WEN Delivers Gloss and Bounce to Bustle Blogger’s Fine, Limp Hair Read more

WEN Delivers Gloss and Bounce to Bustle Blogger’s Fine, Limp Hair

When will you try WEN? Don’t worry, the great product line isn’t going anywhere, because it is used around the world by women seeking the gentle, healthy no shampoo method. Popular California stylist Chaz Dean knows that women were tired of the nasty and damaging detergents that are included in regular shampoos. His WEN system is different, unique and effective for delivering the shine and manageability back to any type of hair on the planet.
Chaz Dean created his amazing cleansing conditioners that truly clean and bathe strands in natural botanicals. One bottle of WEN will act as a shampoo, conditioner, de-tangler, stay in conditioner and styling treatment. Emily McClure the beauty writer for Bustle.com was excited to see what WEN could do for her normally limp, oily hair, so she took a 7-day WEN hair challenge and posted daily selfies.

Emily learned from her own experience, that WEN worked ideally when she hit the shower in the mornings and washed with WEN. If she disrupted the schedule, then her hair fell flat within hours and could not hold a curl well.

When Emily was on schedule with WEN, her hair received compliments for its shine and manageability. It looked great and felt healthy, but when she skipped her daily wash or tried using WEN at nighttime, her locks fell limp and oily and were difficult to stay manageable during the day.

Emily used the minimum 10 pumps of the FIG cleansing conditioner designed to add moisture, gloss and bounce. In the shower, she felt the wash gave her hair a wonderful volume and thickness.

Emily says she would reach for the WEN again if she were not so lazy when it came to her hair care routine. Otherwise, the WEN line is a unique, healthy change for hair. Visit http://www.wen.com/faq.html for more info. Also more details posted on http://www.guthy-renker.com/products/beauty/wen-haircare/