The Brazilian Law and the Brazilian Lawyer Ricardo Tosto Read more

The Brazilian Law and the Brazilian Lawyer Ricardo Tosto

Brazil is one of the most famous countries when it comes to law schools and the number of lawyers. The country holds position three in the largest number of lawyers worldwide, after the United States and India. Most of the Brazilians are law darlings. It is said that the Brazil has more schools of law than the other countries’ if added together.

The Brazilian Law is based on Portuguese law by origin owing to their colonization. After independence, the country formed its legal systems and hence legal institutions to provide legal professionals. Law schools in Brazil were established in 1827 in the city of Sao Paulo and Olinda.

The best two law schools in Brazil as listed by the University Rank of Folha de Sao Paulo (RUF 2013) are One, Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) and Law School of Sao Paulo (DIREITO GV) in the state of Sao Paulo.

To become a lawyer in Brazil, one has to pass the Vestibular, get a Law Graduation Degree, Internship and finally pass the National Bar Examination.

One of the most famous lawyers in Brazil is Mr. Ricardo Tosto. His prominence comes from his leadership and a position in the legal practice as a strategist. Like many other lawyers, Mr. Tosto began his career in a small office and then proceeded to the most skilled law firms in the country. Later he founded his law firm which developed to one of the largest law firms in the country.

In his career, Mr. Ricardo Tosto has a very lawyer. He pioneered the implementation of various legal mechanisms which later turned out to be one of the most used tools. Mr. Ricardo has successfully established his legal name through his participation in the high value and complex litigations that created prestige for his office. He actively protected the companies and public personalities of many of the nationally known cases. He offered various legal services in country’s corporations and multinationals and the government. Mr. Ricardo Tosto’s clients who believe in the excellence of legal services have also commended his law expertise.

Mr. Tosto has been a mentor to many young lawyers, some who started as interns in the law firms he has been part of and others who adore his legal image.

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