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QNET: Reliable and Professional Network Marketers

Established in Hong Kong in the year 1998, QNET is a direct selling company, whose marketing strategy follows direct selling and multi-level marketing model. The company provides a wide range of life enhancing products that are offered through its proprietary e-commerce platform to customers and distributors in more than 100 countries. The company started out with a young group of friends who had an accordant vision for marketing to promote better wellness and health living. As a successful online marketing company, QNET offers a wide range of quality products and different brands that focus on enhancing the lives of consumers worldwide to promote and encourage a healthy lifestyle. The company’s superior and well tested products include wellness products, skincare and nutritional products, Swiss-made watches and fine jewellery. Additionally, when selecting new products to add to its brand, the company has a rigorous testing process of unique aspects based on moral standards and high ideals.

The company is also dedicated to its involvement in philanthropic work whereby it takes its success and gives it back by serving local communities and international societies, thus taking social responsibility so serious. One of the ways it does this is by encouraging active involvement of all its employees and independent representatives to work on the ground and be of service to the needy. Internationally, the company has been working extensively to cater for the needs of homeless and destitute as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility through its Indian operations. As a result, the company partnered with Lions Clubs International for Humanitarian Cause to echo its philosophy of Raise Yourself To Help Mankind operating under the banner QNET-WE CARE. This is a CSR initiative of QNET in India which supports the underprivileged members of society in areas of health of individuals of destitute adults to supporting victims of natural disasters. Recently under its CSR banner of We Care, it donated a Kidney Dialysis Unit at the Shirdi Sai Hospital, in Devasndra, Bangalore. In another instance, QNET-WE CARE in association with Lions Dist. 317 F Service Foundation distributed basic household relief kits to 200 families at Chennai who had been washed away in the floods.

Due to the QNET’s strong believe that the drive, passion and teamwork of sports mirrors that of its own, the company is also an active sports sponsor around the world including football and badminton. Consequently, the company signed a new and exciting partnership with Manchester City Football Club as its official direct selling partner for three years.