Dr. Jennifer Walden Changing Lives In Austin, Texas

Coming off her residency from the University of Texas Medical Branch, Dr. Jennifer Walden continued on to a fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in New York City. Once her fellowship was over, Dr. Walden opted to stay in New York City. She worked on Upper East Side in New York for seven and a half years. It was during her time in New York that she worked on clinical trials which introduced her to use of silicone implants.

After the birth of twins, Dr. Walden returned home to Texas to allow for her children to be closer to family. After arriving back in Texas, Jennifer was asked about opening Walden’s own practice. Not knowing if it would be a hit or not, Jennifer took a chance and opened a practice. Soon after opening, Dr. Walden found herself extremely busy. The amount of people who came to be patients of hers was astounding.

Brought in as an spokeswoman at the ASAPS in the Daily Mail, in December 2015, she spoke about labiaplasty surgery. She was also named as the Best Plastic Surgeon in America from the American Way that same year.

Dr. Walden specializes in technology of 3-D imaging. This allows for the patient to see what they look like following the surgery. She is just one of the many surgeons in the country that use this technology.

Jennifer Walden is the daughter of a well known dentist in Texas and her mother is a surgical nurse. She graduated at the Anderson High School and earned her undergrad from the University of Texas. Her undergrad was in biology. Her masters degree came from the University of Texas Medical Branch. She was originally on the waitlist from the university and even following being waitlisted, she was the salutatorian of the class of her year.

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