How Does James Dondero Help Make Dallas A Nicer Place To Live? Read more

How Does James Dondero Help Make Dallas A Nicer Place To Live?

James Dondero is the chairman of Highland Capital Management, and he is giving back to the city of Dallas as much as possible. He has made quite a lot of choices about helping the city grow, and he knows the city will improve when he is offering his funds to charities in need. This article explains how James is giving back to the city in a new and profound way.


#1: What Is The Family Place?


The Family Place is a charity local to Dallas, and it helps families and individuals who are seeking shelter from the world. They are building new facilities for their work, and they wish to ensure everyone who is disadvantaged has a place to go. They wish to raise over $150 million for their project, and James is giving a grant of $1 million to ensure the charity may reach its goal, and he knows the charity will quite improve once they are working on their newest buildings.


#2: How Does Highland Capital Management Fit Into The City?


Highland Capital Management is a large employer in the city, and it gives back as much as it can. The company has set aside quite a lot of money for giving, and the company has been directed by James to offer funding where it is needed. He gives from his own pocket, and he wants to see his business give back where it may. The combination of the two offering something to the city helps everyone live a better life.


#3: James Knows The Value Of Getting Others Involved


James has helped bring in other donors for many projects around the city, and he is helping get as many people involved as possible. He knows it is quite possible to keep the city growing in a responsible way, and he wants to see his colleagues become as involved as he is.


The donors in the city of Dallas take their lead from James Dondero, and his challenge grant to The Family Place ensures the city will have more locations for families who are in the cold.