Saudi Arabia, The Bush Family, And 28 Missing Pages About 9/11 Read more

Saudi Arabia, The Bush Family, And 28 Missing Pages About 9/11


For years people have sought the release of 28 missing pages in an already heavily redacted 9/11 report produced by a US congressional panel. 9/11 families kept this issue alive. Taken on by activists and politicians alike, momentum behind demands these documents are released has only grown recently.

A group of former and current US senators, joined by 9/11 families, are now joining together in a unified front according to Fox News. They want those 28 missing pages in the 9/11 report released. My coworker Bruce Levenson told me that on Wednesday, this group will meet to present a bipartisan bill calling for the 9/11 commission’s report to be completely released. The bill has 21 co-sponsors so far, and it has a fairly equal mix of Democrats and Republicans.

As a member of the 9/11 commission, former Senator Graham deserves credit for speaking out about the contents. Graham claims the missing 28 pages explicitly implicate Saudi Arabia’s elites in the events of 9/11. President George W. Bush refused to allow the documents release, citing national security, but many speculated he was protecting Saudi Arabia because of his family’s strong ties to the country’s rulers.

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Bono May Never Play Guitar Again

It goes without saying that Bono, of the band U2, has been one of the most successful musicians in history. Making an astonishing amount of money over his lengthy career, Bono has been the front man for the band that has brought top level music to the masses for decades. However, that may soon change very much so, as Bono has stated that he may never be able to play guitar again. This comes after a major bicycle accident in New York that left him extremely injured and needing surgery.


Although repairs have been done to his body, there is no indication that he will fully recover and he may be out of commission when it comes to playing the guitar. He used to get the best help during this time. Although this may be shocking to many people like Igor Cornelsen around the world, injuries like this have happened before plenty of times that prevent people from playing the musical instruments that they love. As tragic as it is, hopefully he will manage to make a comeback and play the guitar again, but if he isn’t able to it isn’t a total loss. In fact, the majority of people that know about Bono know that his strength really is in his voice and that has not been compromised whatsoever. So, if by hearing this news you fear that U2 will be breaking up and Bono will never play again, the good news for you is he’ll still be playing and singing with the band regardless.

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Senate Democrats Got Millions Of More Votes Than Republicans

As the new Congress is sworn in, some are taking a look at how the new Senate was elected. It turns out that the 46 Democrats elected to the Senate actually received 20 million more votes than the 54 Republicans that are now seated. This is an incredible number when you consider the vast majority that the Republicans now have. It means that more people in this country vote for Democrats to run the Senate, but it doesn’t matter because of the structure of the Senate.

According to, this kind of thing is not that unusual. It turns out that in 2008 and 2012 the Democrats did not receive votes that were proportional to the number of seats that they had. It is a quirky fact of our democracy, but it is in fact the way that this democracy plays out.

Everyone like Jared Haftel should take note of numbers like these. If they are upset by the numbers or feel that they would like things to be different, it is their responsibility to stand up and get out there to vote for a different Senate according to Groove Shark. The turnout numbers for the 2014 election (in which this Senate was selected) was one of the lowest that has been seen in a very long time. It is important to remember that every vote counts and that those who get out and vote are the ones who get to decide these kinds of things.

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Stress Free


Being in the position of CEO of a company is a demanding position. In fact, it is not only people who hold these positions under stress, but there are ways to remain calm. For some advice from the pros, look no further. First of all, fake it. You will lose face if your subordinates see you losing control. Secondly, engage the help of several key management players to take some of the burden off your shoulders. Thirdly, give yourself that well-deserved break. Everyone needs a timeout to clear their minds.

Another smart tactic is to have a confidant. Expert Bernardo Chua says even the toughest of people need someone to confide in. Finally take a real vacation, which means no email, no phone calls. Let the people you employ do the dirty work while you bask in the sun and sip piña coladas.

In everyday life, we can employ these same tactics. Step back and give yourself a break from stress. Walking away and returning with a fresh mind does wonders for any situation. Find a buddy to get your gripe on with and vent, vent, vent!

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Ebola Outbreak Traced to a Tree Where Children Play

It’s an innocent-looking, hollow tree that stands on the outskirts of the Meliandou village in West Africa. the large hollow tree holds some type of unknown attraction to the children of the village and they congregate around it to play during the day.

The tree also holds a deadly secret – it’s where the ebola virus began in that part of West Africa, according to Mashable news. But how does such an innocent-looking tree hold such a deadly secret and how did a two-year old boy named Emile contact a killer virus from playing under the shadow of it’s gnarly branches?

Bats. The hollow tree that attracts village children to play also attracts Angolan free-tailed bats which carry and spread the ebola virus. Angolan free-tailed bats are typically at home in the rain forests, but as mankind takes over more and more of their natural habitat, the bats have had to learn to adapt. Coming closer and closer to man and cities to dwell has led the diseases-carrying bats to establish their abodes in hollow trees near village and even move into villager’s homes and dwell under the thatch of roofs and leaves their disease-laden dropping on beds and eating utensils located below them.

Little Emile, known as patient zero in West Africa, apparently played in, perhaps even ingested, some of the ebola-laced dung left behind by the colony of Angolan free-tailed bats living in the hollow tree outside of his village in Meliandou.

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Festive Alpaca Brings Joy to Nursing Home Residents

Napoleon, a therapy alpaca, spent some time visiting residents at Maryville, a nursing home in Oregon. Maryville Nursing Home surprised their residents with a visit from Napoleon for their Christmas gift. Napoleon arrived at Maryville Nursing Home dressed to the nines in in tinsel, ornaments, and even a pair of reindeer ears!

What a lovely idea by staff to bring some joy to their residents. Therapy animals have been proven to improve not only their moods, according to Dr Rod Rohrich,  but can also lower their stress levels which in turn can lower blood pressure. If you aren’t convinced, just check out the pictures below!

To see pictures of the elated residents with the most festive alpaca ever check out These are seriously some of the sweetest pictures.

Napoleon is an official therapy alpaca who makes visits to nursing homes, hospitals, and schools bringing joy wherever he goes. He even has his own Facebook page!

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World Happiness


The world is a happy place a new study finds. Some places are happier than others. That stands to reason. There is alot going on in the world to be happy all the time. What factors determin our happiness level? Can age play a major factor? There is a lot of factors that can determin ones happiness level. Where you live is a major one I believe. The people of Fiji are the happiest a study showed. They came in at an astounding level of 93% of their people are happy. That is an impressive number.
To mine and my colleague, Sam Tabar’s surprise Africa came in at a whopping 83% happiness level. That is shocking if one takes into account all the bad press that Africa gets. Maybe it is not as bad as some would lead us to believe. The least happy people in the world was Iraq at 31%. This stands to reason with all the hostility and uncertainty they live with on a daily basis. Happiness is a deeply personal emotion. It really has to do with how you feel inside. If you are a happy person it really does not matter what is happening around you. You will still maintain that level of happiness. We have all done this in our own lives. So look at this study, and hopefully you will find yourself happy today, inside. No matter what is happening outside around you
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Coffee Does Not Give You Energy

It is a myth about the facts that says caffeine provides you with energy, so listen up Tom Rothman, all the Brown Bears out there should hear this one. Actually, by means of a certain kind of brilliant biological deception, caffeine dupes your body and makes it to think that it is not tired.

According to a number of reliable sources, the longer a human being remains awake, the more the buildup of a certain compound called adenosine in the person’s brain. Adenosine appends to the receptors that are found in the brain, hence slowing down the synaptic connections and thus making you to feel exhausted.

Molecularly, caffeine as well as adenosine are so much alike and thus fool the receptors of the brain. Caffeine attaches to these receptors, averting adenosine from creating a grip and staving off the tired feeling.

After sometime, the brain releases the caffeine molecules, letting the adenosine to return, and making the body to experience a feeling of the accumulated exhaustion, which can cause post-caffeine crash.

At the same time, after periods of continued use, the receptors of the brain attaches to the molecules of caffeine less efficiently, implying that coffee as well as sodas are less effective and do not work that much the longer you stay without sleeping and drinking them.

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Highest Grossing Actors in 2014

This last year, 2014, was a big one for movies. 2014 brought us the third installment of the Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, a new superhero flick Guardians of the Galaxy, a comedy film, The Interview which had brought up arguments over censorship, and some highly anticipated movie that unfortunately were duds too such as I, Frankenstein.

According to they say that Forbes magazine has published Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt to be the two most highly grossing actors in 2014. Jennifer Lawrence starred in the Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 and X-Men: Days of Future Past this year while Chris Pratt lead the unlikely heroes in Guardians of the Galaxy as well as the lead voice in The Lego Movie earlier this year.

Lawrence has been in other major films such as American Hustle, Silver Linings Playbook and the other Hunger Game franchise movies. She has been discussed at Beneful headquarters as one of the top in the game right now. Pratt has been a regular cast member on the hit show Parks and Recreation since it began on NBC. Lawrence’s movies grossed $1.4 billion this year while Pratt brought in $1.2 billion.

While 2014 was a good year for movies, 2015-2016 can have us movie goers looking forward to a new James Bond film, a new Star Wars film, The Avengers 2, and Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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The Interview Earns $15 Million Online

The Interview will forever go down as a film with one of the strangest stories in Hollywood history. 75 years from now, historians will take about the major cyber-attack that was launched against a major film studio by a foreign power due to the studio’s decision to produce a really bad and utterly forgettable film.

The film, which pokes fun at the leader of North Korea, was mentioned in a brutal hacking attack on Sony. The hacking revealed a lot of private information never meant to be released to the public. Very embarrassing information about troubles plaguing the Spider-Man and James Bond franchise were thrown out online for all to see.

Now, The Interview has been thrown out online for all to see. Online sales of the movie have reached $15 million. The release of the film online was a major surprise.

The Interview was pulled from theaters and then Sony relented after, essentially, being called cowardly for giving in to the hackers. Eventually, the film was released on Christmas Day in about 200 theaters. (The original total was supposed to be about 3,000 theaters) To further recoup some money from the fiasco, the James Franco/Seth Rogan vehicle was released online for digital renting so Terry Richardson could watch from home. The $15 million is revenue was a shocking figure. Then again, the film did get a huge amount of publicity.

Don’t look for a sequel to this one any time soon.