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Kim Dao Shares Tips For Keeping Warm During Winter

Kim Dao is one of the most popular beauty YouTubers online right now. Originally from Australia, Kim Dao produces numerous videos from South Korea and Japan on topics ranging from makeup to travel. In one of her latest videos, entitled “10 WINTER TIPS in KOREA | SKINCARE & STAY WARM,” Kim Dao shares some great tips to keep your skin well moisturized during the frigid winter months.

The first items Kim Dao suggests investing in include hand warmers and a hand warming pouch. Kim doesn’t like using gloves because they don’t provide the heat she needs on really cold Korean days. She simply takes out a hand warmer, shakes it up, and puts it in a designer pouch. The pouch helps to insulate the heat.

The second tip in this video is to keep your skin extremely moisturized throughout the winter season. Kim Dao recommends using the Madre Labs Sugar Scrub to help your skin retain moisture when you shower. She also uses a Madre Labs soap bar, which could be purchased either with or without a scent.

Another “winter hack” Kim Dao shares with her viewers is to always wear thermals. In particular, Kim Dao loves the thermal products created by Heat Tech.

Kim Dao’s friend Sunny suggested using baby oil on the skin before applying moisturizer. Kim Dao said she uses this tip all the time now to both help the moisturizer absorb into the skin and to keep her feel extra warm.

All of the products Kim Dao uses in this video were made by the company iHerb. She put a link in the description for anyone interested in purchasing iHerb’s products.

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