Why Michel Terpins is One of The Best Brazilian Rally Drivers Read more

Why Michel Terpins is One of The Best Brazilian Rally Drivers

According to the NewsRacer.com.br, the duo from the Bull Sertoes Rally Team, consisting of the 40-year-old Michel Terpins, and the 37-year-old Maykel Justo, finished another crucial stage of the popular Sertoes Rally 25th edition. After the duo won two stages of the race that have three stages in Prototypes T1, they led in the acquired category, plus they were among the top five fastest in the contest, plus the fourth overall position with a total time of 11 hours, 45 mins, and 23 seconds.

In the final stage, which starts from the municipality of the Santa Terezinha de Goiás up to Aruanã, which is a total distance of 306 km. The two had to slow down because they experienced mechanical problems which happened as a result of the previous Marathon stage when their vehicle couldn’t get mechanical support. The vehicle’s gear box had broken down, plus the rear suspension also got damaged; Michel Terpins, who is the currently the leader of the Cross-Country Rally Championship of Brazilian had to take one of his feet off the accelerator to avoid compromising the result.

They still managed to complete the race in the fourth position in Prototypes T1 as well as tenth in overall. Terpins said that in general, it only mattered, he knew they were leading the race, so when the vehicle began developing problems, the only concern was finishing the stage, but the amazing thing happened. He continued saying that it was the fourth day of the competition, and they were still going strong. Terpins, who was on his tenth participation in the contest and relying on the navigation of his co-driver, Justo for two years consecutively.

Several years ago, the love for off-road and speed inspired the two São Paulo brothers, Michel Terpins and the 44-year-old, Rodrigo Terpins (in the entire curriculum, he has five Sertões Rally) to create Bull Sertões Rally Team. The two brothers have been competing in the race for a total of four seasons on the T-Rex, which MEM Motorsport developed, and also contested on the Sertões Rally and the Cross-Country Rally Championship of Brazil.

Michel Terpins: A Leading Brazilian Rally Driver Read more

Michel Terpins: A Leading Brazilian Rally Driver

Michel Terpins is a famous Brazilian Rally driver that currently belongs to the Bull Sertões Rally Team. The 40-year old rally driver participated in the 25th edition of the Sertoes Rally with Maykel Justo as his navigator. He was among the top five fastest drivers in the competition having won two of the three stages of the race. Terpins was forced to slow down in the third stage due to some mechanical problems they experienced when driving between Santa Terezinha de Goiás to Aruanã. This was 306 km stretch that really affected his speed.

As the current Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship leader, this was a very defining moment for him because his vehicle had not received the required mechanical support after the Marathon stage. Terpins was forced to decelerate after the gear box of the T-Rex # 322 broke down. The only way he could have prevented results from being compromised was to slow down. However, they managed to finish 10th overall and fourth in prototypes T1 despite the challenges.

Michel Terpins has been a regular participant in the Sertoes Rally and has so far record nine participations. His 44-year old brother, Rodrigo Terpins, has five participations in the Sertoes Rally. Their passion for off-road and speed made them set up team Bull Sertões Rally Team. In addition, the two brothers have been major participants in the Sertões Rally and the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship for the last four seasons. Their preferred racing car has been the T-Rex from MEM Motorsport. Michel Terpins will be completing his 10th participation in the Sertoes Rally this year.

He made his debut in 2002 when he participated in the motorcycle category but later joined his brother Rodrigo Terpins in the cars category as his sailor. His piloting with T-Rex has evolved over the last four years. His current navigator is Maykel Justo from Taubaté (SP). Justo has four titles to his name and over 10 years of Sertoes Rally in the curriculum. Michel Terpins is very proud of his navigator and claims that their turning has become perfect because he gives him a lot of safety. The national championship ranking includes the first two stages of the Sertoes Rally, and Michel is the current prototypes T1 leader in the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship.