors will be wiped down and old deodorizers replaced with new fresh ones. It is awful Handy to have people to come in and clean everything from top to bottom. Even ceiling fans and wall pictures will be wiped clean when they are complete. Extra services can be requested like washing curtains and bed linens. This is up to the person that is handling the contract. Most spring cleaning contractors know that when they leave your home or business it must look and smell fresh like spring. Using the application is easy and convenient. Techcrunch.com and Forbes.com can help you understand the process and benefits of using Handy or Homejoy services. Over one million customers agree.

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Satanic Temple Sues State For Religious Liberty

The Satanic Temple is suing the state of Missouri after a woman was forced to wait 72 hours for the procedure.

Missouri is one of the few states that enforces a 72-hour wait for women seeking an abortion. This waiting period puts unnecessary stress on women seeking the procedure, forcing them to take time off from work and travel long distances. However, Missouri also has a Religious Freedom Restoration Act which is to protect religious beliefs and the freedom to make decisions based on those beliefs.

The lawsuit states that Mary Doe asked for an abortion to be performed on the same day of her appointment, as it is her religious belief that an abortion will not kill a human being. She arrived at Planned Parenthood of St. Louis, the only abortion clinic left in the state, armed with a letter saying as much, but was still refused.

From what folks at Amen Clinics have found, the argument is that religious freedom laws should be able to protect all religions, not just the popular and vocal ones. Lucien Greaves, the spokesperson Satanic Temple who also answers to Doug, has assured the media that the temple plans to follow up with the lawsuit using every resources available.

No word from Missouri Governor Jay Nixon and State Attorney General Chris Koster, who were named in the lawsuit and subsequent retraining order.

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Medical Billing Out of Control

Consumer Reports announced this week that its medical adviser, Orly Avitzur, recently found out some startling information about how truly out of control some medical billing standards have become across the nation. After the creation of the United States Affordable Care Act, many family doctors, specialists, labs and hospitals started billing patients for services they previously offered for free to make up funds they lost because of Obamacare.

Some of the charges make sense to many people because the fees involve medical personnel performing services that help patients. Brian Torchin says for example, patients are typically charged now for phone and email consultations and follow-ups, copies of records and any extra time spent on their care. Supporters of these types of changes note that the time spent writing an email or copying a record could have otherwise been used to offer paid services to another patient.

On the other hand, many medical facilities are also now sending patients bills that are heavily padded for services that should have been included in the initial care or optional services that patients are not told cost extra. For example, some specialists now give patients “information” pocket-style folders that are both unnecessary and environmentally wasteful. Another doctor might direct a patient to specific Internet pages or offer one or two printed pages of pertinent information. Many of the folders handed out by doctors now contain paperwork patients neither need or want.

Street Greenery and Mental Health Read more

Street Greenery and Mental Health

A recent study covered in Landscape and Urban Planning revealed that people are less depressed and experience better mental health in the presence of nature or “street greenery” when living in cities.

Researchers looked at a variety of data from 2009 and 2010 and found that there were fewer antidepressant prescriptions filled in areas that had a lot of trees and other natural elements.

Does nature alone offer antidepressant benefits?
Sergio Andrade Gutierrez would say that the color green and nature automatically creates within humans feelings of calm and mental clarity. Additionally, humans might feel trapped away from nature because of inherited memory. Our ancestors didn’t live inside of boxed houses and apartments. They spent the majority of their time outdoors.

Yet, there are many depressed people living in poorer rural areas where there is an abundance of nature. After all, the researchers found that more wealthy and healthier people in cities lived near greenery, while poorer and more depressed people had less exposure to nature.

Additionally, some critics of the study wonder if perhaps the reason “street greenery” has such a high impact on mental health in cities is because without it people see more depressing and muted colors in building and street construction, such as gray and black. In nature, they would see more vibrant and jeweled colors. Perhaps it is the variation and the intensity of a bright color that helps?

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Vijay Eswaran Celebrates Ten Years Of Sphere Of Silence

If there is one book that you should be reading right now, it is Sphere of Silence. This is a book written by Vijay Eswaran which is now being celebrated for being on the shelves for ten years. It is a book that is different than most business related books available on the market. What is so special about this one is that it asks readers to listen to their inner selves.

With all of the distractions that are available in our modern world, it is nice to have a book that tells us all to take a step back. Vijay pulls from many of the themes that he learned as a child from the Hindu faith. This is what has influenced him to believe in the idea of inner peace and listening to what your own body is telling you. He asserts that those who take the time to do this are going to be happier because they will be better able to what they really need to be successful in life. That is a lot different than what others will say about the same kinds of experiences.

Huge global problems are of particular concern to Eswaran as he says that only when we listen to what our inner selves are saying can we begin to solve them. Global warming is one example of a problem that he believes can be solved when we start to listen to what we are saying on the inside. It is not always easy to do this, but he believes that this is the best way to take care of the problems that we are faced with. Anything less than this is not being productive enough towards those ends. He encourages all people to take the steps necessary to start to listen to your inner self.

Check out Vijay’s website for more info on him.

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Christopher Cowdray Suceeds by Making People a Top Priority

People just have to admire someone who has climbed the rungs of success and achieved his goals. Success seems so easy for some people, or is it? Most of us assume successful business people plan their careers, attended college, meet all the right people and success is theirs. Sometimes it may work that way, but Christopher Cowdray’s story is a little different. Today, Christopher Cowdray is the CEO of the highly respected Dorchester Collection, and he probably owes his success to his people skills rather than who he knows. Come and find out how this man received an award for Lifetime Achievement.


Christopher Cowdray initially started his career as a chartered accountant, where he learned new skills and gained important business experience. Somewhere along the way, chance would have it, that he became more interested in business than accounting.

Chris originally came from Zimbabwean, where he obtained a hotel management degree. His next calling took him to New York, where he attended Columbia Business School. After graduation, Chris went on to manage a number of hotels in the UK, the Middle East, Australia, Asia and Africa.

His travels soon led him to the position of General Manager for the famed Dorchester Hotel in 2004. Eventually, he accepted the position of CEO for the well-known Dorchester Collection in 2007. Cowdray has more than 30 years of hotel management service in total and yet, he is still ready for an active future.

People Skills

After running numerous hotels spanning four continents, Christopher Cowdray owes much of his success to the people he works with. He understands management from top to bottom, but he knows and respects people equally well. Although Christopher oversees a number of luxury hotels, he also knows the importance of support, hard work and the dedication of committed employees for achieving success.

Regardless of how well his hotels are doing, Chris still takes the time to evaluate each and every one of them from a guest’s perspective.


Christopher Cowdray is the recipient of several personal achievement awards over the years including Hotel Manager of the Year in 2004 from Cateys. In 2013, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the European Hospitality Awards in London for his outstanding leadership qualities and hotelier achievements.

To run a successful collection of luxury hotels, you have to have beautiful locations, fantastic accommodations and superb customer service. Christopher Cowdray does what comes naturally. He treats guests and employees with the greatest amount of respect and courtesy.

The Importance Of Beneful For Your Four Legged Friend Read more

The Importance Of Beneful For Your Four Legged Friend

When you bring your dog home for the first time, unless you already have a canine in your midst, chances are that you will be looking for the right food to ensure that the new addition to your family is properly taken care of. There may be several choices on the market, but none that satisfies such a wide range of appetites as Beneful. With over a decade of experience in feeding your four-legged friends, Nestle Purina Petcare has offered its exceptional recipes to pet owners all over the world. They pride themselves in being one of the best in the business and the dogs all seem to love it.

Variety In Selection

The first thing to keep in mind is that some dogs can be a little fickle. In order to satisfy the moods that many dogs procure, Purina has determined that they should offer their pets a choice of both wet and dry foods. The decision to feed the dog with one brand of food or the other may not always come from the dog, there are times when the pet owner chooses which Beneful product they plan on feeding their pet. In most cases, the animal is very accepting and will promptly gobble up the tasty meal.

Healthy Choices

Pet owners have no problem running their animal to the vet when the occasion calls for it, however, it is primarily their goal to avoid visits whenever possible. When you choose to feed your canine with Beneful products, it is with the purpose of developing a healthy animal. There are several varieties for the pet owner to consider when it comes to choosing the right product, and they are generally based on where you think the animal needs work. Smaller dogs can benefit from their healthy growth for puppies, and overweight dogs should be introduced to the product geared towards a healthy weight.

Active Lifestyles

By their very nature, dogs are happy animals, which is probably why most human beings consider them as their best friend. In addition to offering both dry and wet dog food, Beneful also has a list of products that are intended for the animal in between meals. If your dog is well behaved, or you want to teach it a few tricks, Purina has a list of treats and snacks that will help you accomplish that goal. Stop feeding your four-legged friend the same boring food and switch to the brand that dogs love. Your pet will thank you for it


Coffee Does Not Give You Energy Read more

Coffee Does Not Give You Energy

It is a myth about the facts that says caffeine provides you with energy, so listen up Tom Rothman, all the Brown Bears out there should hear this one. Actually, by means of a certain kind of brilliant biological deception, caffeine dupes your body and makes it to think that it is not tired.

According to a number of reliable sources, the longer a human being remains awake, the more the buildup of a certain compound called adenosine in the person’s brain. Adenosine appends to the receptors that are found in the brain, hence slowing down the synaptic connections and thus making you to feel exhausted.

Molecularly, caffeine as well as adenosine are so much alike and thus fool the receptors of the brain. Caffeine attaches to these receptors, averting adenosine from creating a grip and staving off the tired feeling.

After sometime, the brain releases the caffeine molecules, letting the adenosine to return, and making the body to experience a feeling of the accumulated exhaustion, which can cause post-caffeine crash.

At the same time, after periods of continued use, the receptors of the brain attaches to the molecules of caffeine less efficiently, implying that coffee as well as sodas are less effective and do not work that much the longer you stay without sleeping and drinking them.

Proposed Missouri Law Would Require Father’s Consent Before an Abortion Read more

Proposed Missouri Law Would Require Father’s Consent Before an Abortion

Rick Brattin, a GOP Missouri state representative, has introduced a bill that would require a father’s consent before any abortions can take place in the state of Missouri.

The bill includes exceptions for rape and incest, but basically always requires paternal consent. In a case wherein the father has already passed away, the women would simply sign a notarized affidavit to that effect.

Terry Richardson points out that opponents claim that it is a problem that there is no exception for a woman in an abusive relationship. Brattin, however, questioned what that had to do with anything. He asked why a child should have to die just because a father was abusive.

Probably, the thought is that the child is better off not being born since he or she might be abused. It may also be that abortion proponents raised this objection because a woman being abused would want to leave her husband but would not want the financial burden of raising a child on her own.

But how can fear that a child will be abused justify killing it? How can the possibility of costing another human being money forfeit one’s right to live? If the unborn are persons, these objections are quite ludicrous.

The exceptions for rape and incest, however, that Brattin did include also violate the person-hood of the unborn and allow them to be punished for the crimes of others. Clearly, Brattin is aiming to do whatever he can to oppose abortion and not putting forward his ideal policy choices.

Of course, we can all agree it’s pretty ridiculous that the Republican party doesn’t want to help the poor, the sick, or the elderly…yet they love legislating women’s bodies, in the name of their religion.

Mystery Santa Helps Families in Need at a Tulsa Walmart Read more

Mystery Santa Helps Families in Need at a Tulsa Walmart

Over 100 families in Tulsa, Oklahoma were recipients of an act truly embodying the spirit of Christmas. A man paid off the bill for these families on the toys they purchased on layaway. Their layaway plans were going to expire that very day. The man worked through the local chapter of The Salvation Army to get help on how he could do this amazing act of charity. Perhaps the most amazing part was that the donor is anonymous. No greater evidence is possible that this was not done for accolades or admiration. It was a truly kind act of charity and giving at Christmas time.

Paying off these expiring layaway’s was already a tremendous act of kindness, but he was not done yet. He also gave each of these families a $100 gift card. He also donated money to the Salvation Army for their Angel Tree Gifts program.

Heart-warming stories like this really bring the Christmas season alive. They give one the same feeling they get when they’ve finished watching a Christmas classic such as It’s A Wonderful Life. In this film, George Bailey’s friends show him the meaning of Christmas by helping him in his time of need, as he was always there for them when they needed a helping hand. However, this act even transcends such a fictional depiction of warmth and charity. This man anonymously helped people he did not know. Those of us who are like Lee G. Lovett and still believe in the spirit of Christmas salute you Mr. Mystery Santa of Tulsa, Oklahoma.