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A Taste of France at Brian Bonar’s Bandy Canyon

Located in downtown Escondido lies the French fusion restaurant Bellamy’s and its French Master Chef Patrick Ponsaty. Ponsanty, who hails from Toulouse, France originally, is an acclaimed chef and winner of Meilleurs Ouvrier de France in 2012 and is one of two chefs to ever win the award in San Diego and only one of ten in California.  Learn more about Brian Bonar: http://www.spokeo.com/Brian-Bonar

And like his home Chef Patrick Ponsaty hopes to turn The Ranch at Bandy Canyon, where he caters as representative of Bellamy’s, nestled in the hills surrounding Escondido near San Diego into a top dining spot.

And while the long term planning for the future of The Ranch is underway there is already a sense of excitement with the famed chef being connected with the establishment. A redesign of the dining room is planned but as for the menu? That’s already considered perfect. From beef sorbets to pastries Ponsaty describes his cooking style succinctly – “French”.

And much of the credit, according to Ponsaty, must go to Bandy Canyon owner Brian Bonar. Bonar has been an admirer of Ponsaty since he was at El Binzocho and gave him what he most desired, “Freedom”. Brian Bonar, a Scottish entrepreneur, has been establishing a restaurant empire in the hills and valleys of San Diego.

Brian Bonar holds a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford and worked as a procurement manager at IBM. He later became the Engineering Director for QMS. Before entering the fine dining industry he also served as Chairman for the Solvis Medical Group. Current day-to-day workings of The Ranch are run by Bonar’s stepdaughter Gianina Pickens.

Along with Bellamy’s and The Ranch and another downtown pizza venture The Italian Next Door Bonar and Ponsaty, who is a collaborator on all aspects, are quietly bringing a certain French fine dining experience to the San Diego area.