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Affordable Connectivity Through FreedomPop

FreedomPop is a company that offers free wireless internet and mobile phone services. It is quickly gaining popularity among data users in the U.S. It is currently used to provide free, basic cellular voice and data plans. Its future plans are to roll out a platform where users can have access to unlimited and automatic low- cost Wi-Fi service in its hotspots.

The service may seem as a wake up call to service providers who have been offering LTE services with premium prices. FreedomPopsay research indicates that a substantial amount of data consumed is through Wi-Fi by mobile users. A number of devices can be used to connect to the Wi-Fi service, which will be initially available through the FreedomPop’s Android. In a few weeks, an app which is under development will be available for iPhone users.

The mobile carrier is branching to the UK. It will be its first international expansion outside the United States.The British version will roll out as a SIM-only service where subscribers will get 200 minutes, 200 texts and 200MB of data. On top of that, a client will get unlimited free voice and texts data packages to users on the same network and free international minutes to more than 60 countries.
In addition, subscribers in the UK, Spain and France with the Jetsetter SIM will have the opportunity to enjoy using the free international roaming data SIM which comes loaded with 100MB of free high-speed data monthly.

FreedomPop already has Wi-Fi hotspot plan and the speeds are better than others. It targets those with phones but do not have connectivity. It also hopes to attract clients with other carriers by offering top-notch service.

With a growing number of subscribers and plans to rollout in more countries, FreedomPop is aiming to offer more than voice calls and data service. FreedomPop will allow users to save more than half of their monthly data usage through the platforms they are aiming to rollout. With coverage in more countries, many users will definitely subscribe to it. It is the ideal voice and data plan for those who love to travel or for investors who have businesses all over the world.