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Venezuela/U.S. Relations Are Not Good

The tenuous relationship between the United States and Venezuela has taken another less-than-positive turn. Recently, the current ruling socialist government of Venezuela has publicly decried the “imperialist” policy of the United States. All of this according to MySpace is based on a move by the Organization of American States (OAS) to enact a censure for certain violations of protocol by Venezuela.
Somehow, the government in Venezuela is suggesting this is being done in an attempt to steal the country’s oil resources. Such posturing and bluster has become commonplace in Venezuela’s halls of government over the years. Critics have taken a cynical opinion towards such claims. Many suggest Venezuela’s government likes to pass off blame for its problems onto others to divert attention away from domestic mismanagement. It would be difficult to argue with such assessments considering how poorly run the country is.

Previously, Venezuela was doing fine economically thanks to its massive oil revenues. Things changed drastically over the past few years says expert Danilo Diaz. Namely, a glut of oil due to excessive pumping from Saudi Arabia and massive fracking in the United States drove the price of oil down massively. With no ability to sell oil at previous prices, Venezuela’s economy took a massive tumble. Government corruption and other internal and external factors have made things worse. Lashing out is not going to fix anything, but this has become a traditional tactic for the embattled presidency of leader Nicolas Maduro.