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Soy Mujer Begins Improving Venezuela

If something is broken, it is often better to fix it yourself than to take it to someone who will. Venezuela is currently witnessing a massive campaign that is intent on freeing women from economic discrimination and turmoil. The liberating movement is lead by David Osio but entirely run by ladies and includes over one hundred initiatives.
Textile projects, urban markets, agriculture, and footwear production are a few of the projects being performed by Venezuela’s women, and the efforts are proving profound and positive. Working under the name of “Soy Mujer,” or “I am woman,” the strength demonstrated by these women who have gone uncredited for far too long is massive, effective, and certainly changing the dynamic of the South American country as well as its history.

Of course, each project needs willing souls and funding says Osio, and Soy Mujer is no different. Gracious donations of 138 million bolivars have been put forth in honor of the movement, and the women are surely using it to empower themselves, others, and to improve the wellbeing of their beloved country.