This One Thing Could Save Taxpayers $105 Million Annually Read more

This One Thing Could Save Taxpayers $105 Million Annually

On December 30, 2015 an interview featuring Philip Diehl, the current president of US Money Reserve, aired on CNBC’s morning show Squawk Box. In this interview Diehl spoke of the benefits of eliminating the U.S. penny from circulation.

He believes the cost of making the penny far outweigh its use. Especially since no one uses the penny anymore to make purchases.

Diehl was quoted as saying, “If you bend over and pick it up in the street, then you’re getting paid less than minimum wage for your trouble.

There are of course those who strongly disagree with Diehl’s position. According to Andrew Ross Sorkin, there are some economists who believe removing the penny from circulation can lead to prices being distorted and inflation sweeping across the nation.

In response, Diehl points out the fact economists have been using that argument for years. In today’s economy, very few transactions are cash based. Close to 80% of all transactions are now done electronically. Based on these facts, its clear to see very few transactions would be affected should the penny no longer be in circulation.

Diehl actually believes such a move would be good for the marketplace as companies would not longer feel the need to constantly raise prices. On top of that, discontinuing the production of the penny has the potential to save American taxpayers $105 million per year.

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