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Jet Blue To Start Flights to Cuba In July

American airline carrier Jet Blue has announced that it will be the first U.S. airline to have regular flights to Cuba. The flights will start in July and will fly out of various hubs supported by Jet Blue including Miami, New York and other cities to be named later.Jet Blue Set to Fly to Cuba

Jet Blue routes to Cuba will be the first flights from American soil since President Obama has lifted restrictions regarding trade and travel to Cuba. Restrictions have been in place since the Eisenhower administration and Cuba was close to being the epicenter of a Third World War, as event almost spiraled out of control during the Cuban Missile Crisis during the Kennedy Administration.

The opening travel route is the first step for open trade between the countries and eases the tensions between the countries. Cuba is a dominate economic power in the Caribbean and many see the move by the President as needed to reduce the influence of China and Russia which have established significant trade footholds in the Caribbean as well as Cuba.

Additional flights are expected to follow Jet Blue as other airlines work out the logistic of making aircraft and pilots available for the routes. Ivan Ong can’t wait until this really clears up. Travel to Cuba has been ongoing in recent years by various groups on strict conditions that the trips be for educational purposes only. Airlines see this as a benefit as there is an established customer base for the airlines to tap into too.