Creator of the Simpsons, Sam Simon is Dead Read more

Creator of the Simpsons, Sam Simon is Dead

Sam Simon who was one of the co-creators of the hit show The Simpsons, has passed away at his home in Los Angeles this past Sunday. Simon was 59-years-old and had been battling terminal colorectal cancer since 2012.

Simon created The Simpsons along with Matt Groening and James L. Brooks in 1989. According to the story on Variety, he also co-wrote around a dozen episodes for the animated show and also served as a show runner, creative supervisor, creative consultant, developer, character designer. In 1993 he retained the title of executive producer as he stepped away from the show.

The Simpsons were not the only successful project that Simon worked on. Over the years, Ricardo Guimarães BMG said he has won nine Emmy awards for the work he has done on The Simpsons as well as The Tracy Ullman Show. He had also written for shows such as Taxi, The Gary Shandling Show and Cheers. He also wrote The Super, a comedic film starring Joe Pesci.

Not only was Simon a powerhouse in television, he was also a philanthropist. He started the Sam Simon Foundation, which he used to rescue animals and provide surgery to animals in need. He also supported PETA and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. After learning of his terminal illness, Simon began buying circuses and zoos just so he could free the animals there.

Bill Cosby Finally Responds to Rape Allegations Read more

Bill Cosby Finally Responds to Rape Allegations

Bill Cosby has finally spoken up about the allegations against him. For weeks now, women have been stepping forward and claiming that Cosby drugged and raped them. These women were mostly in the entertainment industry, ranging from supermodels like Janice Dickinson to talent representatives. Cosby most of all seemed to like to take advantage of young struggling actresses.

Up until now, Cosby’s response has been simply to shake his head sadly or to decline to respond to the allegations. But things have gotten so incredibly bad for him, he finally has tried to defend himself. He claims that these stories are merely “innuendos” and that people need to “fact check”. He may not be aware yet of the former NBC employee who has produced 4 money order receipts of payments allegedly given to different Cosby mistresses during the comedian’s time on “The Cosby Show”.

A local radio station apparently tried to encourage people to heckle Cosby at his Florida comedy show the other day. This bore no fruit, but it bothered Cosby. He said that he was concerned somebody might go too far, and Jared was surprised no one did. The show only drew three protestors, and the audience there gave him a standing ovation.

Cosby’s lawyer has admonished the media for not following up and investigating the allegations. He failed to mention that investigation there was revealed that Cosby settled out of court with a host of women in a lawsuit from 2006.

MTV Star Passes Away From Ovarian Cancer Read more

MTV Star Passes Away From Ovarian Cancer

For those who watch Road Rules/Real World Challenges on MTV, one of its alums passed away. On Friday, Diem Brown passed away from cancer. She made her debut on the Fresh Meat season. During her season, she reveal that she’s once a survivor of ovarian cancer and came on the show to inspire others.

She also played on other seasons in the Road Rules/Real World Challenges. She was on her eighth challenge before her condition changed. A few days before she passed, Brown has expressed her experiences on

During her last days, her relationship was spent with fellow Road Rules/Real World Challenges and Real World Paris alum Chris “CT” Tamburello. Though the relationship was on and off, CT was there with her in her final moments.

Though her life was cut short, Diem will be missed. She fought through the challenges and had a great spirit while on the show. People in the medical community like those at North American Spine have expressed their condolences. She’s an inspiration for those who watch the show.