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Sex Ed Teacher Sponsors Field Trip to Adult Shop

A Minneapolis School director wanted to offer students the opportunity to learn about sexual behavior, in an open like-minded environment, so she took them to a sex toy shop.

The class trip included a combination of middle and high school students, and parents had no idea about the field trip to Smitten Kitten.

Sex education teacher, Starri Hedges took a dozen kids to the adult sex toy shop to offer them a safe environment, where they could ask “sex experts” any questions they may have had, without any shame.

Apparently, besides the sex toys and array of products, Smitten Kitten offers educational workshops. The students attended the workshop(s), and then had the opportunity to purchase condoms.

The fallout has been swift. Parents have begun withdrawing their kids. Lynn Floyd, a parent with 11 and 13 year-old daughters attended that trip.

“Taking those students to a sex shop was a breach of trust,” said Floyd.

Gaia Democratic School is a small, k-12 unitarian institution, with just 25 students, and a budget of $100,000.

According to Hedges, she “didn’t properly communicate the field trip with parents, and it was the first and last trip there.”