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A Hungry Veteran

When an army veteran called 911 he asked for something that you wouldn’t expect. This eighty-one-year-old man was hungry, and he could not move easily. So, what did he do? He called 911 asking them to pick him up some groceries.

He told the dispatcher that he couldn’t get out of his chair, and he asked them to pick him up some food. And they did. LinkedIn said this man is battling cancer, is an army veteran, and he deserves all of the help that he got.

After listening to his grocery list, the dispatcher went out and bought all of the items. She and a few officers delivered the groceries to the man’s door, and they stayed there long enough to make him a sandwich. He was hungry, and they fixed that. They could have yelled at him and told him he shouldn’t have called 911 for something like this, but they didn’t. Instead, they helped him out of the kindness of their hearts.

This story should be an inspiration to us all. We should all be looking to help those around us more often and noticing the needs of others before they have to take things so extreme as to call 911 for help.