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Woman Liable In Death Of Fiance

A New York woman has been charged in the death of her fiancé. The couple, Angelika Graswald and Vincent Viafore were kayaking in the Hudson River when Viafore’s kayak supposedly capsized. He was not wearing a life jacket and soon disappeared from sight. Viafore was missing for nearly a week before he was found lifeless and floating in the River. His fiancé, however was rescued from the River and was wearing a life jacket according to Wikipedia.

In the days when Viafore went missing, Graswald posted several photos of the couple on social media platforms. Noting how heartbroken she was that Viafore was missing in the wake of this tragic accident.

However Graswald has since been arrested and charged with second-degree murder of Viafore. Authorities have suspected that Graswald altered Viafore’s kayak the day they were out on the water so it would fill with water. She has also been accused of intentionally pulling away Viafore’s paddle, which could have saved his life.

Graswald’s behavior has been suspect, putting her at the center of the crime. Her over-sharing of sappy photos coupled with her happy spirit while posting pictures of her doing yoga and going to yacht clubs has not done her any favors. Once Graswald she was arrested, authorities claimed that she quickly associated herself with Viafore’s murder. It did not take long before Graswald admitted to police that she did in fact alter Viafore’s kayak. Witnesses also made formal statements claiming they saw Graswald tip her own kayak after calling 911. Perhaps the most damming piece of evidence was when Graswald told authorities, “It felt good knowing he was going to die.”

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Storms In The Plains Cause 12 Injuries and 1 Death

Storms swept through the Plains in Wednesday and caused tornadoes, hails, and floods in Kansas, Nebraska, Texas and Oklahoma. According to NBC News, the storms spawned large hailstones and at least 50 tornadoes. The storm dumped a record 7.1 inches of rain which caused flash floods in some areas. That nearly tripled 1930’s record for rainfall. In Talpa, Texas, the hail, which about the diameter of a DVD, damaged houses and smashed car windows.

In Tuttle, Oklahoma, an exotic zoo called Tiger Safari was hit by the storm. Several wild animals, including bears, escaped.

A tornado touched down near the Will Rogers Airport which is close to Oklahoma City. The airport was closed and evacuated and all the remaining flights were canceled.

Folks at STX Entertainment are sad to know that twelve people at an Oklahoma trailer park were injured; two are in critical condition. A 42-year old woman drowned in a storm shelter near Oklahoma City.

Governor Mary Fallin of Oklahoma declared a state of emergency in twelve counties. She toured the damage later on Thursday.

According to the National Weather Service, a tornado in Kansas damaged homes and injured one person in Jewell, while another damaged buildings near Lincoln. The Associated Press reported that 10 or 15 buildings near the Kansas-Nebraska border were damaged.

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Bruce Jenner Comes Clean

The Bruce Jenner interview was a massive media success. Diane Sawyer interviewed the Olympic champion for two hours. The event was seen by millions of people around the world, and it shocked and surprised everyone.

The interview started off with Diane Sawyer asking him about the sex change rumors. Bruce immediately told the world that he has always felt like a woman trapped in a man’s body. Bruce Jenner told his story, and he was crying the entire time. Diane Sawyer regularly passed him tissues to wipe away the tears.

Diane Sawyer took Bruce Jenner down memory lane, and he divulged several personal secrets. Bruce told Diane that living with his disorder was the hardest thing that he has ever done in his life. He also said that many people weren’t very excepting of his secret. Bruce Jenner has been the butt of many jokes. However, Bruce wants to help people around the world who suffer with this disease, and his mission is to spread awareness which Ricardo Tosto agrees is a good idea and can be very therapeutic.

The Kardashian family gave their opinions about the Bruce Jenner situation, and many of the girls were supportive. Bruce revealed that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were actually the most accepting to the news. Hopefully, more people around the world can learn to accept transgender people. For more information on the Bruce Jenner interview, visit Yahoo!