The Ferguson Protests Show The Importance Of George Soros To Social Justice Reform Read more

The Ferguson Protests Show The Importance Of George Soros To Social Justice Reform

The work of hedge fund icon George Soros is often seen as controversial to many on the right of global politics, but the well known liberal and Democrat has always remained true to the positive aspects of his life that have been seen in and around the U.S. criminal justice system. The Washington Times reports the importance of George Soros to social justice reform in the U.S. has been highlighted by the role Soros both directly and indirectly played in the protests in Ferguson, Missouri that took place in 2014; the protests about the fatal shooting of Michael Brown by a police officer led to many protests that were begun with the aid of groups backed by George Soros and his Open Society Foundations network of charitable groups. Read more about George’s life story at

As a survivor of the Hungarian Holocaust in World War II when more than 500,000 Jewish Hungarians were murdered by the occupying Nazi forces, George Soros has always sought to aid those he feels are not being represented fairly by government agencies across the planet. George Soros has been a major supporter of the human rights of individuals and looked to provide funding for groups seeking to protect the voting and judicial rights of individuals across the U.S.; some of these groups have played important roles in developing the protest movement in Ferguson and protecting the legacy of why the protests played out in response to the police shooting. The groups backed by George Soros include the Gamaliel Foundation that brings together religious leaders and followers of different faiths in a bid to make sure they are protecting the rights of individuals and working to keep all protesters safe during events like those taking place in Ferguson. Included in these good works has been the meeting that took place between protest organizers and President Barrack Obama in the days following the beginning of the Ferguson protests.

The growing issues seen by George Soros from 2014 onward led to him returning to the political elite in a bid to make sure liberal left leaning views were represented in the 2016 election cycle. The main beneficiary of the $25 million donated by Soros during the 2016 Presidential election cycle was former First Lady Hillary Clinton as she attempted to become the first female President of the U.S., Politico reports. George Soros believes the growing issues in Europe and across the U.S. require strong leadership and that from the left of the political spectrum in a bid to ensure the legacy of President Obama was protected; in the buildup to the 2016 election the Hungarian born hedge fund legend also provided large levels of funding for groups seeking to ensure minority groups had their voting rights protected in the face of growing laws changes targeting Hispanic’s and African American’s in terms of losing their voting rights. Read his profile at Forbes.

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George Soros Has Known The Struggle Against Tyrants

Most people who have managed to acquire large sums of money tend to hoard it for themselves and their families. George Soros is not such a man. George wants to change the world for the better, and he knows that money is often the means to make this happen. George was born in Hungary, and as a boy of only 14 years of age he experienced the invasion of Hitler’s Nazi army. George’s surname at his birth was Schwartz, because he came from a Jewish family. His father was terrified that if the Nazis discovered their Jewish ancestor that they would be murdered, or sent to the death camps as slaves for Hitler’s army. George’s father used what money he had earned from being a hard working attorney, and purchased documents that were falsified to show that his family was Christians. To further try and protect his family, his father split them up and sent them into different locations. To finalize this level of protection, George’s father changed their surname to become Soros. Soros is a word that means “will soar,” to rise above the oppression they were facing. Soros is a word taken from the Esperanto language, which George’s father taught him to speak as a child. Learn more on about George.

After Hitler’s army was defeated, George found peace by moving to London, to study economics and philosophy. He came into contact with the famous Karl Popper ideologies, surrounding the concepts of an open and free society, and how only a society that is free from social injustice can ever truly flourish. This eventually became George’s outlook on life. He earned a Master’s degree in philosophy and began to work for a brokerage agency. While there, George began to trade in what is known as venture securities. He would purchase a country’s securities, and then profit from the selling of the securities to another country. This eventually, within 4 years’ time, allowed for George to move to America.

George sailed to New York in the 1950’s, and in time, he became a citizen of America and set out to work for a great many Wall Street companies. In the early 1970’s, George Soros had acquired enough capital to begin his hedge fund business, which he branded the Soros Fund. Sometime later this name was changed to the Quantum Fund, and in time became known as the Quantum Fund Endowment. His company’s success permitted him to begin to use his money to help others who were impoverished. Through his charity work he has donated billions of dollars to help individuals and also companies fight for true change in the world.

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Andrea McWilliams: A Renowned Strategist in the Political Arena

Andrea McWilliams is a Texas-based businesswoman and a philanthropist. McWilliams is also a political fundraiser, lobbyist, and the managing partner of the Public Strategies Inc. She is married to Dean McWilliams, and they have three children.

McWilliams’ work experience and contributions

Before opening her private practice, McWilliams served as the chief of staff for over a decade. She is a renowned strategist and works in the private and public sector. McWilliams also assists politicians and charity foundations to raise money for various causes. She works closely with her husband in running her business. Her firm is involved in drafting regulatory and legislative policies for their customers. McWilliams assists politicians in the Democratic and the Republican political parties. She is non-partisan and ensures that her client’s interests are well represented.

One of McWilliams’ achievements was the approval of the $100 million bill that saw Texas acquire a coal power plant. She also played a huge role in ensuring that over $3 billion was set aside for cancer research. McWilliams track record in the political arena speaks for itself. Several media houses have acknowledged her as an experienced leader. Her works have been recognized by CNN, FOX News, BBC, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal. The Texas Women Chamber of Commerce has also profiled her as a vocal political figure.

McWilliams achievements and charity activities

McWilliams was the winner of the Woman of Distinction Award, the 2016 Texas Businesswoman of the Year Award, and the Austin under 40 Award. She was listed in the Glossy 8 list by the Austin American- Statesman Foundation. Her charitable works have also been recognized.

Andrea McWilliams is involved in a variety of charity activities. The nonprofits that enjoy her support include the Elizabeth Ann Seton Hospital, Rise Across Texas Challenge, Austin Children in Crisis, and the Texas Lyceum. She sits on several committees and boards of various non-profit organizations. McWilliams supports the fight against cancer through the KillCancer and the internationally known Susan G. Breast Cancer organizations. She is also an activist for children rights. McWilliams is a mentor and a member of the Girl Scouts Centennial Celebration Committee.