If You’re A “Name Dropper” Wannabe, Occidential College Is Your Choice! Read more

If You’re A “Name Dropper” Wannabe, Occidential College Is Your Choice!

Just a stones throw (well a bit longer – its 8 miles) from the thriving activities of downtown Los Angeles, CA you’ll find Occidental College, one of the top liberal arts college in the country. For a while years ago it was also the choice of alumni that included President Obama – 1983, Jack Kemp – 1957 as well as a well known director and federal judge. Founded in 1887 this private institution gem sits on an urban 120 acres and was recently named in the Best College’s ranking as one of the best National Liberal Arts Colleges in the United States.

Now that you’re loaded with information, if you’re one of those applicants that missed the boat when applying to Harvard or other Ivy League schools due to the admission cost, you won’t find it much easier at Occidental College; unless you’re dirt poor and smart enough to get the grades. Yet the location is terrific (think suburban area of Eagle Rock) as is the nightlife and dining downtown. Another plus of Occidental College is that even though freshman must live on campus, they’re still allowed to have cars to visit Venice Beach, Disneyland and Sunset Strip in Hollywood. With all the pluses of Occidental College it’s easy to see why it was chosen one of the best.

General Information:

* It’s a private, coed college.
* Religious affiliation: none.
* Academic calendar – semester.
Applying To Occidental College;
Deadline: January 10.
SAT/ACT scores must be received by January 10.
Academic Life:
Student to faculty ratio is 10-1 and another plus is Occidental College has a near 60 percent of classes with fewer than 30 students. You will be able to choose from these popular majors: Economics, Psychology, Literature and Biological Sciences. You should also know that an indicator of student satisfaction runs close to 93 percent so Occidental Collage must be doing something right.

Student life at Occidental College is excellent with a total undergraduate enrollment of 2,128 split up to read: nearly 43 percent male and almost 57 percent female students. 80 percent live in student housing; 20 percent live off campus. Finally, students may get lucky to see some “movie making” being done in and around the campus. Star Trek III was filmed at Occidental College as was Clueless, Orange County and Jurassic Park. Whether you join a club, sororities or fraternities, Occidental has plenty to offer.