Greg Finch, an Australian Orthopedic Surgeon of Renown

Greg Finch, an Australian Orthopedic Surgeon, has an interest in Minimally invasive spine surgery. He has an impressive profile in Orthopedic Surgery. He practices at the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, as well as other medical facilities.

Greg Finch received his training at MBChB Auckland Medical School and the FRAC Royal College Surgeons in Melbourne. Dr. Finch’s fields of expertise are also extensive. To list just a few, Anterior spinal fusion, Cervical spinal surgery, Spinal curvature, Spinal stenosis, and Lumbar radiculopathy. Greg Finch is a surgeon of renown in Australia.

One of the most common orthopedic surgeries is on the spine. There are distinct reasons that a person will seek back surgery, the most common being, back pain that interrupts the day to day tasks that you do.

Spinal Fusion where the orthopedic surgeon will join the vertebrae together and is the most common type of surgery for the back. However, this surgery, in time, will restrict the movement between the spinal bones and will, therefore, limit the stretching of the nerves. In actuality, the best thing is to try some physical therapy and pain management

Another of the common orthopedic procedures is Anterior Cruciate Ligament or ACL. This is the major ligament of the knee and the most stabilizing.

To perform this surgery, the doctor will remove the torn ligament and make a new one by using your tissue or that of a tissue donor. This will be attached to the knee bone with screws or some other device, whichever the Doctor deems the right one for you.

A third common surgery is to repair a herniated disc, which is also in the spine. A procedure called a discectomy is performed. Pieces of the herniated disc that are pressing on the nerve or the spinal cord are removed. They will also remove part of the lamina, or the bone at the back of the vertebra to reach the nerve and the disc.

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