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What Do Clients Who Have Used White Shark Media Say About Service Delivery?

There is nothing that is more puzzling than putting up a spirited digital marketing campaign, getting the best content for a website and then scoring zero improvements in digital marketing results. It is exactly the kind of problem that White Shark Media usually solves. They have been in business for the past six years, and all their clients have nothing but glowing reviews for them. Their client retention rate is evidence enough that their customers love the support they get from them.

The first customer admits that they did not monitor the creation of their website and that frankly, they felt like the IT department and their suggestion to try SEO was a huge rip-off. Many people feel this way, probably because the results of SEO are rarely that immediate and tangible. However, this client admits that the moment they approached White Shark Media and expressed their concerns, the company promised them that they would do their best to improve their social media ranks. White Shark media got to work, and within no time, they had managed to create new SEO content, use guest blogging and social media marketing to generate traffic to the site. The CEO now believes that when SEO is done by experts like white shark media, the page rank goes up and the success of the business is achieved.

The other client that left a review had an issue with their website configuration. The client could not figure out why prospective customers seemed to be visiting the site and spending a few minutes and then leaving. “White Shark Media realized that the content was not engaging enough, and the user interface was not friendly. They rectified the problem, and sales have greatly improved.” These and many other reviews all point to the fact that White Shark Media is doing an excellent job of getting the best services to their clients.

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A Look At White Shark Media

White Shark Media is a popular Digital Marketing firm that offers internet marketing solutions designed specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises. It is among the fastest growing digital firms in North America. Its growth is derived from its superb reputation for conducting cost-effective marketing campaigns and offering a world-class client experience. Another key to its success is tracking all its clients’ marketing efforts meticulously. Through call tracking, Google Analytics, proprietary reporting and competitive intelligence software, it ensures high-level accountability to all its clients monthly.
White Shark Media was founded in 2011 by three entrepreneurs who were seasoned in online and offline marketing. The founders’ major goal was to overcome the growing SMB market in the US and the Latin America by offering exceptional and unprecedented products and services. The integration of domestic and offshore presence with a dynamic and fully bilingual staff later proved to be an ingenious formula. The company shares everything it learns in its operation with its valued clients. The clients benefit from its proven theories instead of trying to re-invent the wheel.
The firm’s very first customer is still working with it after years of sustained growth. Currently, it has more than 150 employees stationed in three countries to master Display Advertising, AdWords Search, Bing Ads and Google Analytics. The firm’s rapid growth was noted by Google in 2012 when they invited it to the Google headquarters in California. A designated support staff was assigned to it to leverage its growth and client preference more closely.
The prestigious collaboration with Google made White Shark Media to be honored with the coveted Premier SMB Partnership in 2014. Very few firms have had this coveted recognition because Premier SMB Partners are a selected group of valued partners that meet Google’s most strict eligibility requirements. Additionally, Microsoft gave positive reviews for its indisputable track record in marketing promotions for small and medium-sized enterprise. As a result, it entered an elite alliance to become a member of their Bing Ads Reseller program.
The Mission of the White Shark Media
The media agency is committed to its clients’ perennial success. That is the reason why it aims to always be innovative with its cost-effective approaches while applying flat fee marketing plans with total transparency without contracts. It calls for dedication, creativity and experience to attain such growth in the highly-competitive industry of Digital Marketing. However the White Shark Media is up to the challenge. That is why it projects to double its capacity by 2015 by incorporating the most successful partnerships with its results-oriented campaigns.
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Creating Value From Customer Complaints

When it comes to the customer service world one thing is almost a constant; as long as you have customers there will be customer complaints. The point is you don’t necessarily have to see complaints as a bad thing beause there truly is more to a customer complain than meets the eye. Whiteshark Media is one of those companies that understands how to take a negative and turn it into a positive, and in no time at all they are making a significant brand for themselves that keeps customers coming back time after time.

Customer service truly is viewed incorrectly most of the time. Those individuals who work in customer service on the front line every single day have to deal with the customers who are the most upset and full of complaints. However, another way of looking at that situation is that these are customers who are loyal enough to let you when they think your service is below the standard. They also know that they could go to the competitor and never look back, but they care enough about your company to let you know exactly how they feel. Too many companies and their employees don’t realize that this is actually an opportunity to not only get positive feedback, but this is a sign of loyalty as well from the customers who care about you the most.

White Shark Media not only understands that customers are the lifeblood of a company, but they also understand that the customers who are complaining and who do come to you with a problem are basically a gift in the customer service world. The most important thing to note from this is that White Shark Media not only listens, they take each and every complaint to the top of their list. In other words, if you have a problem, that problem becomes their top priority.

White Shark Media has specifically implemented a few strategies to try and maintain (or improve) all of their customer service relationships by doing some things such as having experience SEO experts provide feedback on all of their campaigns, setting up connections and contacts that stay with you throughout the campaigns, and also getting extra eyes on every project by teaming up strategists with supervisors for every campaign.

When it comes to your next online marketing campaign you could look to a company that is just trying to improve their bottom line, or you could work with an organization that listens to their customers and knows what to do to make them happy. Partner with White Shark Media today for your business needs.

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White Shark Media Discusses Search Engines And Keywords

One leading business in the digital marketing world today is White Shark Media. They work to provide online marketing solutions for small and medium businesses. The company is rapidly growing throughout North America, which is due to their positive reputation and cost effective campaigns. Their customer service is second to none, which also keeps their customer base loyal.

Once a small agency, White Shark Media has now had thousands of customers come to them for online marketing tools. They also provide a tracking service so their results are measurable for the clients. Not only does this keep the company accountable, but it also keeps them competitive in the industry. They recently posted a blog post with advice on how to enhance search engine optimization in an effective way.

White Shark Media stresses that keywords are the most important element to an online strategy. Some companies are still using old tactics, which looks outdated and does not always make sense to the onlooker. One example of this is keyword stuffing. This used to be used to trick search engines into ranking a page higher because multiple keywords are being used. Sometimes the multiple keywords used together do not make sense to the reader and also lead users to find results that are unreliable.

White Shark Media helps clients to avoid this and other common mistakes. So the question remains: How many keywords should be used? White Shark gives some good tips on how to determine this. It is important to mention keywords not only in the page title, but also in the main headline. Additionally, keywords should be mentioned 2-3 times in the body of the information given. Using keywords in images is also important, but it is vital that companies do not go overboard.

Now, how does one find out what keywords to use? There are online tools that can help. Übersuggest and WordStream are two online services that know how people think and how people research. This is a good place to learn how customers are wording their searches while looking for goods or services.

Finally, listing all of the keywords that are appropriate and creating a title that makes sense is what will attract a user. Synonyms and variants of words can be use in order to cast a broader net, because search engines are smarter these days than they once were, and they can tell what a word represents.

Instead of finding short cuts to be seen by customers, it is more important to know how the customer thinks so they will find a company naturally.

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