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It Could Be Dead After Director Quits

Cary Fukunaga, the director of the remake of It, has left the project. His leaving could mean the death of the project.

It was originally a novel by Stephen King. It was then turned into a two-part mini-series that appeared on American free TV. The book and the mini-series are about a group of people who face a supernatural threat as kids and adults. It is mostly depicted as a clown named Pennywise.

Fukunaga’s cinematic version would have been in two parts. The first part would have been a group of kids who face a very mean and unusual clown. In the second movie, the kids become adults, but have to face the same clownish threat.

On my Wifi I read that this two-part movie was originally at Warner Brothers and then moved to New Line Cinema.

New Line Cinema is the studio that Fukunaga came into conflict with. He wanted to film in New York. The studio wanted a less costly place to film. The studio wanted a single movie. The studio did not like the actor that Fukunaga chose for Pennywise. Soon, some fans had misgivings about Fukunaga. All this conflict resulted in him leaving the project.

Stephen King thinks the project is dead and hopes that Tim Curry is remembered well for his performance in the first It as Pennywise