Fabletics Going Miles With Activewear Positive Responses

Yoga pants are currently taking over the world. The booming health and fitness industry is behind it all. Economy analysts have projected the ability of the United States apparel market will rise by almost fifty percent to sales ranging up to 100 billion dollars by 2020. The numbers display the fact that athleisure is way beyond a trend, it is a lifestyle. Yoga pants and hoodies kick in a feeling of freedom and athleticism even if you are virtually hitting the gym.

The idea was fueled by Don Ressler’s wife Ginger who was always passionate about fitness. However, he wanted to grow the idea into a business, and that’s how Adam Goldenberg came into the picture, as a business partner. But why did they specialize on women wear? Don argues that they could find fitting yoga pants and great t-shirts for men but they were not fashion forward, and the prices were ridiculous. They would have been stuck with the same pattern of men’s clothing. On the other hand, women were troubled trying to look good in their outfits but still purchase them in affordable prices. Don and Adam started mapping out the business where they saw huge potential. Shortly after placing the plans on the table, Fabletics was launched in 2013.

Don then met with Kate Hudson whose influence as an athlete and style icon gave Fabletics a boost in marketing products. Fabletics made fitness so fashionable that one would not only integrate the wear into daily life but also into corporate life.

Kate Hudson became the face of the brand and even fueled the change of trends in the fashion industry where yoga pants were viewed as only-gym wears. Kate has worked so hard to keep up with the company’s demands from clients together with any clientele suggestions that may suit their targets.

Don Ressler had to also work on the e-commerce part of the business to enable fair product distribution. With the incorporating of online shopping, it has made the trade with Fabletics smooth and stylish. Through their stores, they can engage with their customers and continue to learn more about what people prefer and what they don’t like. The tremendous growth of the company has motivated Fabletics to expand their market and reach to the plus-sized women. The founders are proud to have come this far attributable to their hard work, efforts, and commitment.

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