How Louis Chenevert achieved Success

Louis Chenevert was born in Canada. He is famous for his significant progress in business. Since his childhood, Louis’s interest was in business. He knew well that hard work and commitment could only bring prosperity. Louis earned a bachelor’s degree in production management at the university of Montreal. Louis has worked in many organizations such United Technologies Corporative. In all the companies he has worked for, Louis succeeded much, and this made him get promotion now and then.

Louis Chenevert was employed at General motors company for several years. The company knew him well by his excellent character. Louis was always determined to achieve his set goals and also the interest of the companies where he worked.

At United Technologies Corporation, Louis still continued to shine in his work. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Crunchbase.

In 1999 he was elected the president of the entire Pratt and Whitney Company. He led the company to a big success. Once a person does a good job, he gets recognized by the other people leading to appreciation. Louis was one of the people who once assigned a task he does it to his maximum. After working for seven years, Louis was elected the president and the CEO of United Technologies Corporation. Read more at

Louis success was significantly seen when he managed to be the leader of conglomerate worth $10 billion. He described this as one of his greatest achievements. For many years, Louis had admired the acquisition of Goodrich. Louis spent a year negotiating with the leaders of Goodrich. Finally, they accepted the deal and allowed him to acquire it at a price amounting to $18.4 billion.

At United Technologies Corporate, Louis was admired for his forward thinking ability which enabled him to succeed in many projects. After working for several years in the company, Louis finally resigned in 2014. Due to his experience, he was appointed as the advisor of Banking Division of Goldman Sachs. Louis success is a motivating factor for many young people. He is a role model for many people.

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