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A Review of Keith Mann’s Educational Philanthropy

Very few young men from low income suburbs receive college or university education. This state of affairs has made most of them go back to their neighborhoods to engage in crime and other forms of social ills. To counter this, entrepreneur Keith Mann recently made an announcement that Keith and Keely Mann Foundation will offer scholarships to students from Brooklyn.

The Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement is in its introductory year and will offer grants to a new cohort of business leaders from high schools in Brooklyn. It will be available in conjunction with Uncommon Schools, which is a non-profitable organization based in New York. It runs schools in Brooklyn.

It will be worth 5,000 dollars, which is meant to cover the college tuition fee of the recipient. It is available to students in their final year at Brooklyn’s Uncommon High Schools. To apply for the scholarship hopefuls are required to pen a 1,000 word dissertation on how getting a degree will help them attain their professional targets. Applications for 2016 are already closed and the winner will be announced towards the end of March. Upon graduation, the recipients will be given internship opportunities in top corporations, where they will be mentored so that their managerial skills can be polished.

The scholarship is already eliciting excitement, with many stakeholders lauding Mr. Mann’s generous gesture. They are heartened by the possibility of one student from the Uncommon Schools getting an opportunity to go to college each year.

He is the founder and Managing Director of Dynamic Search Partners. This is a recruitment firm that sources highly skilled and competent executives to work in hedge fund management firms. It has been recognized as the largest staffing organizations in the wedge fund business. Prior to starting Dynamic Search Partners, Keith Mann worked at Dynamic Associates as the manager in charge of Alternative Investments Division. His diligent service to the firm saw him climb up the corporate ladder to become its Vice President.

Mr. Mann is also a philanthropist. He focuses on education but recently received plaudits for supporting NYPD’s efforts to boost its public image. He sent them lunch as a way of appreciating their good work.