Richard Mishaan Design Creates a Relaxing Environment with the Trump World Towers Design. Read more

Richard Mishaan Design Creates a Relaxing Environment with the Trump World Towers Design.

Richard Mishaan Design is a prominent company known for excellent and innovative design in the nation and throughout the world. Richard Mishaan Design boasts 25 years of successful Residential, Hospitality, and Commercial services. The works of Richard Mishaan Design have also been featured on AD 100 and Elle Décor A List. In addition to being a superior designer, Richard Mishaan has created two books: Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern.
The Richard Mishaan Design portfolio features the Trump World Towers. An ideal architectural design for working professionals. This piece is ideal for a minimalist including only necessary furniture and décor. This minimalistic setting simplifies the cleaning process for professionals with a hectic work week. The subtle hues in the Trump World Tower design stimulates an atmosphere of relaxation. It includes complementary colors white, brown, and gray. Each room in the Trump World Towers highlights an item of varying color to add a touch of energy to the environment without overbalancing the relaxing feel the dominant color scheme creates; the color accents are a bright blue and green. This Richard Mishaan Design also adds greenery into the environment by adding small plants to the atmosphere. This helps promote the relaxing feel of the Trump World Towers. This is definitely an ideal design for individuals planning to come home to a calming and decluttered environment after work.
The Trump World Towers design is certainly an aesthetically beautiful example of the excellence of Richard Mischaan Design. However, clients are not limited to this one design. In fact, there are many design options available to meet the unique needs of each client.

Omar Yunes, A Franchisee of Sushi Itto, Wins the Global BFW Awards Read more

Omar Yunes, A Franchisee of Sushi Itto, Wins the Global BFW Awards

Winning an international award cannot be taken lightly. It shows that you excel in a certain field, not only in your country but also have proven to be the best in the world. Such an amount of success is achieved by a few who are dedicated to ensuring that they thrive in every aspect of their business. Omar Yune is one of such individuals. He was voted the best franchisee of the World, in the year 20015.

In an event that was held in Florence, Italy, Omar Yune emerged the best out of the 34 contestants. He had initially been shortlisted as the leading franchisee by the Mexican based BFW. Together with Ivan Tamer who was the second best in the Mexican BFW, they attended the global BFW award, representing Mexican Franchises.

BFW is conducted in every country where two representatives are chosen to represent their countries in the finals. In the case of Mexico, a jury was chosen to shortlist those that would go for the BFW finals. The jury composed of entrepreneurs from Universidad Anáhuac and The American Associate of Franchises. This regional competition was organized by Diego Elizarrarrás.

When Omar Yune progressed to the BFW finals and won, he gave the impression that the Mexican brands would not only excel regionally, but would also command the international scene. The CEO of Itto Sushi commented on Omar Yune’s success quoting that he had represented them well. The award showed the Franchise’s dedication to customer service and quality in hospitality.

About Omar Yune
Omar Yune’s is one of the most successful Franchisees in Mexico. He owns 13 Franchisee Units of Sushi Itto. He was licensed for his first franchisee at the age of 21 years only. At such a young age, not so many youths can commit to business. This is the time when most of his peers were partying and living the YOLO life. However, Yune knew what he wanted and that was to succeed in the hospitality industry. Today, he has expanded his franchise units to Puebla and VeraCruz. He employs more than 400 people to run his business successfully.

The peerless benefits of NuoDB’s peer-to-peer architecture Read more

The peerless benefits of NuoDB’s peer-to-peer architecture

NuoDB — the relational cloud database
NuoDB is a SQL database designed for high availability, and low maintenance. NuoDB offers developers the familiarity of a traditional ACID compliant relational database, as well as a distributed, easily scaled, cloud ready model developers find in non-relational database systems such as NoSQL. NuoDB pairs the best of these worlds, employing an architecture known as Durable Distributed Cache.

Durable Distributed Cache
The Durable Distributed Cache (DDC) is made of up independent peers running on multiple hosts. Hosts can be located in a single datacenter, or spread across multiple cloud datacenters. Peers communicate via asynchronous messaging, and only with peers that share a given task.

NuoDB is memory-centric, meaning each peer utilizes an in-memory cache — this means data is often cached in multiple locations. So, if a piece of data isn’t available on a peer’s cache, it sends a request to the closest available peer possessing the data. These on-demand requests mean that scalability if provided automatically as-needed, and that performance is optimized across the system as a whole.

Because many peers can contain the same data, NuoDB utilizes Multi Version Concurrency Control (MVCC) to coordinate read/write access across data peers. This, in turn, is accomplished through specialized peers used exclusively for transaction processing.

Final thoughts
NuoDB’s peer-to-peer DDC architecture represent the future of easily scaleable, robust, cloud friendly SQL databases. You should expect to hear more about this amazing database as time marches on.

Discover Money Market Funds with Bruce Brent II Read more

Discover Money Market Funds with Bruce Brent II

Mutual funds enable you to join forces with other investors by enabling you to put your money together to buy securities. They allow you to invest low amounts in portfolios with high returns that would otherwise be difficult to get to due to minimum purchase requirements. Money market funds are a form of mutual funds whose focus is on short-term securities.

According to Wikipedia, money market funds are an excellent option for investors seeking low-risk and high-yield options. The shares consist of treasury bills and deposit certificates among others. Let us look at some of the benefits of a money market fund. Firstly, the fund is highly liquid. The securities mature fast, usually in months. The funds are readily available as the securities can be quickly traded due to their high demand. Additionally, they do not follow market timing restrictions and enjoy same-day settlements.

Secondly, the fund guarantees the safety of your capital as it is not subject to volatilities in the stock market. The securities are considered low-risk with relatively guaranteed returns. Thirdly, they are an excellent way to pack your money for a brief period. The fund offers better returns than a conventional saving or fixed deposit bank account. Lastly, they let you invest small amounts into a large portfolio with sound returns.

Bruce Brent II is the President and Vice Chairman of Double Rock Corporation. His father made history by creating the first money market fund in 1970. Today, money market funds account for more than $3 trillion in the financial markets. Bruce Bent II went on to follow in his father’s footsteps in the financial industry.

Bruce Brent II has an in-depth understanding of the financial markets, related technologies, and intellectual property. His innovations have earned him several patents in the industry and recognition by the Smithsonian Institution. Bruce is a results-oriented consultant with strong leadership skills.

Double Rock continues to provide innovative cash management and technology solutions to broker-dealers, investment banks, and retail markets. The group is driving progressive solutions in the cash management sector with Bruce defining the group’s strategic direction for growth. The firm’s subsidiaries include Access Control Advantage and Island Intellectual Property.

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Improvements In Patient Care At The Cancer Treatment Centers of America Read more

Improvements In Patient Care At The Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer diagnosis and treatment can be a difficult process for even the most experienced healthcare professional. This is partially due to the large amount of treatment options that are available for the various types of cancer today. In addition, there are often delays in treatment as a result of insurance carrier approval periods.

However, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America are looking to change that. They have partnered with Allscripts and NantHealth to create a comprehensive treatment platform for use at their hospitals. The new platform is called Clinical Pathways.

Clinical Pathways is going to drastically change how patients and physicians review the available treatment options. The platform includes all of the approved treatment methods as well as any relevant clinical data. This will make it much easier for patients and their physicians to review all of the available treatment methods and decide which is best for the given situation.

Once a treatment method has been decided on, all of the information is made available to the insurance carrier of the patient. Included in the clinical information is a cost analysis that gives the carrier everything they need to make a quick approval. This will result in improved patient care and a more positive experience for everyone involved.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America‘s headquarters is located in Baton Raton, Florida. They specialize in the treatment of a variety of different types of cancer in adult patients. Their network of five hospitals is consistently ranked among some of the highest rated in the country. Their hospitals are located in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Tulsa.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America offers a wide range of treatment options for their patients. Some examples include immunotherapy, chemo, and radiation therapy. They also offer a wide range of emotional care options like counseling to ensure the well-being of their patients.

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Whitney Wolfe Founded The Sensational Bumble Read more

Whitney Wolfe Founded The Sensational Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is the founder as well as CEO of Bumble. This is a dating app that allows only women to initiate any kind of contact. Bumble is owned by the European dating company Badoo. It had 11 million registered users until January 2017.

Whitney Wolfe cofounded Tinder in 2012. She worked hard to market this app and made it a viral sensation. She left the company soon after.

Bumble is making dating much better and easier for women. Even though there are a plethora of dating apps in the market, there are some that are making improvements in order to let you find your Prince Charming much sooner.

Tinder has an active user base of nearly 50 million. It is facilitating 21 million matches each day. With such a huge population, users tend to get subjected to various undesired interactions as there are few tools for filtering them out.

Hence Bumble is trying to improve this experience for women. This is done by giving them the power of making the first move. Whitney Wolfe launched Bumble in December 2014. Users can swipe through all profiles, but only female users can post message first. In case of those interested in same-sex interaction, both users have the option to message first.

Whitney Wolfe claims that Bumble saw responsible behavior from both males as well as female users during the first nine months of its operation. This was when the company announced a new addition called VIBee. This will help users to capitalize on their interactions.

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She believes that the app will grow and scale to a much larger number. Whitney Wolfe wants a way for preserving the thoughtful interactions. The user base is estimated to be around 800,000. There have been nearly 5 million female-led conversations since the launch of this app.

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White Shark Media is outgrowing other digital marketing companies Read more

White Shark Media is outgrowing other digital marketing companies

Digital marketing has become such an important tool for businesses. With some many people online throughout the day it is important to be able to get a clear promotional message out to the masses. Not advertising online leads to a lot of missed opportunities.

Digital marketing can be done independently or with the help of another company. There are several companies to choose from that have years of experience in the marketing field. White Shark Media is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies in the United States. Their services work particularly well with small and medium sized businesses from around the world.


The company runs a variety of cost-effective online campaigns to give customers the growth they need. Their customer service team is excellent and has received so many compliments about their continued dedication towards customers.


White Shark Media uses a wide range of marketing tools to find the niche market of the business, search for popular keywords and run advertising campaigns. It all depends on the customers budget. There is something for everyone. White Shark Media works closely with Google Analytics and competitive intelligence and proprietary reporting software to provide accurate tracking information for its customers.


White Shark Media was created in 2011 by three danish guys who are experts in all types of marketing. They have served many parts of the United States and Latin American areas every since creation. All of the employees working for the company can speak at least two languages fluently.


White Shark Media has shared all of their tips for success from creation until now to their customers. Lots of people have benefited from their tips rather than having to experiment from scratch. It saves a lot of frustration and money. White Shark Media now has nearly 200 employees and has mastered AdWords Search, Display Advertising, Google Analytics and Bing Ads.



Dr. Jennifer Walden is not only a trained but a qualified plastic surgeon in the United States. She attained her proficiency in aesthetic surgery at the Ear and Eye and Throat Hospital in Manhattan under the specialist DR. Sherrell Aston. Dr. Jennifer Walden is certified by American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). She focuses on aesthetic surgical treatment of the face and the breast as well as the body. Dr. Jeniffer started her career in Manhattan before moving to Texas. She currently owns her firm called Walden Cosmetic Surgery Centre and Satellite Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Texas where she has a list of patients waiting for body and face surgery. Bazaar magazine listed her as one of the best 24 beauty experts.

Dr. Walden is among the few women who serve on the board of directors of American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). She is an active associate of American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and American College of Surgeons. Dr. Walden serves as a mass media representative for American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). Dr. Walden also jointly wrote the book Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Walden is well known for her usage of advanced technologies in her practice. She uses a 3-D technology that pictures the look of a patient before the surgical procedure and a vaginal tightening radioactive system. Dr. Walden has also established advanced tools for breast surgery. Her goal is to promote well-being through a complete and improved approach to reconstructive surgery. Dr. Walden recognizes her patient’s need to retain a beautiful and healthy appearance. She has an exceptional interest on breast lift as well as breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Walden also does a facial cosmetic surgical procedure such as injectable and rhinoplasty. She ensures that her customers not only feel satisfied but also improve their self-esteem.

The OSI Group Has Changed the Food Industry Read more

The OSI Group Has Changed the Food Industry

There are not many companies that have had the impact the OSI Group has had on the food industry. The company is one that has worked very hard to get to where they are at and they decided that they did not want to stop working hard just because they had seen a high level of success. There are very many things that the OSI Group is able to do that many of the other food industry companies are unable to do because of that. This means that they are a step above some of the other companies that are present in their industry.

When they were first starting out, the OSI Group was only a small stand in a meat market. They did not have that much to offer their clients and this meant that they had problems usually from not having enough. Their clients, though, were always satisfied with the quality of meat that they got from the group and from the stand where they were able to pick out the meat that they wanted for their restaurant and even for their personal needs which wasn’t something that was uncommon when they were just a meat market.

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As time went on, the OSI Group needed more space because of the growth that they had achieved. They wanted to make sure that they were serving their restaurant clients first and foremost because they knew that is where the big money would come from. They slowly phased out the individual portion of their business and began to only focus on the restaurant clients that they worked with in the area that they were in from the beginning. This allowed them to see a lot of success in the way that their business worked.

When it came time to expand, they did so yet again. OSI Group wanted to be able to serve different areas and that meant moving around the country and, again, moving to become a global food service provider. There were many ways in which they were able to help their clients when they were expanding to different locations. One of the best ways was in that they provided their clients with both fresh and prepared food. This was something that nobody had ever seen in the food industry up until that point in time. They knew that they had something special going for them.

While fresh food is OSI’s specialty, they wanted to make sure that they had something for all of their clients. Some businesses in the restaurant industry demand that there is prepared food. This ensures that the food will be made faster and there is more convenience in the kitchen than if the food were prepared right there. Since OSI has worked so hard to make sure that they are doing their best with fresh food, they are also able to make sure that they can do everything with people who want to have the prepared food delivered to their restaurant.

Learn more about the OSI Group.

Helane Morrison and her Road to Success Read more

Helane Morrison and her Road to Success

Helane Morrison had a very successful career and continues to provide work that serves her community. Ms. Morrison has held several titles one being Regional Director of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Ms. Helane Morrison currently serves as general counsel and chief compliance officer at Hall Capital Partners and has served in this capacity since 2007.

Born in New York Helane Morrison grew up demonstrating the drive and determination that helped her to optain her bachelors degree in journalism from Northwestern University. Helane Morrison also attended the University of California, Berkley School of Law and eventually went on to earn her Juris Doctor in 1984. In 1984 Ms. Morrison’s worked as a law clerk for the United States Court of Appeals Seventh Circuit and 3 years later got accepted to the bar.

Prior to being accepted to the bar Morrison worked for Mr. Blackmun of the U.S. Supreme Court as a law clerk. In 1991 Helane Morrison became partner of Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk and Rabkin after begining with the firm in 1986. In the same year Morrison joined the SEC as head of regional enforcement activities for the San Francisco District Office. Helane was promoted to district administrator and later regional director. Her duties while holding this title included overseeing programs, securities enforcement and litigation.

While working for the firm Morrison’s office held case loads that dealt with fraud, insider trading, and violations by investment advisors and brokers. She later joined a private investment company called Hall Capital Partners LLC where she has continued to served since 2007. Ms. Morrison is also a member of the Board of Regional Parks Foundation, and the Hedge Fund Subcommittee of the American Bar Association.