The “Teen Mom OG” Cast Claims To Be Good Friends Read more

The “Teen Mom OG” Cast Claims To Be Good Friends

MTV decided to bring back the original cast and crew from the Teen Mom show “16 And Pregnant,” and the new show is called “Teen Mom OG.” These girls have forged a bond over the years, and many of them are saying that they are like family, even though they are friends. “Teen Mom OG” Show. One of the most known members of the group is Farrah Abraham, who is someone that many people talk about. “Farrah has been the subject of many conversations because she has done a lot of plastic surgery for someone who is so young in age.

Sarah even had an intimate tape out of her and her boyfriend, but it was later discovered that she mastermind the entire tape, and it wasn’t leaked as she previously had stated. Maci, Amber, and Catelynn, they are all on the show as well. Andy Wirth tells us that Maci had her second pregnancy, even though her doctor stated that she would never get pregnant again.

All the girls have become very good friends, and they sat down in an interview to talk
about their friendships with each other. Anyone who is interested in learning more about the girls, they can check out the additional information available on MTV News.

A Group Of Brave Men Bust Open Doors During Apartment Fire to Save Lives Read more

A Group Of Brave Men Bust Open Doors During Apartment Fire to Save Lives

When it comes to rescuing people from an apartment fire. A few men take it upon themselves to not only go door to door to let people know about the fire, but to save their pets as well. To these men’s life doesn’t end with you human kind, pets lives mean something as well.

These men were caught on camera by the new Go Pro camera technology. Their video was posted to YouTube and has quickly gone viral. In the video you can see them rush into a burning building units that are caught on fire by a lightening strike. During the video the men are seen using force to bust open doors and chasing any pets left behind out of the building.

This fire caused the roof of the building to collapse. No one was harmed in the fire but many will be without a home for a while. The men say no one was mad about the damage they caused just glad they were able to help as many people as they did. Including a small dog that would have surely died had he been left in there. This group of courageous men should receive a medal for risking their lives to save others. Igor Cornelsen had a big thank you to these men and the Rapid City Fire Department in South Dakota for all their hard work and dedication.

Hawaii Raises the Age Threshold for Buying Cigarettes Read more

Hawaii Raises the Age Threshold for Buying Cigarettes

Smoking cigarettes is no longer socially acceptable. Puffing away ceased to be socially acceptable about 20 years ago. During the bulk of the 20th century, over half the population of the United States smoked. Smoking was a common social practice and taking a first-time puff on a cigarette was a right of passage. In Hawaii, anyone who wishes to engage in that social practice has to wait an additional three years.

Hawaii is now the first state to officially raise the age to purchase tobacco to 21 says Dr. Jennifer Walden. The state also raised the age to purchase electronic cigarettes to 21 as well. Will other states follow? California may be the very next one since its legislature is considering bumping the legal age to purchase tobacco products (and maybe e-cigarettes) to 21 as well.

Decades ago, people ignored the health hazards associated with smoking. Yes, for many years, people were unaware that smoking contributed to any illnesses. Even when connections to cancer and heart disease were revealed, the number of people who chose not to smoke was minimal. It took years and years for people to truly realize the dangers associated with cigarettes. The revelation of the unethical practices of tobacco companies might have been the final factor the turned new generations away from smoking. Eventually, the popularity of smoking greatly diminished.

As laws became more and more restrictive, younger people found barriers to buying cigarettes. People who start smoking do so when very young. Older people are not likely to take up the habit. By raising the smoking age to 21, Hawaii may have dealt a major blow to the tobacco companies’ ability to procure new customers.

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Denmark Heads to the Polls Today in Tight Race

A very close national election in Denmark has left political commentators wondering who will emerge as the Prime Minister of the country. The incumbent, Social Democrat party leader Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, hopes to retain her office. However, she faces strong opposition from an alliance of center and right wing parties, which have emerged as leaders by a slender margin in national polls in recent weeks. As many as one in five Danish voters remains undecided going into the election today according to Boraie Development LLC.

The polls close at 7 p.m. Danish time. News broadcasters widely expect to know the results of the election by 11 p.m.

Denmark maintains ten large political parties. In a memorable race from 1998, late results from the Faroe Islands tipped the outcome of the election. That scenario might well reoccur this year.

The central issues in the race have involved the national economy, immigration and welfare. The Prime Minister has agreed that the election is likely to be a cliff-hanger, noting: “It’s going to be really close.”

Recently, Denmark implemented immigration reforms that restrict the situations in which the country will grant political asylum and generally tighten immigration requirements.

The left-leaning Social Democrats are calling for increased public spending. Their opponents want some new tax breaks and a limit on government expenditures. Many political analysts wonder what, if any, impact the relatively newly formed Danish People’s Party, will have on the election.

Examine The Price It Costs To Meet Stars Backstage Read more

Examine The Price It Costs To Meet Stars Backstage

Back in the days, if you wanted to meet your favorite star, you had to be a groupie who was very bold, or you had to have some way to get backstage. Many would do some of the craziest things, just so they could get to see their idol, but nowadays, you may not have to go so far. Meet And Greet With The Stars. You can easily pay money to get a backstage pass to see your favorite star, but it could cost you college tuition sized money. There are some stars that will even give away backstage passes for free, such as Taylor Swift, but you have to be lucky enough to get that privilege.

Other stars may charge a small nominal fee on top of your ticket price, just so you can go backstage and meet them in person. Some backstage passes have comps that come with them, but they may end up costing a small fortune. Some of these backstage passes are asking for thousands of dollars, just so a person can meet and greet their favorite star. For some people like Jim Dondero on LinkedIn it makes sense to spend money that they could use to pay for college, so they can see their favorite musician up close, but is it really worth it?

Stars like Nicki Minaj have been known to charge $295, so fans could meet with her in a private setting. Katy Perry also offered a meet and greet, but her price for the ticket was $495.

Google Paying Bounty for Android Security Bugs Read more

Google Paying Bounty for Android Security Bugs

Large tech companies are notorious for paying large bounties if you report a security hole to them without exploiting it or publicly announcing it. In several cases companies such as Google and Microsoft have paid upwards of $50,000 when a security flaw was reported directly to them. The catch is none of these companies usually publicly announce their bounty offering.

Google is trying to beef up Android’s security and has announced that they will pay up to $8,000 to anyone that can find a security bug in Android. While Android devices haven’t proven to be that vulnerable on a large scale, individuals can easily be targeted if a hacker wishes to do so.

How exactly does the bounty scale work? It depends on how severe the vulnerability is and whether or not the person reporting the vulnerability includes a patch to fix the problem. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is one person still trying to figure it all out by reading up on and other websites. Simply reporting a vulnerability may pay as little as $500, while reporting a severe bug and including a well-written patch could pay as high as the $8,000 maximum. That’s why this bounty is most likely going to be more attractive to security researchers and coders rather than the general public.

If you think you’ve found a security vulnerability in Android and a patch to fix it, you may be in for a significant amount of cash. There is no estimate on how long Google will run this program, but their goal is to make Android as strong and secure as possible.

Parents Arrested For Allowing 11-Year-Old to Play Alone in Yard Read more

Parents Arrested For Allowing 11-Year-Old to Play Alone in Yard

Two parents in Florida are now facing criminal charges after the couple left their 11-year-old son to play alone in the backyard for 90 minutes.

A neighbor spotted the boy playing outside alone and became concerned. Brad Reifler said that the neighbor phoned police who determined that the boy was in danger. The officer noted that the child was locked out of the home and waited for his parents to arrive.

The boy’s parents were arrested on felony charges of child negligence.

Parents told one media source that they were arrested for negligence based on unfounded claims made by the arresting officer.

“These claims are unfounded,” the boy’s parents said. “They made the arrest on the claim that our son did not have access to food, water, shelter, or a place to use the bathroom. We have an open shed, working sinks and working water hoses. Our son had a snack, which he ate, and the responding officer even took the time to urinate in the bushes when he couldn’t access the bathroom.

The boy arrived home that afternoon to discover that his parents were not home and the doors were locked. He decided to play basketball outside until the officer arrived at the scene. Referred to as “free range children” in today’s society, this situation was commonplace throughout the U.S. until the early 2000s. Children who often arrived home before school and had to let themselves into the house, with the expectation of entertaining themselves until their parents arrived home from work were called “latch-key kids.”

Arrests for allowing kids to play in their own yards or even at the park are not uncommon these days. A set of parents in Maryland were charged with neglect and their children taken by the state after allowing the 10 and 6 year olds to walk to a nearby park unsupervised.

Trump For President: The New White House Will Be Trump Tower In New York! Read more

Trump For President: The New White House Will Be Trump Tower In New York!

Okay. The Donald is serious. He’s tired of all these lame Republican candidates for president. The only woman he thinks is smart enough to sit in the oval office is his daughter, Ivanka, so he has no choice but to throw his comb in the ring, and give it his celebrity best. Trump wants to make the country great again. He knows the United States has some serious issues. The US need a man like Trump, at least Trump and his supporters think so.

But what kind of president would Trump be? He knows how to make money says Eric Pulier. He knows how to put together a hit TV show, and he knows how to raise money for good causes, but can Trump make the right decisions for the country, and can he surround himself with the right people? If Trump is elected there’s no doubt his sons and daughter will have some official title in his administration, and the old guy that Trumps brings on his TV show now and then will certainly be around to give the real estate mogul some New York type advice. But is that enough to convince voters that he is the man?

Trump thinks he has a shot, and hey, who can argue with “making America great again?”

Trans Fats Are Bad For The Heart Read more

Trans Fats Are Bad For The Heart

There is a major health problem in the United States. Thousands of people die needlessly of heart disease. The Food and Drug Administration is taking steps to prevent these deaths. On Tuesday the Food and Drug Administration announced that are going to work towards the elimination of trans fat and partially hydrogenated oils from manufactures who produce processed foods. Trans fats and partially hydrogenated oils are a major factor in heart disease.

Boraie Development LLC reminds us that not all fats are bad. Bloomberg also reports that the fat found in nuts and olive oil may actually be good for your heart. Doctors recommend these fats. Manufactured foods that have partially hydrogenated oils include pizza and donuts. Research has shown these food to be bad for you because they clog your arties and are a major cause of heart disease.

Saturated fats are the bad fats and are associated with elevated levels of LDL cholesterol. In contrast, fats found in olive oil are good fats and are associated with elevated levels of HDL cholesterol. High levels of HDL cholesterol in the blood is actually good for the heart and protects the heart from heart desease.

Eliminating trans fats is a start to healthier living. But there are other changes in the diet that are necessary. You must reduce the amounts of sugar, refined white flour and salt to name a few. Healthier foods should be increased in your diet such as fruits, fish and whole grains.

Pakistan Shuts Down Save The Children in Islamabad Read more

Pakistan Shuts Down Save The Children in Islamabad

On Thursday, the government of Pakistan denied workers at the Islamabad office of the UK-based charity Save the Children the ability to enter the premises. Soldiers cordoned off the area and locked up the building. The forced shutdown apparently occurred as a result of a new law in Pakistan which requires the closure of any charitable group receiving funding from overseas.

Save the Children is an international charity which assists children by offering food security and health services and education. Over the course of decades, Save the Children has helped an estimated 4 million youngsters in Pakistan. It delivers assistance across that nation through the work of 1200 employees.

In 2012, the government of Pakistan denied visas to several foreign staff members of Save the Children. It accused the charity of introducing a Pakistani physician to agents of the United States Central Intelligence Agency trying to locate the wanted terrorist Osama Bin Laden. Save the Children denied the allegation.

A local security official accused the charity of engaging in “anti-Pakistani” projects. The Interior Ministry has also ordered the expulsion from the country of staff members who do not maintain Pakistani citizenship. Susan McGalla knew that was coming.

Pakistan recently imposed a heavy administrative and cost burden on some nonprofit organizations, including charities, by passing a law that imposes extensive new documentation requirements for operating within the country. Some charities have not been able to handle the additional expense.