Dr. Cameron Clokie’s Contribution to Regenerative Medicine

To understand the functionality of our body organs and how compatible they can be replaced is a complex thing. Cameron Clokie who specialized in oral surgery has mastered the art to conduct successive surgeries on our human bodies. He is a professor of dentistry and surgery and has continued to conduct successful research in the field.

As a scholar, Cameron Clokie has been on the top of researching and producing publications that are specific to the regenerative medicine. He studies to understand the various regenerative processes on the human organs and how such can be used to treat injuries or infected parts of the human bodies. On this note, he specialization on the bone reconstruction as part of his key field of interest. He thus aims at the best replacements of the injured bones and how successfully such can assist in the medication of such deformities or injuries. According to him, he notes that though medical regeneration may not be accessed by everyone due to high costs, he notes that this should be one of the key implemented research for the future generations.

He has pushed most of his young colleagues to conduct various research on the regenerative medicine and ensure that it is a successful treatment for the patients. He has a passion for reading and studying the bone structure and how the regenerative process can be used to treat patients. He has mentored the young students on the best way to conduct research and tests in the medical field and garner excellence in their tests.

He has severally continued as a key speaker to advocate for the establishment of a regenerative research center where people would advance the research conducted in the field. He notes that as the regenerative process means bringing in new body components to assist an injured patient. He thus continues to assert that this research is not new as blood transfusion is part of the regenerative process, and thus the invention can be dated back many decades ago. The contribution of Dr. Cameron Clokie cannot be underestimated as it runs from reconstructive bones, dentistry, and surgery.

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