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Maneuvering the Demanding 2016 New York Real Estate Market

If you’re looking to enter the world of New York real estate this year there are several prospective changes you may want to consider. The New York Daily News predicted many changes on the horizon. These changes will have an impact on potential buyers and sellers; making it pertinent to have the ideal real estate firm assisting you with such a major decision.


New York Daily News anticipates 2016 is facing increasing interest rates which will force down prices making the process sluggish and more demanding to maneuver. Potential customers will look for contingencies and take longer to make a decision. Prime locations will be the significant focus of clients. Future buyers in Brooklyn will be attracted to rental buildings with incentives and the list of luxury condos in Manhattan will continue to expand. Baby boomers will be an important element of the market as they look to down size, relocate or make an additional purchase to be near grandchildren. If you’re thinking of purchasing real estate find serious sellers who have priced accordingly for the 2016 market.


When you’ve made the decision to buy or sell having the right team working for you is imperative. TOWN Residential has quickly become a leader in lavish New York real estate. This collaboration of professionals utilizes their knowledge and experience to create unprecedented customer service. Earning a Best Firm to Work For and a Top 50 Best Places to Work in New York City exemplifies the quality of TOWN’s representatives.


The diversity of experiences the members of TOWN Residential provide is exactly what buyers of NYC apartments for rent should be searching for with the forthcoming changes 2016 will bring to the market. Possessing a team known for innovative thinking and win/win deal-making; TOWN Residential models how to overcome difficult sales particularly those with contingencies. Specializing in luxury residential sales and leasing; and marketing, sales and leasing of property development TOWN Residential dedicates the same high standards to every client. Town’s representatives are the perfect match for mastering the potential 2016 New York real estate conditions projected by New York Daily News.