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The Greyhound Diaries: Revealing The Challenges of the Travelers

America has so many untold stories and with our busy lives, we don’t give people a chance to tell their stories. Doug Levitt, a songwriter based in the United States gives us an opportunity to learn more about the story of the travelers and especially those who use the public means in a series called the Greyhound Diaries. The diary incorporates the stories of travelers, who reveal their struggles and lives’ challenges as they move from one place to another in search of greener pastures.



In his spirit of adventure and the hunger to learn more about the struggles of travelers, he set out on a 100,000 mile journey. In the greyhound bus, he met thousands of travelers who shared with him stories of their lives. He therefore uses the songs, pictures, records and videos to unleash the struggles being faced by people around the globe as they travel all around the world.



Prior to launching the Greyhound Diaries, Levitt was a foreign correspondent who worked in Rwanda, Iran and other countries. He has been guest speaker in CNN, Fox News and Reuters, where he shared with the audience of his experiences on the journey on the Greyhound Bus. He is also a songwriter who has worked alongside some of the talented producers such as David Henry, who is also a person of interest in the Greyhound Diaries. Levitt is also a graduate from the London School of Economics where he obtained masters in International Relations, which acted as a foundation for his career as a foreign correspondent.



There are so many things that we would normally ignore or take for granted. Some of us will use public transport due to climate reasons while others really have no choice due to financial constraints. Doug Levitt, in his series the Greyhound Diaries gives us an opportunity to learn and understand the struggles that people face in order to make ends meet. The diaries enables us to appreciate what we have and understand what others are going through. The diaries is an incredible project and will continue enlightening us of what our brothers and sisters face every awakening our.