Innovation Takes Many Forms With The Impressive Lime Crime Cosmetics Brand

The success of the Lime Crime brand has taken almost everybody by surprise after the cosmetics based brand set out to develop many new ways of establishing itself as one of the fastest growing makeup and cosmetics brands in the world. The brand has not only become known for the impressively bold colors and shades, but also for the innovations that have placed the brand at the forefront of a cosmetics industry that was initially skeptical of the possibilities offered by a cosmetics range that would base the majority of its business on sales made via direct Internet sales and the use of Online marketplaces.


Russian immigrant Doe Deere had initially sought to establish an Online marketplace account to market and sell her own range of unique clothing designs that were based on her own experiences in both Russia and as a fashion student in New York; the name Lime Crime came from a simple decision to use Doe Deere’s favorite color as the basis of the name of what would become one of the world’s leading cosmetics brands. After making the decision to develop the brand Online, existing cosmetics based executives stated it was impossible to sell makeup Online; however, the brand has innovated with the creation of lipstick sample swatches that make it easier to try different makeup options in a safe and long lasting manner.


One of the main reasons for the continuing success seen in the Lime Crime brand has been the way the brand has embraced social media and various platforms found via the Internet. Customers are encouraged to develop their own looks and cosmetics style that can be shared via the Instagram account of the brand for comments and impressions to be given by members of the company and other customers. As the brand continues to grow the number of outlets for this range of vegan, not tested on animals makeup is also growing as the bold palette choices made by Doe Deere for her brand continue to set new standards for cosmetics success around across the world.

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