The House of Cards Collapse: Belle Gibson Wellness Guru Confesses Terminal Cancer Hoax Read more

The House of Cards Collapse: Belle Gibson Wellness Guru Confesses Terminal Cancer Hoax

In 2009, Belle Gibson claimed that she was diagnosed with an incurable form of brain cancer. She claimed that she only had months to live, but a miracle happened. After taking herself out of chemotherapy, she stated that she was going to attempt a holistic method of curing her cancer. To the world, years went by and she seemingly defeated death.

Fast forward to November of 2014, Gibson was quoted saying, “I believe that people are here to be teachers. And I know that I defied so many universal and life rules for a reason.”

Little did she know what kind of lesson she would be giving the world a few short months later. An Australian newspaper began attacking her story and piece by piece took down her holistic wellness empire.

Hoax or not? Watch the YouTube in-depth coverage of the story.

Gibson stacked a house of cards with her story, book, featured app, and over 200,000 loyal Instagram followers. She knew the cards were falling around here and confessed her lie. She simply stated, “None of it’s true,” to Australian Women’s Weekly. Gibson then continued on her high horse not asking for forgiveness, but for everyone to know she was a “human”. Quite an arrogant way to defuse a situation where you have lied to thousands of people over the past 6 years.

Brad Reifler (, a friend of mine, made a great point: Now that the world knows her entire story is a hoax, what else that she preached about living a healthier lifestyle is a lie?

KKK Sponsors Billboard In Small Town Read more

KKK Sponsors Billboard In Small Town

A billboard in Arkansas has stirred some major controversy and downright outrage among locals. In an attempt to advertise a radio station with white supremacist ties, the Ku Klux Klan sponsored the installation of a sign in the small town of Harrison. The Billboard’s message indicates that “it’s not racist to love your people.” The name of the radio station is White Pride Radio. The mission of this media outlet is to “promote the white family” and initiate a “white Christian revival.” For generations, Kenneth Griffin said the Ku Klux Klan has had an active community in Harrison, AK. This entity is trying to push its agenda by using traditional advertising as well as new media outlets such as official websites. According to some local reports, this small town is unofficially recognized as one of the most hateful communities in America. When the KKK launches any marketing campaigns or organizes public gatherings, constitutional issues often arise. These individuals claim their rights to free speech and protest. However, there is a clear line between hateful messages and freedom of expression.

Even a major city such as NYC often has controversial advertisements in public space. For example, a series of subway ads have been labeled as being anti-Islamic. The sponsors of such ads simply claim to expose the facts on Islam in the wake of atrocities that are committed in the name of the religion such as massacres by ISIS.