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Bad Decisions During Hurricanes Can Cause Devastating Results


Hurricanes are among the most dangerous weather events on the planet. Damage estimates can run well into the millions, but the human toll can be far worse. Sadly, when evacuation orders are issued, many people opt to stay put regardless of how dire the situation is. In a study conducted by Plymouth Rock Assurance, many respondents said evacuation would be based on severity of the storm. 

“We cannot forget the lessons of the past,” says Plymouth Rock Management Company CEO Gerry Wilson. He went on to say that failure to evacuate can have devastating effects on all parties involved, including first responders. Some clinical scientists agree that many people look at their home as part of their identity. This factor alone makes it difficult for them to leave – even when they face grave danger. 

James Stone is the founder and CEO of Plymouth Rock Assurance. According to the executive’s Wikipedia, Stone has worked in the insurance industry for over three decades. While at Harvard, he worked as a part-time consultant. In 1975, Stone was appointed as Massachusetts insurance commissioner. After a brief foray into commodities futures, he founded the company, which $1 billion in premiums every year. Stone also founded Bermuda-based Cat Limited.

Another phenomena regarding hurricane forecasting is how although news is relayed well in advance, people will wait up until the very last minute to leave. Clinical psychiatrist John Klapow says that a huge problem develops when anxiety sets in. When nerves get frayed, people quickly find themselves making poor decisions. This article was originally published by