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Jason Hope Discussing the Benefits of Internet of Things Technology

The world of technology has many pioneers, and it is their collective efforts that the technology is getting advanced at such a rapid pace today. One of the pioneers in the field of technology from the United States is Jason Hope, who is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has started many tech companies over the years and has run them successfully as well as invested in many lucrative tech start-ups. It continues to be his passion for helping entrepreneurs, and new start-ups in the world of technology that he feels have the potential to grow. He believes that innovation in the world of technology is the key to success like in many other industries, and he keeps a close eye on the technology market to look for investment opportunities in companies as well as entrepreneurs that are growing and result oriented.

Many technologies continue to be used in vogue by the people, but one of the recent technologies that Jason Hope talked about in his last blog is the Internet of Things technology. As the development of smart devices is in full scale in the tech world, it has become important to connect all these devices and use it cohesively. And, in simple terms, it is what the internet of things technology is all about. It would connect different network-enabled devices to ensure that they can work in a well-coordinated manner.

The use of such technology can be beneficial in many different industries and even in the corporate world. The aviation sector and the transportation sector has already started rationalizing developing the Internet of Things technology for their use. It would help the airline industry to improve the safety of the airplanes and reducing the repairing time after damages. In the transportation sector, the information regarding the traffic can be centralized and make its access available to all the people. The relaying of the traffic-related data can be made available to the public in real time with the Internet of Things technology. It would promote the use of the public transportation and reduce the use of personal vehicles in the high traffic density zones.

Jason Hope believes that many new devices that are IoT would be launched in the future, and some of the devices have already made its way to the public. Jason Hope also firmly believes that the lifespan of people can be multiplied at least two to three folds by stopping the process of aging, and he believes it is very much possible. He supports the medical research being conducted on the topics he believes in by the SENS Research Foundation, one of the leading medical research firms in the United States. The SENS Research Foundation has made considerable progress due to the support provided by Jason Hope in the last few years and hopes to make a breakthrough soon.

Jason Hope info: www.crunchbase.com/person/jason-hope#/entity

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Eric Pulier, The Founder of vAtomic

Eric Pulier is a venture capitalist and he provides startup capital to entrepreneurs with an idea, who are looking for funding to start their own companies or other small companies who are looking to expand but do not have the capital to do so. He has been on the front line, in the transformation of some of the best technology used today. As the founder of vAtomic he has helped many entrepreneurs to attain their dreams because he believes that without passion and capital, even the best ideas in the world can fail to be realized.

Eric Pulier is always searching for new ideas to invest in and with his experience, he has become skilled in recognizing which ideas are worth investing in and which entrepreneurs are passionate enough to fully invest their time and energy into growing their businesses. As an optimistic person in nature, he never doubted once, that he would be able to succeed, instead, puller has chosen to learn from his struggles in the management of the business and develop the tough skin needed to navigate the highs and lows of the technology industry. He credits much of his current outlook to the running of this first company The Digital Evolution which he founded at a very young age. The company also taught him the importance of quality customer service and delivering as promised, the two which are still a priority in all of his business affairs today. Other than referrals

Eric Pulier points out that pay per click type of advertising has been the most effective for his business. He advises entrepreneurs to always keep track of returns on their investments with each marketing method, to avoid being caught up in the excitement of new strategies without considering whether they are profitable to the business or not. He points out that his strength lies in the thoroughness of his business process, he completely invests time energy and resources into new ventures and in the development of new ideas.

Eric Pulier is from New Jersey. From a young age, it was evident that he was already a genius and that education was only going to play the role of sharpening him right from a young age he was able to handle programming tasks that were way above his education level. By the time Eric Pulier was finishing high school, he had started his own a database company.

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Eric Pulier’s Ascension to Digital King

The story of Eric Pulier is one of American excellence combined with an impossible to deny work ethic. Pulier was born in New Jersey where he was raised. He grew up loving computers in an era where computer usage just wasn’t as prevalent as it is today. The early ’80s saw computers become more accessible and before long Pulier was starting to really engage. In fact, by the time he was in grade school he was already learning how to program and run his own database company. Since then Eric Pulier has followed an unwavering path toward becoming one of the most important tech entrepreneurs in the industry today. Here is his story and how he became the venture capitalist tech innovator that he is today.

It all started with passion. Pulier knew that he loved computers early on in life and he used that love in order to create a path for himself. Pulier would graduate from high school in New Jersey before almost immediately making his way to Harvard in order to attend to higher education. At Harvard Pulier would go on to showcase just how skilled he was in a number of different ways. Pulier was put in charge of running the school paper, the Harvard Crimson, and there his work as the editor would make him well known to the student body. Pulier was always forward thinking in his approach and he was covering topics that wouldn’t become commonplace for almost a decade.

Leaving Harvard was difficult as he had established himself as someone to be respected and admired. Pulier graduated Magna Cum Laude but he knew he didn’t want to coast on his work at school. Instead, Pulier went out to Los Angeles where he would begin his tech adventures early on in the 1990s. Pulier was there before the bubble popped and he made sure that he created a foundation that could weather even the toughest of storms. Pulier landed in Los Angeles in 1992 and his first company, Digital Evolution, would be founded in 1994.

Pulier’s success at Digital Evolution would lead him to a host of new opportunities. One of those opportunities would be his statement making company, the XPrize Foundation. The XPrize Foundation has made Pulier a global name but he hasn’t let it stop his work ethic. Pulier now operates as a venture capitalist, looking for the next big project to put his passion into.

Learn More: www.xprize.org/about/innovation-board/eric-pulier

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Bob Reina Is Helping People And Businesses Stay Connected Seamlessly

In a recent article featured in Your Mark On The World, Bob Reina CEO of Talk Fusion discusses building the company as well as being able to give back to communities in need worldwide. Bob Reina is the founder of Talk Fusion and takes his role as the CEO of a major company seriously in the sense that he feels that he needs to give back to those that need help. The company was founded on that set of values and is interwoven in the structure of the company itself. For example, Bob Reina donated $1 million to the Tampa Bay Humane Society as well as substantial donations to Indonesian orphanages. He has even created a program that allows his affiliates to donate an account to charity. He feels that even the less fortunate need to be able to communicate with loved ones all over the world. The donated plans are part of their best plan called the Custom Monthly Plan.


Bob Reina has the changed the lives of many individuals, not only from his charitable donations but also through his business opportunities. Many of the affiliates have been able to achieve success through their work with Talk Fusion. Bob Reina took a completely different career path earlier in his adult years. He graduated from the University of Florida as number one in his police academy class. Although he chose a career in law enforcement, he had always had an entrepreneurial drive. His inspiration for the Talk Fusion platform came from an incident where he wanted to send a video to a friend about a home he was checking out but was unable to send it through AOL. He knew that there was a demand for a more capable email, video, and talk solution that could better connect individuals and give them the capability to communicate more effectively.


Bob contacted an IT friend and explained that he wanted to create an all in one marketing video solution. From that conversation, Talk Fusion was born. Today, it is one of the fastest growing video marketing tools in the world. Companies love the way that the platform allows them to effectively stay connected and use a wide range of video and email solutions to more efficiently conduct business.


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John Goullet- Chairman at diversant, a leading IT solutions provider

John Goullet is among the few individuals who are completely blessed with talents as well as skills in significant fields. As for John Goullet, he is a technology expert who has been deploying his services at Diversant LLC for more than six years. At Diversant, Mr. Goullet holds the post of Chairman.

As knowledgeable as John Goullet is, he was once a student at Ursinus College in Philadelphia. Apart from attending Ursinuc College and attaining his higher education, Mr. John has also had an illustrious working history. Among the major working experiences are such as; being the CEO from 1994 to 2010 at Info Technologies. After being a chief executive officer for so long, he currently works with Diversant LLC.

At Diversant LLC, Mr. Goullet serves as a principal. Also, he is a guru in the field of Information Technology. The most admirable character of Mr. Goullet is the fact that he loves working on various challenges that come his way. As for the IT sector, he is always happy to handle any challenge that comes his way.

Because John Goullet has gained significant fame in the field of IT, he has participated in an interview with IdeaMensch. During the interview, he was asked various questions. Some of the issues posed to Mr. Goullet during the interview were as follows;

What inspired the launching of Diversant?

Mr. Goullet said that the idea of having an IT firm came to him 24 years ago. Although starting a company is quite a hurdle, John never lost hope. He always had in mind the fact that if others were able to succeed, he was not an exemption.

What criteria do you use when bringing ideas into life?

As for new ideas, the market trends highlight on the necessities in the current world. After realizing the need, Mr. Goullet and Diversant chips in and filters the ideas regarding what consumers would like most. Afterward, the required skill set is deployed, and the idea is then brought to life.

As an entrepreneur, what tendency makes you more productive?

As for Mr. Goullet, he confesses to being a victim of active paranoia. Due to having intense fear, he tends to carry out all his tasks as efficiently as possible. Also, competition is among the greatest nightmares experienced by any company. As a result, Mr. Goullet ensures that his company is always one step ahead of its competition. That way, he is always able to provide quality and exemplary services at Diversant LLC.

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Bob Reina: Always On The Move

Bob Reina knows the kind of impact Talk Fusion can have on people’s lives. One of the greatest thrills for him is when he is out and about and he gets a chance to hear from others that have used it and how it has changed their lives. That is why he wanted to do this. He is always on the lookout for ways to help people, improve their lives, and make things better. It saddens him when he sees so many unhappy people out there. He wants to change that and in his mind, the sooner the change happens, the better.


After all, as they say, there is no time like the present to make serious changes. One of the changes Bob Reina has made is donating a record breaking amount of money to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. He knows that oftentimes these animals are put in tough situations and they need a little help and a little support. Bob Reina feels like if he can do something and make a difference, it can really save the lives of numerous animals. Someone has to step up in these situations and Bob feels like he is the man to do just that.


Talk Fusion, of course, is the all-in-one video communication service which provides its customers with video chats, video newsletters, video emails, and video conferences. All of this helps the businessman or woman that wishes to work from home. They feel as though they have missed too many important events and they do not wish to miss another one. They want to be there and they want to work from home. They are a lot more comfortable in this type of situation and it works well for them. Nothing stands in their way and nothing is going to make them unhappy.


They can finally sleep well, enjoy life, and get everything they can out of their lives. When someone is their own boss, they set the rules and that is a tremendous feeling, to say the least. That is what Bob wants for the customers of Talk Fusion.


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Eric Pulier Knows How To Help Kids With Disabilities

Every kid who has a disability needs to be sure that they have worked with Eric Pulier and his amazing technology. We were lucky enough to get to know him long ago when he was working on the People Doing Things project, and I know that he took a lot of pride in helping all these kids. They were just trying to get through school, but they got something from Eric Pulier that made their lives so much better. Eric Pulier has done this out of the goodness of his own heart, and he knows that these kids can get the help they need.

Adaptive technology was something that a lot of us were not familiar with, and we were sure that these kids could do better because they had something that would work for them. The people that are not sure how to get help for their kids could work with Eric Pulier, and he is still in the industry to this day. He is trying to make sure that he can give people the best options for making their lives better, and he knows that he can show a kid that their life can be better.

Life improves when people like Eric Pulier are doing the work that they do, and he is asking them to see what they can do to make the world a better place. He is making sure that the world is going to improve with the help of the technology that he has created. The creations that are coming from these places will help kids like the ones that I used to work with. All these kids were able to graduate, and they are using that technology to this day to make sure their lives are better. Every kid who wants to get their education can do that easily.

For more inormation please visit http://ericpulier.com