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The “Teen Mom OG” Cast Claims To Be Good Friends

MTV decided to bring back the original cast and crew from the Teen Mom show “16 And Pregnant,” and the new show is called “Teen Mom OG.” These girls have forged a bond over the years, and many of them are saying that they are like family, even though they are friends. “Teen Mom OG” Show. One of the most known members of the group is Farrah Abraham, who is someone that many people talk about. “Farrah has been the subject of many conversations because she has done a lot of plastic surgery for someone who is so young in age.

Sarah even had an intimate tape out of her and her boyfriend, but it was later discovered that she mastermind the entire tape, and it wasn’t leaked as she previously had stated. Maci, Amber, and Catelynn, they are all on the show as well. Andy Wirth tells us that Maci had her second pregnancy, even though her doctor stated that she would never get pregnant again.

All the girls have become very good friends, and they sat down in an interview to talk
about their friendships with each other. Anyone who is interested in learning more about the girls, they can check out the additional information available on MTV News.