Lime Crime Is Upping The Game In Hair Dye Colors

Who ever said that blondes have more fun was lying. Sure, blondes are typically considered to be more open about things, tend to be more dumb than others and more. The problem with this however is that brunettes can also bring out the best in themselves through products such as purple hair dye.

When it comes to a business who knows how to make their consumers happy, Lime Crime knows all about pleasing the consumers. Brunettes have a specific markup for hair strands. It can be very difficult to add hair color that will cover their hair yet alone stay for long periods of time.

If you are looking to make a change to your hairstyle, you should go big. Don’t only change the hair style but change the hair color. One specific look that is being rocked by brunettes now is purple hair dye. Lime Crime has the right shade for all brunettes, Electric Violet Purple or known to others as Pony. This color will cover all areas.

If you have recently bleached your hair or have recently dyed it, the semi-permanent hair dye will cover the hair strands. Known to consumers as Unicorn Hair dye, the dye will leave your hair feeling silky and smooth. It not only will leave it healthy but smelling good as well.

The purple hair dye is going to give your hair a clean style, full of vibrant color and that will last longer while fading slowly away over time. It will not leave your hair damaged and it will not fade quickly. In order to use the unicorn dye, consumers are going to have to apply the dye to hair that is unconditioned. You will need to massage the dye into all hair strands and leave it sit for 30 minutes. If you are applying tints to the hair, you will have to keep the dye on for 45 minutes. Like other forms of hair dye, you simply leave in for the right amount of time and rinse your hair until the water runs completely clear.

The product line carried by Lime Crime is completely certified as being vegan free. There are no traces of any animal derived ingredients in the hair dye or any of their other products. The suppliers who are used by Lime Crime are told to perform any animal testing within their supply chain.

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