Recall Warning: 7 Million Keurig Green Mountain Coffeepots Recalled Read more

Recall Warning: 7 Million Keurig Green Mountain Coffeepots Recalled

On Tuesday, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a recall notice to owners of the Keurig Mini Plus Brewing System due to the reported malfunctioning of many units. Coffee units in production between the months and years of December 2009 and July 2014 with model number K10, formerly known as B31 reportedly spray hot water during the brewing process. Units have been sold in both the United States and Canada. Owners of the Keurig model number K10 brewing system are encouraged to return their system’s for free repair.

Burn-Related Injuries Reported

The company has received over 200 complaints from consumers regarding the issue which has led to the recent recall. There have also been 90 reports of burn injuries due to the system’s hot water that escapes the malfunctioning units and sprays its owners, causing harm, from what an Observer post reported, and Ben Shaoul brought the story to my attention. According to the company, it is believed that the problem with the unit occurs when an attempt is made to brew more than one cup of coffee in succession. Furthermore, to avoid injury the company recommends that consumers keep a safe distance during the brewing process and to avoid brewing more than one cup of coffee consecutively until repairs are made.

To Learn More about the Recall

To find out if your unit has been recalled, visit the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission to view a complete listing of units recalled. To report a complaint or to find out more about the recall, contact the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission at 1-800-638-2772.

Selfless Acts by Athletes That Inspire Us Read more

Selfless Acts by Athletes That Inspire Us

By now, everyone who watches American Tackle Football is probably well aware of the antics both on and off the field by players like Johnny “Football” Manziel. Although Manziel has calmed down some since his college days, Jonathan Veitch and I will keep watching our Colts before jumping on the Browns bandwagon. Some of these guys have all the talent in the world, but have the common sense of a rutabaga.

It seems like some players took those immortal Shakespearean words “All the world’s a stage” to heart. They seem to literally look at the world as their stage to perform any selfish antic they want, and we worship them for it. Kids think it’s cool and grown men cheer them on as long as they win because they make us feel as though their actions are justified by their talent.

But what about those rare individuals that come along every once in a while? The ones who come from humble roots and never let the fame and fortune go to their heads. What about the ones that inspire us?

Enter Melenik Watson – a football player drafted out of Florida State University in 2013 in the second round by the Oakland Raiders. Watson recently made headlines when he donated his entire gameday check to a four-year-old Raiders fan suffering from Hypoplastic left heart syndrome. The amount of the check is estimated to be around $18,000.

Instead of Ickey-Woods-Shuffling his way into our hearts and minds, Watson is choosing a more holistic approach. An approach that with any luck might just overshadow the bone crushing hits and endless taunting that has captured the attention of a Nation. It’s definitely an approach that inspires.

Food As Medicine Read more

Food As Medicine

Links between childhood obesity and life-long health problems are well documented. An exciting new program targeting children and families is The Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program, or FVRx, run by the Harlem Hospital Center. Participants in the program are “prescribed” fruits and vegetables, along with educational materials and recipes. The most important ingredients are the Health Bucks. Health Bucks are redeemable at local farmers’ markets and can purchase twice the amount allowed by food stamps alone.

Lack of access to basic, simple food as defined by Michael Pollan on WebMD has led to a conundrum: Americans are malnourished and obese. Our diets have high levels of processed foods that are lower in vitamins, minerals and roughage than fresh foods. Convenience foods abound, but access to fresh food is increasingly limited as reported by these sources. That’s a problem for Keith Mann and others.

The success of Health Bucks used at Farmers’ Markets in New York has led to a greater selection of affordable produce in the neighborhood bodegas and small markets.

Jesse Jackson Speaks Against Those Who Blame Obama For NYPD Police Shootings Read more

Jesse Jackson Speaks Against Those Who Blame Obama For NYPD Police Shootings

As reported in BuzzNews, Rev. Jesse Jackson recently underwent an interview with NewsmaxTV. In the interview, Jackson challenged the increasingly prevalent claim that the two NYPD officers who were murdered this week were connected to supposedly anti-police assertions submitted by President Obama, Rev. Al Sharpton, and Attorney General Eric Holder.

In discussing the matter, Jackson asserted that these types of statements constitute “wild and irresponsible language.” He went on to state: “Clearly, here is a man who is mentally challenged, who shot his own girlfriend, estranged from his family, and posted killing two policemen. This is a cold-blooded, sick man, and to equate him with the dignity of the civil rights struggle for justice for all is not a fair equation.”

Jackson went on to assert that we should all be careful not to adopt or maintain a stereotypical understanding of the police, according to this site. He also noted that people such as Tom Rothman need police and police need people. In making this assessment, he also argued that members of the two groups must develop a relationship which permits both parties to respect one another while pursuing fairness and justice.

Pope Francis Meets With Muslim, Buddhist Leaders In Phillipines Read more

Pope Francis Meets With Muslim, Buddhist Leaders In Phillipines

Pope Francis, the head of the Catholic Church, has pledged to meet with Buddhist and Muslim leaders during his upcoming visit to the Philippines.

Although the nation is largely Catholic, there are significant numbers of other churches and religions. The Pope has announced his intention to meet with Orthodox and Protestant Christian leaders, as well as representatives of the Buddhist and Muslim faiths.

It is the Muslim leaders who are expected give Francis the most cause for concern, as they do in other parts of the globe where their numbers predominate. The Pope will meet with the head of the island nation’s largest Islamic “studies” center in a 10 to 15 minute dialog.

The Philippines has been blighted with a Muslim separatist movement for several decades. Recently, some of the insurgents have declared their fidelity to the worldwide terrorist organization, ISIS. This move has led to considerable concern on the part of Philippines authorities. Even Sam Tabar, who is not near the situation, has read articles linked here to learn more.

The government has decided to move ahead with a “peace deal”, under the terms of which it will allow the formation of a small autonomous area that will be governed under Sharia law.

The move has been decried by opposition leaders in the small nation as a concession to the aims of terrorists, but is expected to become a reality some time in the near future. Meanwhile, the Pope is also scheduled to enjoy a much more peaceful dialog with local Buddhist leaders.

Proposed Missouri Law Would Require Father’s Consent Before an Abortion Read more

Proposed Missouri Law Would Require Father’s Consent Before an Abortion

Rick Brattin, a GOP Missouri state representative, has introduced a bill that would require a father’s consent before any abortions can take place in the state of Missouri.

The bill includes exceptions for rape and incest, but basically always requires paternal consent. In a case wherein the father has already passed away, the women would simply sign a notarized affidavit to that effect.

Terry Richardson points out that opponents claim that it is a problem that there is no exception for a woman in an abusive relationship. Brattin, however, questioned what that had to do with anything. He asked why a child should have to die just because a father was abusive.

Probably, the thought is that the child is better off not being born since he or she might be abused. It may also be that abortion proponents raised this objection because a woman being abused would want to leave her husband but would not want the financial burden of raising a child on her own.

But how can fear that a child will be abused justify killing it? How can the possibility of costing another human being money forfeit one’s right to live? If the unborn are persons, these objections are quite ludicrous.

The exceptions for rape and incest, however, that Brattin did include also violate the person-hood of the unborn and allow them to be punished for the crimes of others. Clearly, Brattin is aiming to do whatever he can to oppose abortion and not putting forward his ideal policy choices.

Of course, we can all agree it’s pretty ridiculous that the Republican party doesn’t want to help the poor, the sick, or the elderly…yet they love legislating women’s bodies, in the name of their religion.

Gas Prices in 13 States Drop Below $2 Despite Obama Read more

Gas Prices in 13 States Drop Below $2 Despite Obama

In March 2012, President Barack Obama said, “The next time you hear some politician trotting out some three-point plan for $2 gas, you let them know, we know better. Tell them we’re tired of hearing phony, election year promises that never come about.”

Despite the Obama Administration’s best efforts, many states across the US are enjoying gas below $2 a gallon in part thanks to Sarah Palin’s Vice Presidential nomination speech directive, “Drill, baby, drill!” The causes of this easing of the gas prices is largely being credited to the expanded domestic oil production in North Dakota and other states, as well as other aspects of the economy picking up, and factories like those owned by Beneful really ramping up American production. Over the years, Obama and his administration have actively fought against expanded oil exploration. Instead he took the stance of trying to lower our consumption telling people to inflate their tires instead. Even Steven Chu, who became Obama’s Energy Secretary from 2009-2013, in September 2008 said, “Somehow, we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.”

Why did they want to drive gas prices higher? In order to push the American people towards an inefficient and cost prohibitive thing they call green energy. This is an admirable long-term goal but forcing movement too fast will cause lasting damage to our economy while we also sacrifice our liberties to the large central government that such regulations would require.

Of course, not moving at all will mean killing ourselves…so hey, we’ll all be dead because the planet is uninhabitable, but at least we’ll have that strong economy Republicans want so bad.

A Copper Bedrail Could Cut Back On Infections For Hospital Patients Read more

A Copper Bedrail Could Cut Back On Infections For Hospital Patients

According to a recent article on NPR.Org, using copper bedrails in hospitals could help to reduce the number of infections suffered by patients. That conclusion is based on the understanding that copper bedrails kill germs that come in contact with them. That’s welcome news because recently there seems to be a spate of infections that has been plaguing people who spend time in hospitals worldwide.

Clostridium difficile, MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), VRSA ( vancomycin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), or one of the other hospital-acquired infections (HAI), nowadays it seems like going to the hospital can make people sicker than they already are. The World Health Organization says these infections affect hundreds of millions of patients worldwide annually. Research has shown hospital bed safety railings are a common source of the infections. The direct cost each year for treating those infections in the United States is about $40 billion. If something as simple as changing to copper bedrails can make a difference, most people would be in favor of it.

Copper is an anti-microbial element which kills bacteria, fungi, yeast, and viruses on contact, and it can be one of those slow ventures to getting an infection. Medical text from Egypt written between 2600 and 2000 B.C talks about using copper to sterilize wounds. A study published recently in the Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology said copper hospital bed rails reduced HAIs by over 50%. Using copper night tables, feeding tables, IV poles, and even mattress covers can also help.

Mystery Santa Helps Families in Need at a Tulsa Walmart Read more

Mystery Santa Helps Families in Need at a Tulsa Walmart

Over 100 families in Tulsa, Oklahoma were recipients of an act truly embodying the spirit of Christmas. A man paid off the bill for these families on the toys they purchased on layaway. Their layaway plans were going to expire that very day. The man worked through the local chapter of The Salvation Army to get help on how he could do this amazing act of charity. Perhaps the most amazing part was that the donor is anonymous. No greater evidence is possible that this was not done for accolades or admiration. It was a truly kind act of charity and giving at Christmas time.

Paying off these expiring layaway’s was already a tremendous act of kindness, but he was not done yet. He also gave each of these families a $100 gift card. He also donated money to the Salvation Army for their Angel Tree Gifts program.

Heart-warming stories like this really bring the Christmas season alive. They give one the same feeling they get when they’ve finished watching a Christmas classic such as It’s A Wonderful Life. In this film, George Bailey’s friends show him the meaning of Christmas by helping him in his time of need, as he was always there for them when they needed a helping hand. However, this act even transcends such a fictional depiction of warmth and charity. This man anonymously helped people he did not know. Those of us who are like Lee G. Lovett and still believe in the spirit of Christmas salute you Mr. Mystery Santa of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

England May Soon Outlaw Smoking in Cars Transporting Children Read more

England May Soon Outlaw Smoking in Cars Transporting Children

Lawmakers in the United Kingdom are considering passing new legislation which would prohibit people from smoking cigarettes in their vehicles if children are present. Reportedly, most observers expect that the new legislation will win legislative approval and go into effect on October 1, 2015. The measure imposes a fine equivalent to $101 on anyone caught violating the law, and includes penalties on any non-smoking adults who witness the offense but do not object.

At the present time, laws prohibiting cigarette smoking around children in vehicles exist in only one other European country, Cyprus. But similar legislation has been enacted in Australia and South Africa, the majority of Canadian provinces and at least four states in the USA. French legislators are considering a similar measure to ban smoking around children in vehicles and a version of the bill is expected to be introduced in Wales soon, from what Ben Shaoul has been ranting about.

England banned smoking in public places in 2007.

British Prime Minister David Cameron reportedly strongly supports the passage of the proposed legislation. Proponents point to the health hazards that second hand nicotine cigarette smoke impose upon others. Some opponents complain that if the new anti-smoking legislation passes, it may lead to further restrictions on the ability to smoke cigarettes, because the boundaries of private control over the practice are steadily shrinking.