Most Popular Vintners and Wine Merchants in the UK

Whether you are just visiting, or you have been a resident for years, many people are looking for the perfect wine vintner to meet their needs. Wine vintners, as well as wine merchants, are often used to supply the finest of wines to everyone from large groups, to intimate parties. Listed below are some of the UK’s finest wine vintners.

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The Vintner

The Vintner is home to over one hundred different types of wines. It offers some of the best variety of everything from dessert wine to some of the best-fortified wines. The Vintner has a website that makes it easy for customers to access, and then search for the specialty wines that they want. The website also offers information that discusses the regions, types of grapes, and the producers that work within the company.


This company has been acclaimed by tasters for having some of the most impressive wines, as well as champagnes, that the UK has to offer. The company hires wine experts that will meet with customers to curate their wine. UKV PLC also specializes in wine glasses and decanters. UK Vintners PLC has a variety of wines including their Bordeaux, Burgundy, Italian, and Spanish wines. They also have some of the highest quality champagne like the Dom Perignon 2002. Different storage and delivery options make it convenient for the customer to enjoy their wine the way they need to.

Viader Vintners

Viader Vintners is located in the city of Cardiff. This vintner has been running for over fifteen years. The staff is proud to offer their very own events to prospective wine buyers. These events can be catered toward personal needs and even catering needs. Their wines come from over 18 different regions throughout the world. Some of these regions include Alsace, South America, and Wales.

Merchant Vintners

Merchant Vintners ( claim that they are the leading group in the field of UK wine They have been selling wine for the past fifty years. They have made history with wine by selling to small business across England as well as Scotland. In order to view their product list you must be a member of Vintner wines.

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