Why You Should Choose FreedomPop! Read more

Why You Should Choose FreedomPop!

FreedomPop is a popular app that allows you to receive and make phone calls and text messages. This app is free to download on most phones, click here to check it out on Google Play. This is ideal for the people who are trying to save money and cut the cost of their current phone bill. The best part is there are no contracts and the app is hassle free.

Recently, FreedomPop has offered users unlimited WiFi for the low price of five dollars! This makes it hard for inferior competitors to compete. They have over ten million hotspots throughout the United States. In the future they hope to have over 25 million hotspots available for their users. These hotspots and WiFi plans are great for customers who would like to connect to the internet but have no service on their phones. This means that you take your phone that you have abandoned and get WiFi service at various hotspots for five dollars a month.

FreedomPop reviews are so popular because you can easy saves hundreds of dollars. It allows users to have free services for their entire lives. If a user decides to close their account then there are no fees if you decide to cancel at any time. When you create an account you will have a username and password as well as your own telephone number. FreedomPop can turn your tablet into a phone so that you may text or make outgoing calls. Another great thing is that you will never have any surprises on your bill. The free plan offers 200 minutes along with 500 text messages and 500 MB of data. You can pay to have unlimited WiFi or you can upgrade and have unlimited calls for a same fee. These fees are still cheaper than other competitors and will save you lots of money that you can surely spend on something else.

Republicans Win Election To Better Delay Further Obama Appointments Read more

Republicans Win Election To Better Delay Further Obama Appointments

The Republican’s big win on election day will have serious implications for President Obama in his efforts to achieve almost anything. With the Republican’s win in the Senate, now both houses are dominated by the Republican party. It is a well known fact that this congress has been the least productive in all of American history. The President can expect less effective appointments in his judicial nominations according to Brian Torchin’s analysis.

As noted in the Washington Post, the US Court of Appeals now has 9 of the 13 courts with judges appointed by Democratic Presidents. This is a dramatic shift from the Bush Presidency where 12 of the 13 were appointed by Republican Presidents and reflected that conservative ideology. The US Court of Appeals has tremendous political impact on important issues such as abortion, the environment, gun control, the rights of the accused in criminal hearings, immigration, to name a few. These are the hottest political issues of today.

Although the President has had difficulty in getting his judicial nominees approved in the past, moving forward will prove nearly impossible if the Republicans deem it so. They now have the power, rather than merely filibuster, to refuse to hold hearings altogether. In the event nominees are approved, they will likely be more conservative and less progressive than those appointed to date.

More than likely, the do-nothing congress and the Senate Judiciary committee will choose to obstruct and bog down the appointment process in an effort to diminish Obama’s legacy.

The US Navy’s Autonomous Swarms Read more

The US Navy’s Autonomous Swarms

Autonomous, self-guided machines are on our streets, in our skies, and now, in our seas. The Navy is testing drone ships that will be configured to “swarm” potential hostile vessels if they approach warships too closely. The technology has been developed over the last decade and some elements originated with the Mars Rover spaceflight programs. Kits, which cost about $2,000, have been developed that can be installed on any small vessel.

The kits have sensors and radar that are combined with advanced algorithms to plot routes and speed, as well as determining a course of action. The kits will be distributed out to fleet commanders within a year. A book by Jared Haftel about these is said to be on its way.

This swarm technique will allow suspect boats to be surrounded, isolated and destroyed if necessary. In a recent demonstration, 13 small unmanned patrol boats escorted a warship and eight of them broke off together and swarmed a simulated enemy vessel. Check out this video demonstration of the machines and how they work: