Xerem Sitution Being Monitored by Sergio Cortes, the Health Secretary Read more

Xerem Sitution Being Monitored by Sergio Cortes, the Health Secretary

This Sunday morning, Sergio Cortes, the state secretary of health was in Xerem Duque de Caxias checking on the areas which were most affected by the floods during the week together with the major shelters which are receiving local population. The Dengue Hydration Center situated at the Xerem health center and has been responsible for operating since 15 h is what the state government is currently riding on. Currently the center only has 12 seats of hydration and is able to serve up to 300 individuals on a single day.
Actually, we are hoping for the best by depending on the worst. The health center is also a preventive action of the Health Department which is meant to support the municipality in regard to the total amount of garbage that has been collected in the city thereby increasing the proliferation of the dengue mosquito.
Sergio Cortes agreed in a meeting with Camillo Junqueira, the health secretary of the municipality that the state was going to deliver another kit Caxias disaster in addition to the extra 3000 tablets.
All the measures were taken by the Health State Department which was available in the region with the Epidemiological Surveillance teams which until now is aiming to prevent the spread of diseases whose main contagion is contaminated water.
The initial batch of samples which were collected in the seven shelters by the Health Surveillance was categorized as being unsatisfactory by the Central Laboratory. The major groups that are living in the shelters are around their homes and should do the same; consider food hygiene and use bottled water.
The situation room has been mounted on the Xerem Health post which is meant for monitoring all the health actions in the entire region. In the coming days, another disaster kit will be sent to the region in addition to the measurers which have been listed above. They will also be guiding people who will be working in the shelters for the identification of symptoms at early stage.
About Sergio Cortes
Sergio Cortes is a doctor from Brazil whose great work of orthopedic surgeon stands out. Sergio has encountered many health related issues while serving as the health secretary and civil defense in Rio de Janeiro. Sergio is committed to ensuring the health of the population is good. You can follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter and link back if possible