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Discover Money Market Funds with Bruce Brent II

Mutual funds enable you to join forces with other investors by enabling you to put your money together to buy securities. They allow you to invest low amounts in portfolios with high returns that would otherwise be difficult to get to due to minimum purchase requirements. Money market funds are a form of mutual funds whose focus is on short-term securities.

According to Wikipedia, money market funds are an excellent option for investors seeking low-risk and high-yield options. The shares consist of treasury bills and deposit certificates among others. Let us look at some of the benefits of a money market fund. Firstly, the fund is highly liquid. The securities mature fast, usually in months. The funds are readily available as the securities can be quickly traded due to their high demand. Additionally, they do not follow market timing restrictions and enjoy same-day settlements.

Secondly, the fund guarantees the safety of your capital as it is not subject to volatilities in the stock market. The securities are considered low-risk with relatively guaranteed returns. Thirdly, they are an excellent way to pack your money for a brief period. The fund offers better returns than a conventional saving or fixed deposit bank account. Lastly, they let you invest small amounts into a large portfolio with sound returns.

Bruce Brent II is the President and Vice Chairman of Double Rock Corporation. He made history by creating the first money market fund in 1970. This quickly created more awareness about mutual funds opening up investment opportunities in the financial services. Today, money market funds account for more than $3 trillion in the financial markets.

Bruce Brent II has an in-depth understanding of the financial markets, related technologies, and intellectual property. His innovations have earned him several patents in the industry and recognition by the Smithsonian Institution. Bruce is a results-oriented consultant with strong leadership skills.

Under his leadership, Double Rock continues to provide innovative cash management and technology solutions to broker-dealers, investment banks, and retail markets. The group is driving progressive solutions in the cash management sector with Bruce defining the group’s strategic direction for growth. The firm’s subsidiaries include Access Control Advantage and Island Intellectual Property.

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UKV PLC Provides The Best In French Wine

There is so much to know about French wine. This is something that only the most experienced connoisseurs are able to talk about. This is because wine production, as well as its labeling in France, is a highly complex procedure. This is why it is important to get a few basics first.

UKV PLC believes that a beginner should get acquainted first with the appellation system of the French. Typically the wine labels show the grape variety being used. But the French wines are labeled based on their region of origin. This kind of controlled place name is always a part of a classification system that is regulated by the government. It would define the grape variety as well as the winemaking practice for that appellation. The highest classification quality will be the Appellation d’origine contrôlée.

UKV PLC further specifies how this idea of a specific region came about in terms of wine. This comes from the unique French concept of terroir. What this indicates is the way in which climate, soil, as well as altitude play a role in giving any wine its unique character. Other factors include the topography as well as the local tradition of that region to give wine its character. UKV PLC says that just the variety of grape is not important in the case of French wine. The regions where those grapes are grown are more important here. This is why UKV PLC has classified certain regions from where the best French Wines are procured.

Kabbalah Enlightens People Through its Teachings. Read more

Kabbalah Enlightens People Through its Teachings.

Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom that tries to reveal the coexistence of life and the universe. Looked at from a literal level, the word Kabbalah means to receive. Its knowledge was revealed thousands of years ago. It is believed that the wisdom came straight from God. It was handed down from generation to generation and was only allowed to be studied by married men above the age of 40 years. The study of this wisdom tries to help individuals have a sense of fulfillment in their lives. It is common for people to feel lost at different stages of their lives. Today, it has become harder to attain a sense of fulfillment as the number of necessities increases. Consequently, the feeling of accomplishment has by far, eluded most of us.

According to Kabbalah, fulfillment is a connection to the inner self. It’s a state of being always aware of who you are. It is a special connection with an energy found from deep within our bodies. As such, for long lasting fulfillment, the connection should be maintained. Kabbalah mostly teaches about all the branches of life. It teaches about relationships, health, and careers. All of these factors comes from one source, the universe world.

Kabbalah wisdom is based on fundamental universal principles. These laws apply to almost all religions and faiths. Regardless of the ethnicity, anyone can join the Kabbalah class and learn. All the individuals learning Kabbalah have an advantage in that; it does not force people to think in a special way. It also does not result in radicalization or force individuals to incline their beliefs towards one superior religion. Kabbalah does not exercise religious coercion.

Teachers of Kabbalah share this great wisdom with people with the intention that it will be used to uplift their daily lives. It’s also their hope that the teachings will be applied in their daily lives to boost their morals. As of today, Kabbalah teachings have been associated with prosperity and positivity by those who have had the chance to share in its wisdom and learn more about Kabbalah.

We have an inner desire to discover the reason for our existence. We have our goals, but are they the reason we were born? What is our purpose in life? Everyone wants a successful life and while it can’t be achieved without love, good relations, self-esteem and financial security, Kabbalah strives to answer these questions and consequently establish a sense of fulfillment and resume of Kabbalah.

Kabbalah is found in Zohar. A book authored by Rav Shimon Bar Yochai. The book contains important teachings that help people live harmoniously.

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Thor Halvorssen: A Classical Liberal

One thing that can’t be done to Thor Halvorssen is having a label attached to him that he does not choose. Thor Halvorssen has been speculated about by many people. Some people have thought of him as a right-winger because of his criticism of left-wing dictatorships in Latin America. He has also received funding from conservative foundations. While he does believe that he is doing good for the oppressed, there are people who take offense to the fact that he is receiving funding from conservative sources. However, Mr Thor is not one who subscribes to a political party or accepts labels. He is someone what is all about human rights.

If Thor was to choose a party, then he would consider himself a classical liberal. He is someone that is willing to take a stand against government corruption. This is a fight that he is willing to take on at all costs. He is also someone that uses wisdom when it comes to dealing with each and every circumstance that involves human rights violations. Therefore, he is one of the more trusted activists when it comes to fighting oppression. Thor stands out from among the other activists in that he is willing to educate and make things right among people. Thor Halvorssen on Facebook.

One thing that makes Thor so effective as an activist is that he does not operate from hate, fear, or any other form of negativity. He operates from love. As a matter of fact, he has made a statement that he loves people. He also makes sure that he takes on the issue with an energy and intensity that can rival that of the tyrants. Thor Halvorssen is someone that can be counted on when it comes to the fight for human rights. While the fight is far from over, Thor is sure to put a huge dent in the battle.

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Health Screenings Only

Life Line Screening is a company that does several different types of health screenings. They use an ultrasound and EKG that are completely painless, affordable, and convenient. The screenings can be for several types of deficiencies and can include cancer screenings as well. Just to name a few, they can screen for testosterone deficiency, vitamin D, heart disease, atrial fibrillation, lung cancer, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and prostate cancer. They use state-of-the art equipment to assure that the results are as true and accurate as if they had done the screenings in a hospital lab. Most of the time the results will come back normal, showing that the patient is perfectly fine and has nothing to worry about. There are always some cases where there is something to be found and hopefully it has been caught in time to be treated. In other words, even if you do require the services of this company it does not mean that something bad is to be found. Click here to know more.

There are three types of health screenings that are performed. There is the ultrasound that uses sound waves to see the structures inside of the body. It is most notably used during pregnancy to see the fetus and assess that it is healthy and growing accurately. Another type of screening they do is the finger-stick blood screening. They prick the soft pad of your finger and take a few drops of blood to test for heart disease and diabetes. The final screening they do is the limited electrocardiograph. This is the EKG and is used to detect atrial fibrillation, or more commonly known as an irregular heartbeat.

The Travelling Vineyard and Modern Concepts in the Wine Market Read more

The Travelling Vineyard and Modern Concepts in the Wine Market

Ask anyone who knows anything about wine and you will soon understand that choosing good wine over time is a subtle art that takes time to perfect. Professional wine connoisseurs take years or even decades to master the art of identifying good wine while the rest of us simply stick to the old adage that the older the wine is then the better it is likely to be as well.

The Wine Vineyard presents a new concept that is gradually changing how people from all walks of life view wine and how well they understand it. Started on 1st November 2010, the idea behind the formation of The Travelling Vineyard was to facilitate and enable regular people to host and participate in wine tasking events within their own neighborhood. The wine tasting events were generally open to all members of the public and were based on free participation. Although the Travelling Vineyard still remains a staunch supporter of such wine tasting events, the overall concept behind the company has evolved significantly over the years.

The new business model adopted by the company takes the concepts a step further and now enables people to make good money by hosting the wine tasting events. Members who sign up with the company are trained in everything to do with wine and wine accessories. Once they have mastered the art of wine making and wine tasting they are then absorbed as wine guides by the company. The wine guides are essential just a simple extension of the company’s sales force and they basically market the wines and wine accessories that compose the core of Travelling Vineyard’s inventory.

As a wine guide, there are several benefits that you stand to enjoy. For starters, most people enjoy tasting quality wine and hosting an event like that is always good for bonding and having fun. And then there is the cash incentive which can amount to a comfortable income for the right people.

Paul Mampilly: Giving a Glimpse of the Financial World with Profits Unlimited Read more

Paul Mampilly: Giving a Glimpse of the Financial World with Profits Unlimited

Paul Mampilly can safely say that he is well into his way of making it big on the internet since his online newsletter has just received over sixty thousand subscribers. Paul Mampilly started Profits Unlimited, a newsletter that is dedicated to publishing articles on investment advisory and finance. With being in the business of publishing for only a short while, the newsletter has got the reputation of being one of the fastest growing of its kind. With its stellar investment advice and conversational tone, Profits Unlimited has managed to amass an incredibly large viewership, with numerous people looking forward to their latest issues.

Being the brainchild of Paul Mampilly, the newsletter was sure to succeed, since it is right up Paul Mampilly’s alley of financial expertise.Paul started out his career on Wall Street, where he worked as a hedge fund manager for numerous top tier firms. He has been working on Wall Street for over twenty years and had lots of experience in the world of finance. He has been able to translate this expertise extremely well into his newsletter, educating people about the different nuances of investments and finance in general.

Paul Mampilly has accelerated the growth of numerous companies that he has worked with. He was the man who was responsible for the growth of businesses like Templeton Foundation and Deutsche Bank. He has helped numerous clients in the face of a financial crisis, advising them efficiently and bringing them out of their troubles.

Profits Unlimited was started after Paul Mampilly signed a contract with Banyan Hill Publishing. His main aim is to give the common people in America something that they can refer to when trying to determine the right investments to make. He seeks to make the people reading his newsletter smarter investors.

Eucatex: A Duo of Progress and Sustainability Read more

Eucatex: A Duo of Progress and Sustainability

Flavio Maluf a renowned Brazilian businessman and industrialist, who currently heads Eucatex Group as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO),. He has been associated with the Eucatex Group for more than 28 years now. The ingenious CEO studied Mechanical Engineering in Sao Paulo. After serving Eucatex in different capacities and in different areas of the business, Maluf became the president of the Eucatex, a position he holds to date. Maluf became the CEO of the Group in 2005.


The Eucatex Group was established in 1951. It is known for being the first ever Brazilian company to introduce a concept of progress and industrialization that are in harmony with the protection of the environment. The Eucatex Group started to set up factories with establishing its first factory in 1954 in Sao Paulo and then continue to establish factories in other parts of Brazil. The Group started with embarked upon an environment-friendly manufacturing of panels and sheets by using raw materials. Initially, the Eucatex Group produced auditory ceilings and used different fibers of wood to make soft panels. Within a decade of its establishment, the Group greatly maximized its profits and set up offices not only in different cities of Brazil but also an office in Argentina. The Eucatex Group’s production prowess and capacity enhanced over the time and it began exporting its products to Europe. Today, the Eucatex Group is one of the major manufacturers of the world. The Group has a unique status in manufacturing plastic floors, doors, panels, paints and different kinds of hardboards. The Group employs some 2200 workers and professionals in its offices and industries. The Group has extended its export net greatly over the time and now it exports its products to 37 countries around the world.


While there are several companies that have made great fortunes by producing industrial products, the Eucatex Group carries with it a mark of exclusivity and uniqueness for its environment-friendly mode of productions. The Group is as much concerned for environmental protection as it is for maximizing its revenues. Thus the concept of progress and sustainability go hand in hand in the case of Eucatex Group.

Igor Cornelsen: A Man Of Financial Expertise Read more

Igor Cornelsen: A Man Of Financial Expertise

Igor Cornelsen is someone who knows the Brazilian banking scene all too well, having spent so many years working in the field. Investment banking is not something everyone can do, and only a few manage to be successful in this field of work, with Igor Cornelsen being one of them. He has a firm grasp on the Brazilian economic scene and is known for his incredible foresight when it comes to making smart investment moves. He has an incredible pool of knowledge, which he implements every day in his work. This dedication to the field is what has made Igor stand out from the crowd and be one of the top investment bankers in the country.


Igor Cornelsen knows he possesses a great deal of knowledge which other investors might not have, and therefore tries his best to impart this knowledge to other people in the field through his numerous blog posts and articles that he publishes from time to time. He believes that by helping people in the field, he can, in turn, assist the economic scene in Brazil. His articles have a business flair to them and are usually talking about tips and tricks that investment bankers can implement when making their deals. He also gives them the latest updates on the new happenings in the economy, and how they can use those to work in their favor. But it isn’t just other investment bankers that he aims to help. He also writes blogs and articles that can appeal to people who aren’t too familiar with the economic world but are looking to still get into investing their money in some form or the other. Be it for property investment or alternative investments, Cornelsen knows the perfect course of action for any financial background.


Cornelsen has always been of the opinion that his clients should be given the top priority and a plan made for the purpose of investments should always have the clients best interests in mind. Cornelsen had had an enormous impact on the Brazilian economy, coming to the aid of numerous banks when the country was in the midst of a financial crisis. He is one of the main reasons why certain banks are still going and making huge profits.


Cornelsen does not limit his services to just companies that are coming from within Brazil. He has also worked with numerous international clients, offering his expertise in global investments.


Felipe Montoro Jens at the Leadership Conference Read more

Felipe Montoro Jens at the Leadership Conference

What happens when the world’s greatest minds come together with the goal of increasing the quality of life in Brazil? A summit of people such as Felipe Montoro Jens come together and use their gifts to create solutions. The Leadership conference was packed with influential people ready to make a difference. Everyone met like-minded individuals and ideas on infrastructure projects were created. Felipe Montoro Jens was very impressed. He went there to find information and proponents for his latest projects on how to handle the concessions made by governments for public companies.

During his life, Felipe Montoro Jens has served the country of Brazil well. His time in the private sector includes:

  • Currently sitting on the Board of Directors as Chairman of Concessionária do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal S.A. They are stationed in the Federal District of Brasilia, Brazil.
  • He has been Director of Santo Antônio Energia S.A. where he controlled the construction and maintenance of the hydroelectric plant in Santo Antônio. Their contract granted them funding to build a plant and generate hydroelectricity for the entire city of São Paulo, Brazil.
  • Director of Braskem S.A. During his stay at this chemical company, he produced and sold thermoplastic resins. He was here from April 30, 2010 to August 27, 2013.
  • Director of Concesionaria Trasvase Olmos S.A. He holds the distinction of maintaining the Trasvase of the Olmos project which was a contract to build water irrigation systems in Brazil. He issued funds with efficiency and transparency.

After the summit, Felipe Montoro Jens sat for an interview and discussed the topic of infrastructure improvements in Brazil. He said the public companies (especially banks and finance agencies) are happy to provide their funding for private government projects. The Brazilian government will be providing concessions for these companies, and Jens has said that the contracts must be scrutinized.