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Real On-screen Celeb Sex Scenes


Usually in the fabulous realm of Hollywood, many actors and actresses choose to allow a stand-in for those simulated sex scenes we probably will never forget. In this case, we will share with you a bunch of films featuring the brave and ballsy actors that actually went to the extreme and bared all in their unsimulated sex scenes. You would have never guessed that these mainstream flicks were gutsy enough to display real coitus.


Our first film to represent real sex in movies is 1979 “Caligula”. The film was basically soft porn and very controversial at the time of release, but the sex scenes were in fact real and you can see the beautiful Helen Mirren nude. Unfortunately, Peter O’Toole’s tool was not shown in this movie. Argentinian director Gaspar Noé has a 2015 film entitled “Love”, and it is explicit to the max with real sex scenes. You can even watch this graphic love story in 3D if you dare. Actress Chloë Sevigny can be seen actually performing oral sex with her lucky co-star, Vincent Gallo, in the movie “The Brown Bunny”. Lastly, 2013’s 2-part film “Nymphomaniac” is said to have real unsimulated sex scenes from the actors, including Shia Labeouf; only the ejaculation (money) shots were digitally alter with porn actors standing in.