Cassio Audi – The Rise from Music To Business Read more

Cassio Audi – The Rise from Music To Business

In life, it is normal for some people to be multi talented and do pretty well, in their fields. For some, trying various things unsuccessfully until when they bump onto their passion is their order of life. The former example best describes one Cassio Audi. He is currently a renowned Brazilian maestro in investment management. No one would ever imagine that this famous man would one day become the world’s most sort after expert in financial planning, project management, investor relations, strategic forecasting, team leadership, management of equities and lots more, as he was a musician.
If you can recall the Viper Rock Band, then you must have known its founding group members, and Cassio Audi happens to be among them. The rock band began in 1985, and the rest of the members were and Felipe Machado, Andre Machado, Yves Passarel and Pit Passarell. Throughout his music career life, Mr. Audi was obsessed with and played the drum sets. Audi and his band got inspiration from British heavy metal music and also Iron Maiden rock band.
The Viper Rock Band came to the lime light with the release of their first demo album dubbed The Killer Sword that made them go round the world. The album was comprised of songs such as Nightmare, Killera and Princes from Hell while the track, got incorporated into their first album, which was released in 1987, two years before Audi left music to follow venture into business.
Given the fact that English which they sang in was not their first language, critics gave the band a-thumbs-up, though some argued that the songs needed a slight fine-tuning. Audi left the group in 1989 to study and later pursue business, though he might have as well had a successful music career, had he continued with the group.

Omar Yunes, the World-Class Franchisee Read more

Omar Yunes, the World-Class Franchisee

Sushi Itto is the sole reason why Omar Yunes won the honor prize as the best franchisee in the world.


Omar Yunes, a franchisee of the restaurant chain Sushi Itto, represented Mexico at the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) contest held in Florence, Italy, on the 5th of December, 2015, along with Ivan Tamer, who operates franchise outlets of Prendamex.


The global event, which saw representatives from 34 countries including France, Portugal, and Brazil compete for the BFW award, was conducted after qualifying events had been held in those countries to determine the finalists at Florence. Omar Yunes presented a compelling case titled “The Professionalization of the Role of the Franchisee” at the national qualifier in Mexico due to which he was selected to represent his country at the finals on the 24th of November, 2015.


Sushi Itto has evolved a lot under the leadership of Omar Yunes, and the franchise is one of the strongest sushi restaurants in Mexico.


The BFW contest is held to recognize the efforts of the best franchisees worldwide based on several criteria, including the knowledge imparted to the network of franchise outlets, improvements proposed by and implemented by the franchise owner, the workers’ level of motivation and the cost saving techniques employed. According to one of the organizers of the BFW Mexican national qualifier, Diego Elizarrarras, the reason why Omar Yunes won the right to represent the country at the global BFW contest in Italy was the role he played as a change agent at the Sushi Itto franchising-franchisee relationship, setting up control boards to effectively manage and measure the performance of each unit.


In a surprising development, Omar Yunes went on to win the BFW award in Italy, which meant a victory for the franchising sector in Mexico, allowing it to move forward from regional to international franchising. The CEO of Sushi Itto, Benjamin Cancelmo, remarked that the award was a manifestation of the joint efforts of the franchisee and franchiser in serving their customers well with a lot of hospitality.


The entrepreneur has grown his business by a big margin, and there is already a 13th installment being inaugurated.

What the Mexico’s New Well Represents for Mexico’s Future, with Talos Energy Read more

What the Mexico’s New Well Represents for Mexico’s Future, with Talos Energy

It’s been a long time since Mexico has advanced their commitment to the oil industry in its offshore waters. They’ve been silent and the industry wasn’t updating for nearly 80 years, but, in 2017, Mexico has finally invested in the front with a new well. Since 1938, no events like this have happened as Mexico nationalized the industry.

In 80 years, 2017 was the first time the private company Oil Plc, together with Houston’s Talos Energy LLC and their partner oil firm Sierra Oil & Gas, invested in the oil well and began trilling the content with ease. The Mexican waters have always been a target of the private companies in the country, but it’s been almost a century that the nation has not given attention to the matter.

This action will help the country attract competitors from the exterior market, and multinational companies are more likely to want to install a subsidiary in the Mexican territory. The energy industry will have more participants and a higher potential as a result of the construction of the well.

The Talos Energy LLC is one of the most prominent energy companies for Mexico, and it was founded by the entrepreneur Tim Duncan, the financial expert who rose the company to its current net –worth of almost a billion dollars.

The Talos Energy has begun drilling the well with their partners under Tim Duncan’s supervision since May 21 of 2017.

Talos Energy has many assets in the Gulf of Mexico, and they are, although a relatively small company compared to the standards of the international oil industry, they are responsible for thousands of barrels of oils for the last couple of years, being a key participant in the energy market and the development of Mexico in this department.

The opening of the well is a major event for the improvement of Mexico in the international run for the oil market. The offshore of the nation has a lot of potential, and the exterior market could be the key to a better development of the country.

In such a future Tim Duncan’s company, Talos Energy LLC, will be a significant partner in turning Mexico into a great target for the oil companies.

World leading independent financial analyst, Agora Financial publications, reach record number subscriptions Read more

World leading independent financial analyst, Agora Financial publications, reach record number subscriptions

A disconnect between making money and investment information has been one of the major hurdles of creating wealth. For those looking for sound investment opportunities, there has been exposed to some unscrupulous individuals whose aim is too self-centered, and most people have had all their pensions, savings, gone to the drain with the kind of help they get from brokers and other financial advisors whose aims is to get commissions. There has also been a problem with existing journals, newsletters publications and periodicals that offer advice to clients, in that most of these are not independent and usually operate at the financial whims of the corporates and their brokers. This has necessitated the need for an independent publisher, and certainly, the only one out there is Agora Financial.

Agora Financial provides readers with inspirational documentaries, books, and publications, with cutting edge investment information. The publisher relies on sound financial advisors and a research team that integrates the principles of research. The team is specifically non-biased and offers an independent opinion on opportunities, probability, and crisis and offers insightful techniques into the process of growing and generating wealth. The fact that the researchers go out to collect data and observe in the real industry is an important tenet that makes the publications forecasts all the time correct. For example, the company predicted the Mortgage crisis way before it happened. Most of the researchers are self-made billionaires, former hedge funds directors, and Wall Street insiders. The wealth of experience coupled with the vast networks forms an essential basis for guiding readers with exemplary speculations.

The publications have been applauded for providing bold and unbiased predictions, both paid and unpaid, by leading journals and news companies. One can get a copy of their works through both print and digital form.

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Omar Yunes Bags the Best Franchisee Award of the Year Read more

Omar Yunes Bags the Best Franchisee Award of the Year

Omar Yunes has been making news headlines following his award as the best franchisee across the world. In the competition, Omar managed to bag the BFW award because of his commitment to the business. This was in 2015 December at an event held in Italy. The award was a reflection of Omar’s contribution to the growth of the brand. His long story of achievement began when he was 21 years old as the Japanese franchisee. Currently, he is the owner of approximately 13 franchise units geographically located in the city of Mexico. This is about 10% of the business.


While receiving the award, Omar stated that he was excited because he was the only representative of the thirteen units of the particular brand. The event hosted 34 representatives from the same number of countries. Some of the attendees came from Portugal, Brazil, Hungary as well as France and Italy. The evaluation of the franchise was based on its effectiveness on business. These parameters included its influence on networks, contribution to knowledge, savings as well as the implementation and motivation of workers in the industry. There was also the monitoring of the invoice as well as the improvement of the franchise on proposed working models.


In Mr. Diego’s views, Omar Yunes managed to secure the first position because of his qualifications. Being the organizer of the event, Diego stated that Omar was the leading candidate because of his managerial skills when it comes to implementing control boards that can assist in providing clearer measurements. Towards this end, the chief executive officer of the franchise Mr. Benjamin Cancelmo explained that the awards are a reflection of the team work executed by the management in providing excellent customer service for clients. He further explained that the award was a reflection of the management’s input in catering for clients.

Omar’s Profile

Omar Yunes is a successful entrepreneur. He is also a mentor and a speaker. Omar offers advice on multiple ways to apply for jobs as well as pass in interviews. As a guru in establishing start-ups, Omar has helped various businesses to grow. He is prominent for offering sound advice for the growth of businesses.

Connect with Omar Yunes on Crunchbase.

Richard Mishaan Design Creates a Relaxing Environment with the Trump World Towers Design. Read more

Richard Mishaan Design Creates a Relaxing Environment with the Trump World Towers Design.

Richard Mishaan Design is a prominent company known for excellent and innovative design in the nation and throughout the world. Richard Mishaan Design boasts 25 years of successful Residential, Hospitality, and Commercial services. The works of Richard Mishaan Design have also been featured on AD 100 and Elle Décor A List. In addition to being a superior designer, Richard Mishaan has created two books: Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern.
The Richard Mishaan Design portfolio features the Trump World Towers. An ideal architectural design for working professionals. This piece is ideal for a minimalist including only necessary furniture and décor. This minimalistic setting simplifies the cleaning process for professionals with a hectic work week. The subtle hues in the Trump World Tower design stimulates an atmosphere of relaxation. It includes complementary colors white, brown, and gray. Each room in the Trump World Towers highlights an item of varying color to add a touch of energy to the environment without overbalancing the relaxing feel the dominant color scheme creates; the color accents are a bright blue and green. This Richard Mishaan Design also adds greenery into the environment by adding small plants to the atmosphere. This helps promote the relaxing feel of the Trump World Towers. This is definitely an ideal design for individuals planning to come home to a calming and decluttered environment after work.
The Trump World Towers design is certainly an aesthetically beautiful example of the excellence of Richard Mischaan Design. However, clients are not limited to this one design. In fact, there are many design options available to meet the unique needs of each client.

Omar Yunes, A Franchisee of Sushi Itto, Wins the Global BFW Awards Read more

Omar Yunes, A Franchisee of Sushi Itto, Wins the Global BFW Awards

Winning an international award cannot be taken lightly. It shows that you excel in a certain field, not only in your country but also have proven to be the best in the world. Such an amount of success is achieved by a few who are dedicated to ensuring that they thrive in every aspect of their business. Omar Yune is one of such individuals. He was voted the best franchisee of the World, in the year 20015.

In an event that was held in Florence, Italy, Omar Yune emerged the best out of the 34 contestants. He had initially been shortlisted as the leading franchisee by the Mexican based BFW. Together with Ivan Tamer who was the second best in the Mexican BFW, they attended the global BFW award, representing Mexican Franchises.

BFW is conducted in every country where two representatives are chosen to represent their countries in the finals. In the case of Mexico, a jury was chosen to shortlist those that would go for the BFW finals. The jury composed of entrepreneurs from Universidad Anáhuac and The American Associate of Franchises. This regional competition was organized by Diego Elizarrarrás.

When Omar Yune progressed to the BFW finals and won, he gave the impression that the Mexican brands would not only excel regionally, but would also command the international scene. The CEO of Itto Sushi commented on Omar Yune’s success quoting that he had represented them well. The award showed the Franchise’s dedication to customer service and quality in hospitality.

About Omar Yune
Omar Yune’s is one of the most successful Franchisees in Mexico. He owns 13 Franchisee Units of Sushi Itto. He was licensed for his first franchisee at the age of 21 years only. At such a young age, not so many youths can commit to business. This is the time when most of his peers were partying and living the YOLO life. However, Yune knew what he wanted and that was to succeed in the hospitality industry. Today, he has expanded his franchise units to Puebla and VeraCruz. He employs more than 400 people to run his business successfully.

The peerless benefits of NuoDB’s peer-to-peer architecture Read more

The peerless benefits of NuoDB’s peer-to-peer architecture

NuoDB — the relational cloud database
NuoDB is a SQL database designed for high availability, and low maintenance. NuoDB offers developers the familiarity of a traditional ACID compliant relational database, as well as a distributed, easily scaled, cloud ready model developers find in non-relational database systems such as NoSQL. NuoDB pairs the best of these worlds, employing an architecture known as Durable Distributed Cache.

Durable Distributed Cache
The Durable Distributed Cache (DDC) is made of up independent peers running on multiple hosts. Hosts can be located in a single datacenter, or spread across multiple cloud datacenters. Peers communicate via asynchronous messaging, and only with peers that share a given task.

NuoDB is memory-centric, meaning each peer utilizes an in-memory cache — this means data is often cached in multiple locations. So, if a piece of data isn’t available on a peer’s cache, it sends a request to the closest available peer possessing the data. These on-demand requests mean that scalability if provided automatically as-needed, and that performance is optimized across the system as a whole.

Because many peers can contain the same data, NuoDB utilizes Multi Version Concurrency Control (MVCC) to coordinate read/write access across data peers. This, in turn, is accomplished through specialized peers used exclusively for transaction processing.

Final thoughts
NuoDB’s peer-to-peer DDC architecture represent the future of easily scaleable, robust, cloud friendly SQL databases. You should expect to hear more about this amazing database as time marches on.

Discover Money Market Funds with Bruce Brent II Read more

Discover Money Market Funds with Bruce Brent II

Mutual funds enable you to join forces with other investors by enabling you to put your money together to buy securities. They allow you to invest low amounts in portfolios with high returns that would otherwise be difficult to get to due to minimum purchase requirements. Money market funds are a form of mutual funds whose focus is on short-term securities.

According to Wikipedia, money market funds are an excellent option for investors seeking low-risk and high-yield options. The shares consist of treasury bills and deposit certificates among others. Let us look at some of the benefits of a money market fund. Firstly, the fund is highly liquid. The securities mature fast, usually in months. The funds are readily available as the securities can be quickly traded due to their high demand. Additionally, they do not follow market timing restrictions and enjoy same-day settlements.

Secondly, the fund guarantees the safety of your capital as it is not subject to volatilities in the stock market. The securities are considered low-risk with relatively guaranteed returns. Thirdly, they are an excellent way to pack your money for a brief period. The fund offers better returns than a conventional saving or fixed deposit bank account. Lastly, they let you invest small amounts into a large portfolio with sound returns.

Bruce Brent II is the President and Vice Chairman of Double Rock Corporation. His father made history by creating the first money market fund in 1970. Today, money market funds account for more than $3 trillion in the financial markets. Bruce Bent II went on to follow in his father’s footsteps in the financial industry.

Bruce Brent II has an in-depth understanding of the financial markets, related technologies, and intellectual property. His innovations have earned him several patents in the industry and recognition by the Smithsonian Institution. Bruce is a results-oriented consultant with strong leadership skills.

Double Rock continues to provide innovative cash management and technology solutions to broker-dealers, investment banks, and retail markets. The group is driving progressive solutions in the cash management sector with Bruce defining the group’s strategic direction for growth. The firm’s subsidiaries include Access Control Advantage and Island Intellectual Property.

For more information on Bruce Bent II follow him on Twitter.

Improvements In Patient Care At The Cancer Treatment Centers of America Read more

Improvements In Patient Care At The Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer diagnosis and treatment can be a difficult process for even the most experienced healthcare professional. This is partially due to the large amount of treatment options that are available for the various types of cancer today. In addition, there are often delays in treatment as a result of insurance carrier approval periods.

However, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America are looking to change that. They have partnered with Allscripts and NantHealth to create a comprehensive treatment platform for use at their hospitals. The new platform is called Clinical Pathways.

Clinical Pathways is going to drastically change how patients and physicians review the available treatment options. The platform includes all of the approved treatment methods as well as any relevant clinical data. This will make it much easier for patients and their physicians to review all of the available treatment methods and decide which is best for the given situation.

Once a treatment method has been decided on, all of the information is made available to the insurance carrier of the patient. Included in the clinical information is a cost analysis that gives the carrier everything they need to make a quick approval. This will result in improved patient care and a more positive experience for everyone involved.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America‘s headquarters is located in Baton Raton, Florida. They specialize in the treatment of a variety of different types of cancer in adult patients. Their network of five hospitals is consistently ranked among some of the highest rated in the country. Their hospitals are located in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Tulsa.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America offers a wide range of treatment options for their patients. Some examples include immunotherapy, chemo, and radiation therapy. They also offer a wide range of emotional care options like counseling to ensure the well-being of their patients.

For more information and up to date news follow CTCA on Twitter.