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Vinny Parascandola – Successful Vice President

For everyone who doesn’t know, AXA is a French multinational insurance firm with headquarters in Paris. Their main goal is to help families and small businesses with financial security and they have been doing it for a long time.

The company was found back in 1816, although they have adopted the AXA name in 1985. Fun fact is that the name AXA is not an acronym but was chosen because the company needed a snappy short name which could be pronounced in any language.

AXA is a company with a 200 years old tradition, and their headquarters are currently in Paris, France. However, AXA operates in Western Europe, Asia, North America, and the Middle East as well as also having presence in Africa.

Their presence can be seen through their philanthropic involvement. In 2008, AXA created Research Fund which works on preventing the risks and threats for the environment, society and human life. AXA supplied Research Fund with €100 million which finances 256 research projects and 230 young researchers all around the world.

The guy behind AXA is Senior Executive Vice President Vincent Parascandola. Vincent Parascandola began his career in 1987 with Prudential and he was named National Rookie of the Year. He had various field management positions before joining AXA in 2004. In 1990 he worked for a life insurance company named MONY. Prior to his role now, Vincent Parascandola used to be a president of The Advantage Group which has a unit in AXA. Their main goal was to attract seasoned financial professionals.

With his 25 years of work experience, Vincent is responsible for sales, recruiting, productivity, management development including the development of new financial professionals. As AXA is a company which is providing financial security, they have more than 6,000 financial professionals which work for them as advisers. Vincent’s responsibility is to train and recruit more financial professionals which will provide productivity.