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The Charles Koch Republican Dream

Charles Koch is one of the wealthiest men on the planet currently ranked 9th worldwide by Forbes with a net worth of $44 Billion. The veteran serves as the CEO of Koch Industries. He attended the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology for his Bachelors and Masters degrees.

Charles Koch has been an influential business mogul with contacts and interests in the political and social sectors. Together with his brother David, they represent the interests of the Koch family dynasty. On the political arena, the Koch brothers align with the Republican party which they have supported for many decades.

All billionaires naturally like having some measure of influence in policy making and shaping. Such interests can only be served when one enjoys a cordial relationship with the ruling party and the President of the land. For example, the Koch business empire performed dismally during the President Clinton era. In fact, sources say that the Clintons and Koch families do not get well with each other.

That said, another Clinton is seeking presidential office on the Democratic party ticket. Hillary Clinton is currently battling it out with Bernie Sanders. On the Republican side, the rise of Donald Trump still puzzles many. Few if any expected him to make it this far in the nomination process. The problem with Trump is his hard-headedness and hardline stances on policy issues both locally and around the globe.

To make matters worse, Trump has enough money to sponsor his campaigns meaning it’s difficult to donate funds to his course to obtain favor. Charles Koch and his friends are said to have raised an amount of $900 million in campaign proceeds for the ticket holder. The reality of a Trump nomination increasingly seems inevitable though he has hostile relations with Charles Koch.

Charles Koch remains desperate to influence the result of the presidential vote in his favor. He cannot afford being left out for a third time as a spirited Mitt Romney campaign failed to oust the wave of Barrack Obama. Charles and his associates spent as much as $400 million on Romney’s campaign at the time.

Eventually, the Koch camp will have to make tough decisions. There is the option to de-campaign Trump and support Ted Cruz or Marcus Rubio. However, should Trump still win then Koch and allies would be alienated from the presidency. There’s also the possibility of burying the hatchet and supporting Trump to carry the day, either way, it a tough time to further political interests.

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Koch Brothers Create New Management Organization

American businessman Charles Koch is someone you’ve probably heard of. He’s often heavily involved in the political world, not just with elections, but donating through his numerous funds and groups that provide educational resources. Koch is also known, along with his brother David, as the owners of Koch Industries, one of the leading companies in the country. He inherited the business from his father, and with help and hard work from his brother, they built the small business into an empire. Today, Charles Koch is known as one of the richest men in the world, his wealth sits in the Billions, and an advocate for changes he hopes to see take shape in the country.

The Koch brothers are currently working on their next operation, 1888 Management LLC. It’s an organization that will manage part of their private and personal funds that is currently tucked inside Koch Industries. 1888 Management LLC got it’s name from the year Harry Koch, grandfather to David and Charles Koch, who was a libertarian newspaper publisher in Texas and who also laid the foundation for what the family has now become. 1888 Management is currently heading a very private and personal search for some investments for the Koch brother who are currently worth around a combined $100 billion.

No exact figures have been released, but it is estimated that the family office is currently managing around $2 billion, however, regulatory filings show that less than $100 million are involved in public trading of stocks. Originally registered to operate out of Koch Industries in Delaware, the business registered fro new business licenses in California, Florida, and Kansas since 2014.

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The Real Story Behind the Koch Brothers

The media has certainly taken a lot of liberties in painting a very colorful pictures of the Koch brothers, which is typically inaccurate and alarmist in many ways. Finally, Moyers & Company set out to straighten out the record on the Koch brothers and all of the myths behind their political contributions and misinterpreted agenda. The Moyers & Company article lays out five myths regarding the Koch brothers’ political funding activity and their intentions behind it and then exposes the actual truth behind Charles Koch, which the media seems very disinterested in setting forth to date.

First of all, the Koch brothers have been painted as a devious duo, whose sole purpose is to undermine the Obama presidency and support anyone they think can make that happen. That is simply just not the case. In fact, since the 1970s, the Koch brothers have been very deliberate in supporting a much broader agenda of free market economics and libertarian politics, which they believe is the ideal system through which this country can thrive. Although it is true that the Koch brothers take seriously the threat posed by the Obama administration to libertarian values and classical liberal economic theory, they have been fighting against these forces for much longer than the Obama presidency has been around. They are also not some diametrically opposed crusader against the GOP. Rather, the Koch brothers are constantly working alongside the Republican party to promote free market ideals and support candidates they think can best convey their message.

Charles Koch has enjoyed impressive success at the helm of Koch Industries, which he inherited from his father, along with his brother, David Koch. His estimated net worth was $36 billion in 2014, earning him a spot as the ninth richest person in the world according to the Hurun Report. Koch’s personal economic and political philosophy is that the role of government should be as limited as possible in correcting social problems and that the free market forces should be allowed to work in order to provide the best opportunities for citizens. He has previously called himself a libertarian and continues to support and speak very openly about free market economic policies. He published a very successful book in 2007 to this effect called The Science of Success. Charles Koch later published another book in 2015 called Good Profit.

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Charles Koch: There Is Too Much Inequality In The United States

Charles Koch is a renowned wealthy business person who is currently based in the United States of America. He is also a philanthropist who has done great activities for different people all over the world. Charles Koch is the Chief Executive Officer of the Koch industries. He is also the co-owner and the chairperson in the board of directors for the company. He managed the Koch Industries with the help of his brother, David Koch, who has the position of Vice Chief Executive.

Charles and David Koch have been in charge of Koch Industries, a great emperor that their father left for them. The two have worked closely over the years, and with their hard work, they have expanded the business, bringing in new ideas and implementing them. When their father was in charge of the Koch industries, his main business was Oil refining and also he was involved in chemicals. Currently, the business has expanded, dealing with various activities such a fibers, ranching, fertilizers, pollution control equipment, minerals among others. Their brands are respected because of the quality they have shown.

Not long ago, Charles Koch started a very strong political network that has spread very fast in the whole nation. He did this with the help of his brother, David Koch, assisted by other wealthy individuals and friends. The billionaires have managed to get a lot of support from different groups in the United States, making it very powerful and very instrumental in the upcoming elections. Their main aim is to ensure that every individual in the United States experiencing poverty is well represented. The political network has however been questioned due to the extravagant hotel meals they host for their employees, big bonuses and the amount of money they have.

Charles Koch recently said that he agreed with the idea of Bernie Sender in some political idea concerning the citizens of the United States. Bernie Sender had earlier said that the America was experiencing a lot of inequality. However, their ideas do not have the same meaning. The solutions given for the problem by Bernie Sender are very different from what Charles Koch is offering.

Bernie Sender believes that there are two groups in the country that are tired, making the citizens poor and helpless. Charles Koch agrees but in a different understanding. He believes that the republicans and democrats favor some few regulations and policies that only realize the losers and winners. This has led to poverty and other problems in the country.


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The Koch network to launch a counter measure to stop Donald Trumps momentum?

The Koch group and Donald Trump supporters within their group have been on the back foot about launching a counter measure as they fear it would draw out the businessman’s notorious highly critical tone. If the Koch group does go after Donald Trump, he will most definitely point out that he is being attacked by a clique of billionaires who are trying to control the outcome of the 2016 elections in their favour. This is exactly the reason they have been so careful till now. Going after Donald Trump might actually work against them as Trump will claim he is an outsider who is fighting against a rigged political system which is controlled by elites.

The 2016 election cycle has been very unforeseen so far for Charles Koch who is a M.I.T Engineer graduate. He has committed his life to pursuing two goals. The one being the expansion of his conglomerate, together with his brother David. The second goal is to spread the word of capitalism. Charles Koch has found himself on a long and tiring journey to change the political culture of the United States and has often rejected party labels. He describes himself as a “classical liberal. In the 70’s he backed the Libertarian Party in the effort to destroy the two party political system. However this approach failed and has since been dropped. Charles Koch now hopes to work through the Republican party with the end goal being to get them closer to a libertarian world view.

Charles Koch, son of Mary Robinson and Fred C.Koch is married to Elizabeth Koch and have two children. Their names are Chase Koch and Elizabeth Koch. Charles resides in Wichita, Kansas with his family. He continues to serve in the role of CEO and chairman of Koch Industries. A company originally founded by his father who it was inherited from. The company was originally involved in oil refining and chemical products and has since moved on to many other ventures some of which include Stainmaster carpets, Lycra spandex fiber and Dixie Cup.

Charles has recently published his own book, the Science of Success, which describes his very unique management technique. This approach to business has been the reason for the great success him and his brother David have had in expanding their giant conglomerate further.

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