Caitlyn Jenner Welcomed With Open Arms Read more

Caitlyn Jenner Welcomed With Open Arms

Recently, Bruce Jenner revealed to the world the secret that had been kept by him for a long time – he was a trans woman. It was, at the point, unclear what pronouns Bruce Jenner preferred. Now, the doubts and ambiguity have been cleared when Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce, adorned the cover of Vanity Fair magazine. In the magazine, she speaks at length about various issues, both about her new life and her past. Annie Leibovitz did a stunning job at capturing the true essence of Caitlyn Jenner and a video of the photoshoot is available as well.

Twitter, too, was extremely supportive and any transphobia was met with the strongest of words says Susan McGalla. Jenner’s family has already expressed support previously and continued to do so after Caitlyn was seen looking stunning in a white dress.

This has been a great year for trans visibility – not as great as one would want it to be but there has been some much needed attention. Exactly one year ago, Laverne Cox featured on Time Magazine as the cover girl. After the Vanity Fair cover came out, Cox had some extremely important things to say. First of all, she mentioned how great it was to be a part of photoshoot but she also mentioned that she didn’t want to be a part of faux heteronormative beauty standards. This is a feminist stand and the internet saluted Cox for sticking to her guns.

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Appeal Set for Tom Brady

It seems Deflategate will continue to drag on into the summer for the NFL and the New England Patriots. The appeal for Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s four-game suspension will begin June 23 and the time between now and the appeal will be full of speculation about how the investigation will conclude. The suspension is the result of Brady’s alleged role in the tampering of game balls before the AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts last season.

The league denied the NFLPA’s request for Commissioner Roger Goodell to recuse himself from being the arbitrator due to his role in the investigation, but Goodell will be at the helm of yet another controversy in the NFL. The appeal date announcement comes weeks after Patriots owner Robert Kraft decided to begrudgingly accept the steep penalties handed down to his organization. BuzzFeed wrote the punishment is the harshest in NFL history and will include a $1 million fine, loss of a first-round draft pick in 2016, and fourth-round draft pick in 2017.

If Brady’s suspension stands, the four-time Super Bowl Champion will be held out of the first quarter of the season. The NFL controversy has gained national attention in a time when the league and its commissioner are under scrutiny for the way it has handled investigations in the past year. With the appeal scheduled for June 23, there seems to be no end in the near future for the Patriots or the league.

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Police Officers Buy Local Kids Ice Cream

Just recently in Orlando, Florida, a local mother caught a couple of police officers buying ice cream for some local kids out of the ice cream truck. According to an article found on reddit and written by Unrestrained News, the policemen even used their own money to get the nice summer treat for the kids.

It seems that more and more people are paying attention to the good deeds that officers do, and that is really important these days. There are so many members of law enforcement that are put into a terrible light due to unfortunately instances. Bruce Levenson thinks that it is really a good thing that the general public gets to see some of the more positive things as opposed to just hearing about the negative stuff, because it builds a sense of trust. After all, it wouldn’t be a bad thing that some kids got to benefit of an interaction with a cop so that they can go tell all of their friends about the situation. I am sure that it not only made the kids day but it also was a highlight of the evening for their mother, who uploaded the photographs onto social media to share the good news.

I was very happy to hear about this and I do hope that it is not the last time for a while that something positive comes to the news surrounding police.

FCC Plans to Implement Affordable Broadband for Poor Read more

FCC Plans to Implement Affordable Broadband for Poor

The FCC plans to modify the current subsidy program, to offer affordable Internet plans for the poor.

Currently, about twelve million households utilize the Lifeline program, that provides affordable land line phone service for low-income families. This 30-years-old subsidized program costs about $1.7 billion.

In 2008, the program was expanded to include cell phone service, but that particular portion of the program became burdened with fraud according to businessman Kevin Seawright. Even so, regulators argue that phone services are critical for poor Americans to seek medical help, look for work, and other emergency services.

Meanwhile, the net neutrality guidelines have changed the status of the Internet to a public good, prompting the FCC to ensure that low income individuals can receive broadband Internet.

Poor recipients will have a choice among phone or internet services, or a mix of advanced telecommunications services, but guidelines will be implemented to curb fraud.

Net neutrality has faced scrutiny, and the proposal for subsidized broadband is already being debated among Republicans.

June 18th, the FCC will vote on the new proposal for subsidized broadband. If it wins a majority vote, the agency will develop a plan to implement the program.

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Woman Liable In Death Of Fiance

A New York woman has been charged in the death of her fiancé. The couple, Angelika Graswald and Vincent Viafore were kayaking in the Hudson River when Viafore’s kayak supposedly capsized. He was not wearing a life jacket and soon disappeared from sight. Viafore was missing for nearly a week before he was found lifeless and floating in the River. His fiancé, however was rescued from the River and was wearing a life jacket according to Wikipedia.

In the days when Viafore went missing, Graswald posted several photos of the couple on social media platforms. Noting how heartbroken she was that Viafore was missing in the wake of this tragic accident.

However Graswald has since been arrested and charged with second-degree murder of Viafore. Authorities have suspected that Graswald altered Viafore’s kayak the day they were out on the water so it would fill with water. She has also been accused of intentionally pulling away Viafore’s paddle, which could have saved his life.

Graswald’s behavior has been suspect, putting her at the center of the crime. Her over-sharing of sappy photos coupled with her happy spirit while posting pictures of her doing yoga and going to yacht clubs has not done her any favors. Once Graswald she was arrested, authorities claimed that she quickly associated herself with Viafore’s murder. It did not take long before Graswald admitted to police that she did in fact alter Viafore’s kayak. Witnesses also made formal statements claiming they saw Graswald tip her own kayak after calling 911. Perhaps the most damming piece of evidence was when Graswald told authorities, “It felt good knowing he was going to die.”

It Could Be Dead After Director Quits Read more

It Could Be Dead After Director Quits

Cary Fukunaga, the director of the remake of It, has left the project. His leaving could mean the death of the project.

It was originally a novel by Stephen King. It was then turned into a two-part mini-series that appeared on American free TV. The book and the mini-series are about a group of people who face a supernatural threat as kids and adults. It is mostly depicted as a clown named Pennywise.

Fukunaga’s cinematic version would have been in two parts. The first part would have been a group of kids who face a very mean and unusual clown. In the second movie, the kids become adults, but have to face the same clownish threat.

On my Wifi I read that this two-part movie was originally at Warner Brothers and then moved to New Line Cinema.

New Line Cinema is the studio that Fukunaga came into conflict with. He wanted to film in New York. The studio wanted a less costly place to film. The studio wanted a single movie. The studio did not like the actor that Fukunaga chose for Pennywise. Soon, some fans had misgivings about Fukunaga. All this conflict resulted in him leaving the project.

Stephen King thinks the project is dead and hopes that Tim Curry is remembered well for his performance in the first It as Pennywise

American Soldier is Reunited with Iraqi Teen Read more

American Soldier is Reunited with Iraqi Teen

The American soldier loaned out his name 18 years ago. He loaned his name to an Iraqi mother who had been placed on a kill list. A dictatorship in Iraq had caused a pregnant mother to be on a beheading list. She had been involved in a children’s relief organization that had ties with American churches according to Susan McGalla. Her involvement was the result of her being placed on a kill list. In 1997 her involvement was considered to be just cause for beheading in Iraq. Greg Peppin saved both a mother and her baby daughter when he bent the rules and borrowed them his name. Lava Barwari graduated in Gwinnett County, GA because Peppin loaned his name to the refugees. They did not have any contact until this graduation. Lava had contacted the retired soldier to thank him and invite him to her graduation. Her mother also was given the opportunity to obtain an education thanks to the American soldier who lent his name so many years ago. Thanks to the American soldier this family has been able to embrace the American dream with a borrowed name.

iZombie “Mr. Berserk” Recap Read more

iZombie “Mr. Berserk” Recap

Tuesday’s “iZombie” episode did a great job of setting up the last Season 1 episodes.

Liv was blamed by police for Lowell’s death, but Lieutenant Suzuki cleared her by saying that there was gunpowder residue found on Lowell’s hand that proved Lowell committed suicide. Attempting to end the sniper’s PTSD, Liv ate the brain of the journalist who tried to help Major.

The journalist was an alcoholic and Liv spent a lot of time drowning her sorrows in the bottom of shot glasses and mini alcohol bottles. Yelp users reviewed said the brain helped her to learn that part of the reason Max Rager helps create zombie-ism is because the popular energy drink was causing violent behavior in living people long before it helped raise the dead.

The episode ended with Max Rager getting away, temporarily, with murdering the journalist. Liv agreed to write off Lowell’s death as suicide, but she also announced that she would kill Blaine.

On the Major front: When Clive found The Candyman still alive after Major shot him last week, Clive recommended that Major get mental help. Ravi tried to convince Liv that all Major needed to hear was the truth, but Liv pointed out that Major needs help because his actions haven’t been normal by living standards: If he found out about zombies he might hurt an innocent.

While at a mental treatment facility, Major finally learned about zombies from another patient.

Judge Gives Shocking Judgement Against Debt Collector Read more

Judge Gives Shocking Judgement Against Debt Collector

Debt collectors are terrifying to face whether the person owes a debt to them or not. People who feel harassed by collectors are subject to numerous letters and phone calls that never stop. There are even those companies that will call neighbors and family members about the money owed. In some instances, the credit company has the wrong person and the collection process can literally destroy their financial life.

The biggest problem is that many consumers do not realize they have legal avenues to help them stop the calls. If the bill is not that of the person being contacted, the collector must stop contacting them when they are told they have the wrong person. Here is some advice from Bruce Karatz of if the consumer can prove that it is not their debt and they are still harassed, the company can be sued for millions of dollars in damages.

A Missouri woman sued Portfolio Recovery Services LLC for just that reason. They were pursuing the wrong person and had been made aware of the situation. The court agreed with the woman and awarded her a total of $83 million. The company says that it will fight the decision because they believe that it is ludicrous. That aside, other people in similar situations might take a cue from this woman to help put a stop to unfair practices by companies that make a habit of intimidating innocent people.

Women Who Are Obese When Becoming Pregnant Risk Their Children’s Health Read more

Women Who Are Obese When Becoming Pregnant Risk Their Children’s Health

That obesity is a major health problem in industrialized societies is not news. It results in increased odds of getting health complications such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. There is a new study out, however, that indicates it is especially bad for pregnant women to be overweight or obese at the beginning of their pregnancy. Excess weight is ,of course, bad for the mother, but it is bad for the baby as well. Babies born to obese women have compromised immune systems that may follow them throughout their lives. Other studies already confirmed a link between maternal obesity and higher outcomes for asthma and cardiovascular disease in children. Adam Sender suggests this latest study sheds light on why this is by showing a link between obesity and a compromised immune system in the child.

When doctors talk to women who are planning to become pregnant, they tell them not to smoke, use drugs and to restrict alcohol consumption. Apparently, they need to start stressing the importance of being a healthy weight before starting a pregnancy. Obesity was already associated with increased difficulties for pregnancy, and now it turns out that it may very well give the kid a lifelong disability in the form of an immune system that will make them more vulnerable to pathogens and chronic illnesses. Of all the reasons to lose weight, the health of our children would have to be at the top of the list.