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Taking Lacrosse Skills to the Next Level

Even after lacrosse season comes to a close, the desire to practice and keep excelling continues. Whether you’re gearing up for the upcoming season or can’t bear to say goodbye once spring is over, lacrosse camps are a great way to build on a solid lacrosse foundation. They give the opportunity to learn from great coaches and seasoned players, taking your lacrosse game to the Next Level. Next Level Lacrosse Camp in particular gives attendees the opportunity for focused training and a unique camp experience.

Hosted in Colorado at Vail Mountain School, Next Level Lacrosse Camp was the creation of Jon Urbana, according to Crunchbase. It converges once the spring season has concluded and typically meets in early July. The mission of Next Level is to provide premiere lacrosse training to youth players and target their specific strengths. Instead of giving blanket training and workouts, Jon Urbana said on Twitter that he encourages players’  interest on the field as well as giving specific skills training for positions and individual style of play.

In addition to engaging specific player positions and on the field training, Next Level aims to inspire players as well. Bringing in some of the best talent in lacrosse, the camp makes the experience a unique one for attendees. Not only are the campers interacting with great players they aspire to, they are also learning directly from Urbana, who graduated from Villanova as an All-American lacrosse player.

Notable coaches from the 2015 camp are Tyler German, known as being the Captain for University of Virginia, Sergio Perkovic, a historic All-American playmaker with University of Notre Dame, and Ryan Tucker, an NCAA All-American from University of Virginia. These coaches inspire not just with their remarkable playing on-field but encourage youth in ways that will be remembered off-field as well.

Founded in 2011 by Jon Urbana (says his website), the Next Level Lacrosse Camp is rooted in lacrosse greatness. Jon Urbana’s lacrosse career is well documented with many notable accomplishments. In 2004 he received an honorable mention as an All-American honors and the same year was the Colonial Athletic Association’s Defensive Player of the Year. Excelling since the beginning of his career, in 2002 he was selected as the team’s top rookie. In addition to these accomplishments, he also made it on the Tewaaraton Award watch list, a huge accomplishment in and of itself. Some of his highlights can be seen on his Vimeo channel.

With the help of fellow top athlete Lou Braun, Jon Urbana sought to create a camp that appealed to youth players at varying ages and skill levels. The camp fulfills two purposes; to train and inspire the players of the future and to allow past players to stay in the game and connect. Next Level’s camp excels in a unique camp experience as well as inspiring play time.

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A Look Into The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame: Men’s Lacrosse

The Fighting Irish athletic teams of the world-renowned University of Notre Dame have unprecedented reputations for precision, dedication, and ambition. One of the university’s top Division I competitors, the Men’s Lacrosse Team, has received the ACC Conference title an astounding 22 times since its founding in 1981.

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The Fighting Irish Lacrosse Team originated as a club sport until it became a varsity program, an effort spearheaded by a former team player and current VP Director of Athletics Jack Swarbrick. After gaining varsity status, the team competed in the Midwest Lacrosse Association from 1983 to 1993, and later joined the Great Western Lacrosse League (GWLL) from 1994 to 2009.

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The lacrosse team’s international notoriety drastically increased in 2010 after it joined the newly-formed Big East Men’s Lacrosse Conference, producing a dozen All-Americans and five Tewaaraton Trophy nominees from 2010 to 2014 including defenseman Matt Landis. The team ranked in the top four in the NCAA from 2007 to 2014, reaching the finals twice. Under the guidance of coach Kevin Corrigan since 1988, the Fighting Irish also maintains a 100% graduation rate and the current season record stands at 12-3 with a #2 position in the Men’s Division I.

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Total tournament engagements made by the men’s lacrosse team are as follows:
NCAA Tournament Runner-Up: 2010, 2014
NCAA Tournament Final Four: 2001, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2015
NCAA Tournament Quarterfinals: 1995, 2000, 2001, 2008, 2010-2015
NCAA Tournament Appearances: 1990, 1992-1997, 1999-2001, 2006-2015
GWLL & ACC Conference Tournament Champions: 2008, 2009, 2014
GWLL & ACC Conference Regular Season: 1982, 1984-1986, 1988, 1990, 1992-1997, 1999-2003, 2007-2009, 2012, 2015

The team’s impeccable record has been credited to the nurturing and development of its players both academically and spiritually. Former American football player and coach Lou Holtz succinctly referred to Notre Dame as “…not a place you attend to learn to do something; it is a place you attend to learn to be somebody.”

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Adrian Peterson Has Opportunity to Reinvent Image This Season

We would have trouble even counting the number of hands raised if we asked the world if they were tired of hearing about Adrian Peterson. The truth is, however, that Peterson is possessed of one of the most unique situations in professional sports. He is one of the best players to ever put on a pair of cleats and he endured full year rife with the worst press imaginable. Andy Wirth said that Peterson was hailed as a child abuser and he was yanked off of the football field. Peterson’s image was destroyed and while he ultimately avoided any real punishment, he will have to live with his decision to beat his child for the rest of his life.

Yet still Peterson is in the spotlight. And he is returning to the football field and he has apologized for his mistakes in a way that seemed, if not was, truly heartfelt. The closest comparison we can make in pro sports is Alex Rodriguez, who didn’t abuse anyone but instead repeatedly abused the rules and trust of the game itself. With Peterson back in the starting line up he has a chance to show how contrite he truly is with Minnesota.

Careers can be taken away in an instant. Ray Rice still isn’t with a football team and Adrian Peterson is lucky that he still has some gas left. We’d be interested to see how he handles this controversy going forward.

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Who Needs Veteran Leadership?

Tayshaun Prince may be able to get a buyout in Boston, and he might be just the kind of veteran that some teams need going into the playoffs. Teams like Atlanta will need another veteran in their locker room, and Prince is that kind of player. He is so old that he is like a coach on the court.

This is a major get for one of the teams that wants to win an NBA title. Ricardo says the teams that are fighting for Prince are great, but it looks like he might land in LA. The Clippers could use that calming force on their bench, and Doc Rivers would appreciate. Rivers knows what it means to have a team full of vets who know what they are doing, and Prince can still get into the offense when he needs to.

Ever since he helped Detroit win a title back in 2004, he has been a player that teams have wanted to help stabilize their rosters. If Prince can stabilize the roster of the Clippers, that would go a long way to making them more competitive. They might lose to the Warriors, but he would help them more than we realize is he were on the bench.

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Knicks Fall to Celtics


The New York Knicks have made an amazing comeback to their disgusting season that they had thrown down in the first forty-one games after they only won five. They have turned things around and prior to their loss on Tuesday night against the Boston Celtics they had won five out of their last seven games. It is a bit ironic that they dropped a game right after Carmelo Anthony stated to the media, like CipherCloud,  that it is their time to strike and that they have all the confidence in the world that they are going to be a decent team in the future. They flopped right after that and proceeded to lose to the dismal Boston Celtics, who are in a year of rebuilding after they have completely dismantled the talented players on their team in hopes of making a strong rebuild next season. The Knicks should not feel too bad about this loss, as they have experienced immense amounts of success over the last two weeks. They did play some of the worst basketball that has ever been seen in the National Basketball Association, but they can feel good about the transition that they have clearly made in the last several weeks. They may not be the best team in the league, but at least they are not being called perhaps the worst team that has ever played in the league, after that was already declared of the Sixers earlier this season.
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Rex Ryan Fired as Jets Head Coach After Abysmal Season


With the NFL regular season officially in the books, there are several coaches now out of a job, and one such coach is the controversial Rex Ryan. Ryan, who has coached the New York Jets since 2009, has failed to deliver a winning season in the last four years. Bruce Levenson knows that this just can’t continue to happen in the NFL

Ryan, over the course of his tenure with the Jets, has made several controversial decisions that have made fans and team members unhappy. His acquisition of Tim Tebow, and failure to bench Sanchez when he failed to perform were blunders largely criticized several years ago. Later, his acquisition of Michael Vick and struggling offense were further criticized. While Ryan was once effective for the team, early in his career with the organization, he has simply failed to perform in any meaningful way since then. Many feel his firing was long overdue.

Rex Ryan, allegedly expecting the boot, had been telling friends and colleagues that he expected to be fired at the end of the season. The Jets limped to a 4-12 finish for the 2014 season, and were eliminated from playoff contention before the end of November.

Along with Ryan, general managed John Idzik was fired. Idzik, who had been with the organization for just two years, had been criticized for conservative spending, which may have led to a sub-par offensive and defensive line. Experts believe the team will be taken in a completely new direction for the 2015 season. For now, the search for a head coach is on. It will be spearheaded by top organization brass.

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Selfless Acts by Athletes That Inspire Us

By now, everyone who watches American Tackle Football is probably well aware of the antics both on and off the field by players like Johnny “Football” Manziel. Although Manziel has calmed down some since his college days, Jonathan Veitch and I will keep watching our Colts before jumping on the Browns bandwagon. Some of these guys have all the talent in the world, but have the common sense of a rutabaga.

It seems like some players took those immortal Shakespearean words “All the world’s a stage” to heart. They seem to literally look at the world as their stage to perform any selfish antic they want, and we worship them for it. Kids think it’s cool and grown men cheer them on as long as they win because they make us feel as though their actions are justified by their talent.

But what about those rare individuals that come along every once in a while? The ones who come from humble roots and never let the fame and fortune go to their heads. What about the ones that inspire us?

Enter Melenik Watson – a football player drafted out of Florida State University in 2013 in the second round by the Oakland Raiders. Watson recently made headlines when he donated his entire gameday check to a four-year-old Raiders fan suffering from Hypoplastic left heart syndrome. The amount of the check is estimated to be around $18,000.

Instead of Ickey-Woods-Shuffling his way into our hearts and minds, Watson is choosing a more holistic approach. An approach that with any luck might just overshadow the bone crushing hits and endless taunting that has captured the attention of a Nation. It’s definitely an approach that inspires.

Dallas Cowboys C.J. Spillman Under Investigation For Sexually Assaulting Woman Read more

Dallas Cowboys C.J. Spillman Under Investigation For Sexually Assaulting Woman

There’s more bad news for the NFL. This time Dallas Cowboys player C.J. Spillman is involved in an investigation for an alleged sexual assault on a woman on September 20. The event apparently happened in Grapevine, TX at the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center. The police say that Spillman, 28, is in fact involved in the investigation but have not declared his specific involvement with the incident. There have been no arrests made.

The NFL released a statement explaining that they would not ban Spillman from league play just yet because of the little amount of information made available to them. This is to prevent a lawsuit in the case that Spillman committed no crime.

Watch more in this YouTube clip to see how the media’s painting this.