Preston Smith, the Rocketship Education CEO, Is Here to Pass On Several Helpful Tidbits of Educational Knowledge Read more

Preston Smith, the Rocketship Education CEO, Is Here to Pass On Several Helpful Tidbits of Educational Knowledge

Preston Smith and John Danner founded Rocketship Education in Redwood City, California, hosting its first academic year in a church kind enough to donate its facility in San Jose. Although John Danner, a technological guru, isn’t with Rocketship Education anymore, contemporary CEO Preston Smith has remained with the chain of public charter schools through thick and thin, learning many valuable lessons in the process.

Teachers are paid more than most other schools compensate their instructors, even Rocketship Education’s private counterparts. Parents are also involved with interviews, throughly screening applicants to help reduce the probability of poor educational candidates finding their ways into the ranks of the highly prestigious Rocketship Education’s facilities. Administrators, more importantly, look for teachers that will be flexible in changing their methods of instruction, rather than hiring those with decades of work experience, even if they’ve been rated highly by their former employers.

Employees at Rocketship Education’s locations are encouraged to listen to the opinions of everybody involved with their schools in any capacity, whether they’re parents, nearby citizens, or investors that provide substantial sums of money to Rocketship’s facilities. This helps administrators and instructors make well-rounded decisions.

Unlike other schools, RSED strives to diversify its teachers’ backgrounds first, rather than its students. Students learn better and are happier when taught by teachers with diverse backgrounds.

Rocketship Education was created in 2007 as the brainchild of Preston Smith and his technologically-savvy business partner. The chain of public charter schools are allowed to accept investments from private parties and individuals, as well as government grants, allowances, and other awards, despite not having to follow the same rules that local school boards mandate for nearby schools. This allows Rocketship Education to fine-tune its educational plans for its low-income students, as areas with multiple schools of varying demographics – pretty much all cities in the entire United States of America – respond differently to various approaches. Rocketship Education’s charter status has allowed its students to consistently score some of the highest test scores in its respective regions of operation, ranging from the nation’s capital in Washington DC to 12 schools strewn across California.