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The Three Best Stoner Films to Watch on Netflix


Have you found yourself in a legalized state with nothing fun to watch? Grab your bong, some munchies, and your Netflix account and get ready to watch the three best stoner films available on the streaming service right now:


  1. Mac and Devin Go To Highschool


When a film stars rap stars Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg, you know you’re in for quite a late-night weed movies on Netflix treat. Follow the adventures of bad boy Mac (Snoop Dogg) and the nerdy Devin (Khalifa) as Mac introduces Devin to the wonders of cannabis.


  1. Super High Me


Funny movies aren’t usually documentaries, but If you’re in the mood for a cannabis-filled documentary, Super High Me will be right up your alley. The film documents the effects of smoking cannabis for 30 days straight and stars stoner-favorite comedian Doug Benson as the test subject. Grab your munchies and get prepared for some laughs!


  1. Trailer Park Boys: The Movie


If you’re into heists, mockumentaries, and weed, then this movie is for you. Follow along with Canada’s favorite stoners as they plan their ultimate last crime that will hopefully allow them to retire from their crime-ridden ways. It’s got plenty of laughs, plenty of pot, and not surprisingly plenty of dark comedic heart.