Making The Community A Important Part Of The Business Read more

Making The Community A Important Part Of The Business

Mr. Troy McQuagge became a member of the USHEALTH Advisors family in 2010. He held the position of President and CEO of its insurance sales subsidiary, USHEALTH Advisors, LLC.


Troy attended the University of Central Florida and was awarded his BA in Legal Studies. He began working in the insurance industry with Allstate in 1983. He moved on in 1995 and worked for United Insurance Companies Inc. or UICI which later became HealthMarkets. His leadership made the companies the largest Captive Career Insurance organizations in the United States.


He steered the HealthMarkets Agency Marketing Group in a direction that would increase their annual sales and growth to 500% with more than 5,000 agents. This growth increased the company’s’ value from $2.00 per share to $55.00 per share. The sales soared through the next five years and the Agency Marketing Group was celebrating more than $1 billion by 2004. The Stevie Awards and Selling Power Magazine recognized their outstanding achievement.


UICI was purchased in 2006 by private equity investors. Troy watched the proceedings of the sales and marketing processes of HealthMarkets.


Troy’s leadership and savvy business intellect led to his being promoted to the President of the USHEALTH Group company in 2014. With more than 30 years in the industry, his skills in leadership are outstanding. The company has increased tenfold since Troys’ been at the helm. He is able to resolve difficult issues, give clear communication, make decisions to benefit the company and the agents and keep the morale high.


His motivation to succeed is working with challenging and competitive businesses such as turnarounds, start-ups, and solving complicated issues. He is able to help with the development of businesses, strategic planning and to get it off the drawing board.


Troy is the recipient of the “CEO World Awards” for 2016 and 2017. The winners are selected by their peers in the same industry. The Silicon Valley of the United States or SVUS Awards are given out for innovations, new services, and products, CEO performance, from major businesses globally. In San Francisco, on June 2017 the winners were honored at the SVUS Red Carpet Awards Ceremony Dinner.


Troy McQuagge is the Gold Winner of the “One Planet Awards” as the “CEO of the Year” in 2016. The Global Premier awards program recognized his business practices and professional excellence.

He won the “Stevie Awards” for the “National Sales Team of the Year” and the “Golden Bridge Award” for the “Company of the Year.” He also won the “Most Innovative C.E.O of the Year” and “Troy McQuagge” for “An Outstanding C.E.O” in 2016.


Troy McQuagge multi tasks and shares his time with the community as a humanitarian. In 2010 he started the “Helping Other People Everyday” or “HOPE” organization. The USHEALTH Advisors are dedicated to making a positive change in peoples lives.


Their first HOPE project was an emotional and huge undertaking. Troy and other companies worked together with the “Phoenix of New Orleans” or PNOLA after the damage of Hurricane Katrina. They built new homes and volunteered to help with the cleanup efforts of New Orleans.


In 2011 HOPE donated baby formula, clothing, and new shoes and other supplies to the Crisis Nursery a non-profit Children’s center.

The Leaders Meeting held in Phoenix in 2012 led to “HOPEKids Arizona” receiving a $25,000 donation.

“HOPEKids” started another chapter and USHEALTH Advisors donated more than $45,000.

The non-profit agencies use the funds to help families with children with life threatening diseases and cancer.


In 2015 the America’s Fund and the Semper Fi Fund were given a donation of $100,000 from the USHEALTH Advisors HOPE organization. The 9/11 veteran had a resource for financial support while they transitioned and recovered from that horrific tragedy.


Troy has volunteered for the Phoenix of New Orleans, Trinity Habitat for Humanity, Crisis Nursery in Phoenix, HOPEKids in Dallas and Phoenix and the Semper Fi Fund. He has worked with Labor and Money and Donations of Time organizations.


Troy McQuagge and USHEALTH Advisors planted the seed of good will. Now other agents who work in the communities have been swept away to fill the need to give a fellow man help.


The Scottsdale, Arizona office wants to lend a hand in helping to support the “Wounded Warrior Project.”

Brevard County Florida is home to the “Brevard County Homes for Warriors Project.” The “Homes for Warriors” built a home for an Army Specialist and his family that was mortgage free.

The volunteers work hard by cleaning up the property, making repairs or demolish a property to rebuild a new one.


The USHEALTH Advisors agents also serve the communities by working in food pantries, giving out winter coats to children in need, and programs to feed the homeless.

Felipe Montoro Jens and Views on How Concessions Benefit Basic Sanitation Services in the Country Read more

Felipe Montoro Jens and Views on How Concessions Benefit Basic Sanitation Services in the Country

On May 2017, the Brazilian government announced that it would make concessions via a partnership with National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES). The water sector warmly received the initiative as well as the president of Trata Brasil, Edison Carlos.


President of Trata Brasil.

Edison highlighted the fact that 90% of basic sanitation services in Brazil is performed by public power and state organizations serve approximately 70% of the users. He also added that the private initiative’s presence is not a valid reason for excluding the public since both forms of management can work well and complement each other.


BNDES will come up with action plans that are customized for the states to enable the banks to adapt the projects based on the needs of each state. According to Edison, the private sector has more resources and can serve as a significant ally in the task of ensuring that water is not wasted. Advanced technology is also crucial for water management in Brazil to improve investments in the sewage networks.


About Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro is a reputed professional in the finance sector who currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Energizer Captacao S.A. Felipe has also served as the Director of Santo Antonio Energia. In 2010, he got the opportunity to be appointed as the director of Braskem S.A where he worked until 2013.


Felipe was also a board member with Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal. Later on, he was elected as the Chairman of the board. He also specializes in infrastructure and gave his views on the Brazilian Government’s partnership with BNDES. Felipe is highly concerned about the high levels of waste in states because it has an adverse impact on the state’s economic wealth. Felipe is of the view that the recent partnership will result in waste reduction.

Do You Need A Quick Loan on Your Stocks? Read more

Do You Need A Quick Loan on Your Stocks?

If things are not going well because of an economic downturn, some small business owners become tempted to sell off their equities. Others decided to take out a loan on their equities.

They go to a conventional lender, and find that the lender will lend money using their stocks as collateral. There are some problems, however. Click Here for News.

They can lend only up to 40% of the value of the equities. That does not sound promising. Then they will tell you that there are certain equities that can not be used as collateral. This rule is in effect by the government agencies covering banks and other financial institutions. They they ask you to write a proposal letting them know exactly what will be done with the loan proceeds. Worst of all, their interest rate is very high. Funding the loan will take some time.

Most business owners decide that it is not worth the effort, and it would be better to simply sell the equities.

But wait!

There is another option. Equities First AU will lend up to 80% of the value of the stocks. Their interest rate is much lower than most rates out there. It should also be noted that they are not restricted by government controls as to which equities they can use as collateral since they are a private company. They will not ask for a business proposal as to the use of the funds. And their funding is fast!

Most borrowers agree that a person should talk to First Equities AU first! for more.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler Iconic Success with JustFab Read more

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler Iconic Success with JustFab

Wear Ressler is credited for a few fruitful organizations and his help for the up and coming business people is unrivaled. He has dealt with a few new companies, which have developed into steady and effective organizations. Wear Ressler’s first endeavor at business was stamped when he propelled, which he sold over to Intermix Media in 2001.


After this arrangement, Ressler moved toward Adam Goldenberg, who he collaborated with to think of more grounded organizations. The pair in the wake of cooperating for one year propelled Alena Media, which produced millions in income from the showcasing division of the organization. The profits were great and they figured it is noteworthy to proceed onward to different thoughts. This saw them pitch Alena Media to News Corp in 2005, yet ensuing years were not as effective because of poor administration.


Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have gigantic experience and abilities in online execution promoting and they utilized this preferred standpoint to oversee the greater part of their organizations. They chose to think of a brand that could be overseen self-rulingly without much battle. They, subsequently, held a meeting to generate new ideas together with other Alena individuals to perceive what might best work to draw out their abilities and experience. Two weeks after the session, Ressler and Goldenberg chose propelling Intelligent Beauty.


Keen Beauty is an online beautifiers commercial center and skincare retail, which has become throughout the years to offer something beyond excellence items on Zimbio. Two years after its foundation, they included SENSA, a weight reduction brand to the organization. Upon the arrival of results, they understood SENSA was performing astoundingly well and its high benefit additionally spurred the couple to wander further into web advertising thoughts.




2010 saw Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg dispatch another business, a membership retailer alluded to as JustFab. JustFab, much the same as the past organizations oversaw by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler required assets to extend its quality and this saw them sign a $33 million credit from Matrix Partners. This cash was utilized to set up its physical framework. In 2012, they looked for additionally financing and were given $76 million by Rho Ventures, Crossover Ventures and Matrix Partners.




To make more progress, JustFab kept on extending and tried to go into new markets. They investigated the market and understood that the vast majority getting to their framework were guardians, something that roused them to gain FabKids. FabKids offers children’s mold and frill through a membership benefit like JustFab and the organization existed independently before its securing n by JustFab.

The Background of TechStyle Partners Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Read more

The Background of TechStyle Partners Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg

CEOs of TechStyle Fashion Group Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are a true dynamic duo. The two have been long time partners since they first worked together at Intermix Media nearly two decades ago. They have pioneered companies like JustFab and Fabletics and their companies have gone on to do incredible things and revamp the competitive landscape of how fashion and technology meet and work for their customers.


Don Ressler is the Co-Founder and Co CEO of TechStyle Fashion Group. His role at TechStyle currently consists of overseeing the companies vision, hiring top talent and focusing on creating an incredible customer experience that outshines any others in the market.


Don Ressler is a well established name in fashion e-commerce and has had many businesses that have gone on to see major success. He first saw that success after launching where he was the president and Chief Executive Officer. The company was extremely successful and Ressler eventually sold his business to Intermix Media in 1991. Intermix Media was, at the time, the parent company of MySpace. During the time Fitness Haven was sold, MySpace was the front runner in social media experience.


Ressler then went to work for Intermix media, where he played an integral part in the sale of the company to News Corporation for over $600 million dollars. From there, he founded Intelligent Beauty in his first official partnership with his partner Adam Goldenberg. Intelligent Beauty became an incredible success and ultimately went on to inspire to the duo to found TechStyle Fashion Group. TechStyle blossomed into one of the largest corporations in the digital age to specialize in merging fashion with the online trend for shopping online.


Don Ressler’s partner, Adam Goldenberg is also known as a wonder in the technology industry. Goldenberg also serves as a co-CEO at TechStyle Fashion Group. He has had an incredibly successful career that began when he was just 13 years old. Goldenberg was passionate about online gaming and he realized that there were millions of people equally passionate about online gaming, but there was no means of open communication between fellow gamers.


After seeing that void, Goldenberg founded what started as an online bulletin board for gamers. The bulletein board took off and it evolved into a website for gamers that he named Gamer’s Alliance. Goldenberg sold Gamer’s Alliance to Intermix Media and was  then offered a coveted COO position where he met Don Ressler and began the process of founding TechStyle Fashion Group.

EOS, The Leader in Smooth, Announces Major New Product Drop Read more

EOS, The Leader in Smooth, Announces Major New Product Drop

EOS Lip Balms, which stands for Evolution of Smooth, is a beauty staple for women everywhere. Since their initial launch women have flanked beauty aisles to grab one of their brightly colored round pod spheres. Head over this amazing site,

EOS made a HUGE announcement recently when it shared via Instagram and a massive social media and news drop that they are coming out with a major new drop of a brand new product. EOS is known for being highly selective in the products they launch and the scents and flavors they select, more quality news. It isn’t often they deviate unless for an amazing upgrade.

The new “EOS Crystal” is dropping from all first looks it is going to be incredible. The new balms are completely clear and totally wax free, meaning its line of offerings for vegan folks just widened. EOS Crystal will also not be entirely round, something brand new for the line. The new shape will be slightly easier to apply due to its slightly more angular shape.

EOS will drop just two new flavors to start. Delicious Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid will be available on beauty counters across the world beginning in August. Like their other products, they will still be very modestly priced for the incredible value at just $4.99 each.

Check out more product here on

As if two wonderful new flavors and a slightly redesigned look isn’t enough to have me running to grab my Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid orb, EOS also announced that each orb will now contain essential oils. Each orb will contain five essential oils total, which will make for an even more luxurious smooth feel from the brand that is known far and wide as the absolute industry leader in smooth and soft luxury for lips.

In addition to their lip balms, EOS also offers additional products including hand creams and lotions. Proceed to EOS’ page for more updates.


Contribution of Don Ressler and Adam in Fashion Industry Read more

Contribution of Don Ressler and Adam in Fashion Industry

JustFab and Fabletics are two outstanding exclusive brands in the fashion industry. Don Ressler is a CEO of both the JustFab and Fabletics fashion brands. Like JustFab, Fabletics started as an online fashion brand under the administration of Adam Goldenberg. Lead by the two brilliant CEOs, Don Reseller and Adam Goldenberg rebranded JustFab and Fabletics as TechStyle Fashion Group. The famous TechStyle has its headquarters at El Segundo, California. Speaking in a press release, the two CEOs, said that they chose California as their headquarters because it was the best location to run their business in a cost effective way.


Starting from August 2012, JustFab has attracted a considerable number of investors. Since 2012, the fashion brand has received a huge funding from the following investors; Matrix Partners, Passport Opportunity Fund, Shining Capital, and Technology Crossover Ventures. Actually, the latest funding brought the company’s total capitalization to $ 250 million. The privately owned fashion brand has a projection of $3 to $5 billion profits if all the investment plans are properly executed.


TechStyle is a grand fashion brand that incorporates fashion and technology in their operations. TechStyle is an online subscription retailer that sells shoes, jewellery materials, handbags and much more other fashion stuff. The fashion Group is under the leadership of the brilliant Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler who previously owned JustFab and Fabletics fashion brands respectively. Both Adam and Reseller acquired a loan of $33 million to fund the start-up of TechStyle in 2010. In general, the two CEOs are responsible for TechStyle’s data control, marketing, and internal system control. In 2014, media branded TechStyle a unicorn when it was evaluated at $ 1 billion by a $ 250 million fundraising.


Adam Goldenberg entered in the business world at the age of 15. Adam became the vice president of strategic planning at Intermix immediately he dropped out of school. Later at the age of 20, he became the Chief Operating Officer for Intermix. Intermix was a renowned fashion brand in the e-commerce destination. Intermix had 42 boutiques across the United States and Canada. On the other hand, Intelligent Beauty was an internet incubator brand that dealt with personal care, beauty, and all sorts of fashion spaces. Like TechStyle, Intelligent Beauty was founded by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg in 2006.


TechStyle is a data driven firm. The firm asks their customers for their contact information so that they can reach them easily whenever there is a promotion. Additionally, their data driven nature allows them to develop their products; through ratings from customers or anyone visiting their websites or physical stores. Precisely, they ask their customers to provide them with the size of their outfits, color and their demographic information.

Revitalize Your Soft Lip Tissue With EOS Read more

Revitalize Your Soft Lip Tissue With EOS

Enjoy phenomenal coverage for your lips with a highly preferred organic brand. Customers are now choosing all-natural beauty care products to retain their youthful luster. Experience a lip balm you’ll find easy to use with EOS lip balm products, buy here at Rebuild your confidence with your dry chapped lips and interact with the public again or look good in your selfies. You won’t spend a fortune with many products reasonably priced under $15. Their ancient skin healing agent agents are not present in competitor products. Their lip balm products are infused with resilient ingredients that work from your first use.

View to read more helpful articles.

Evolution of Smooth is a very popular brand in Germany for being clinically tested to work and their trendy containers. Their cute pastel containers are easy to slide in and out of your purse or pocket. Use it immediately from the container for a no-fuss shine every time. Would you like protection with a cool scent? Evolution of Smooth comes in a fresh scent including Almond Milk, Mint Kisser, and Lemon Drop, order your lip balm here. Make sure your senses are awake and your experiencing the maximum protection. Join thousands of people around the world who opt for super moisture with Evolution of Smooth lip balm therapy.

Go to EOS’ official Facebook page,


The Importance of Instituting a Robust Communication Infrastructure Read more

The Importance of Instituting a Robust Communication Infrastructure

Securus is a leading provider of government based information management solutions, parolee tracking, and detainee communication that serves over 2,600 correctional institutions in over 45 states. As a leader in the provision of responsive customer service and innovative technical solutions, Securus primary focus is geared towards the specialized needs of law enforcement and corrections communities. It has headquarters is in Dallas, Texas but it also has other regional offices in Atlanta, Georgia, and the Dallas metro area. Each week, Securus comes up with solutions that help the law enforcement agencies to quickly solve and prevent crime.

Customers who have taken advantage of the technology have benefited in many ways. For instance, there is a client who used the technology to acquire information from a series of phones calls that were later used to obtain a search warrant for a corrupt staff member.

There was also an instance where Securus technology was used to monitor calls that contained information relating to money being transferred, threats, possible access to a cellular device and drug selling in a correctional facility. The communication tracked was beneficial since illegal drugs were impounded and a civilian was caught and admitted to selling prescription drugs at a discount.

There is also a case where an inmate was talking to her mother and younger sibling about a recent shooting and telling them what to say when asked what transpired on that fateful day and such information will be helpful in solving the case.

David Giertz Outstanding Social Security Advice Read more

David Giertz Outstanding Social Security Advice

David Giertz is notable in Dublin, Ohio for being the man with an arrangement with regards to retirement. Be that as it may, he additionally brings some awesome focuses up in significant productions on the web, about picking a venture counsel, particularly on government managed savings wage. Profiting work for you is one of the keys to a cheerful and safe retirement. That is the reason being brilliant about which money related guide you pick is goal, and David Giertz knows exactly what to do.

David Giertz as of late talked with Veronica Dagher, a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, regarding the matter of retirement arranging and government disability. As a money related guide for Nationwide Financial with more than 40 years of involvement in the business, David Giertz has a ton of information regarding this matter. As per Giertz, government disability is not something most dealers examine with their customers because of the multifaceted nature of the issue on Finra.

Standardized savings has distinctive advantage levels in view of when a man chooses to begin accepting advantages on, and the age at which a customer can begin getting full advantages additionally relies upon when the customer was conceived. What’s more, those are only a couple of the directions nitty gritty in the handbook which contains 2700 tenets. Yet, in spite of this, 4 out of 5 customers expressed in a study done by Nation Wide that they would change their intermediary if that agent didn’t exhort them on government managed savings at app.jsp.

David Giertz began his vocation in 1988 at Skokie Federal Savings in Skokie Illinois. He wasn’t there for long and worked for a few distinctive money related organizations previously at last arriving at Nationwide in 2006. Through the span of his profession, David Giertz has taken and passed four affirmations: General Securities Representatives Examination in 1986, Uniform Securities Agent State Law Examination in 1987, General Securities Principal Examination in 1992, and Municipal Securities Principal in 1994.