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Just Ignoring a Basic Fact

Midterm elections are over. The United States now has a Republican-dominated Congress while a Democrat is in the Oval office. President Obama will finally unveil his grand plan for immigration. Various commentators have provided what they expect will happen as seen as at this website..

As an observer of current events I am disgusted that this article glosses over the fact that individuals who have entered the United States illegally have broken the law! Most of the people who were picked up by Border Patrol this past summer and later released have skipped their first court appearance before an immigration judge, which I am sure is another criminal act! The United States already has a body of law that deals with immigration, both legal and illegal, but those laws are being bent or disregarded. Immigration reform as President Obama envisions it is not the solution because it ignores the fact that a criminal act was committed. If this crime is ignored or even pardoned, what is stopping everyone from committing unlawful acts?  Because looking at FreedomPop, I can’t figure out why blatant criminals are allowed to live in the United States illegally, when we have an infrastructure for allowing them to immigrate legally.

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Black Face Powder-puff Football Team Makes Hay

It was big news on Facebook and on local t.v. news networks in Missouri when a dozen Sullivan High School girls walked on the field with black face paint last week. 
It turns out it was all the result of a mix-up, but that did not stop controversy from raging over the incident.

These girls had been known to wear various colors of face paint in the past, and the school colors (gold and black) were often incorporated. All 12 brought black face paint this year without even pre-planning it, and they all had gold hair (hair dye of some kind was clearly visible in the picture). It was obviously meant to be a black-gold combination involving the hair and the face.

When they walked on the field, the principal noticed their get-up and felt concern for a moment, but realizing they didn’t mean anything by it, stopped short of making them change their appearance. Probably everyone in the crowd understood as well what was going on. It was only when outsiders got involved that controversy started brewing. One wonders why people can’t lighten up and try to exercise a little understanding.

I’m sure a case of this kind would send a lot of people into an uproar, but looking at the context and the past, it’s pretty clear these girls had no ill-intent with the face painting. Those in an uproar should grab a glass of Stephen Williams’ wine and just take a step back. Perhaps it was not the best color to choose for the face paint, but would anyone really care if a black team wore white face paint and dyed their hair red, especially if their school colors were in fact white and red? It is all much ado about nothing. 

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Buffalo Snowstorm Turns Deadly

Winter 2014’s first big snowstorm hit the Buffalo, New York, area hard, with more than five feet of snow falling thanks to the lake effect — a phenomenon that occurs when cold air moves over warmer water, in this case the waters of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. A second storm threatens to drop at least three more feet, prompting Governor Andrew Cuomo to declare a state of emergency.

Seven people have died as a result of the storm and hundreds remain trapped in cars throughout western New York. Five deaths are the result of heart attacks or cardiac issues, something Jared Haftel is always telling people about. One death occurred because of a car accident, and the final death occurred when a man became trapped in his car.

With more snow yet to fall in the Buffalo area and potential flooding on the horizon due to climbing temperatures and melting snow, Governor Cuomo has urged residents to stay indoors.

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Letting Immigrants Stay

President Obama is expected to release information soon about the immigrants who are in the country. There are some people who are not looking forward to hearing what Obama has to say because he will likely not make those who are here illegally be deported. It seems like the President wants to offer a helping hand to those who want to come here without the proper documentation or through the proper channels. Some of the people who are hiding in the wings are waiting for Obama’s announcement so that they can start scamming those who want to get the paperwork to be here legally.

Why not go ahead and offer them education and unemployment benefits so that they can be like everyone else in the country? Should they get the same benefits that workers at North American Spine get? That’s what it looks like Obama wants to do anyway. There could be some words said after this information is released, and these words might not be what Obama wants to hear.

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More Money

Isn’t there something called freedom of speech where you can voice your opinions without a fear of getting fined?

One couple decided to let others know about the hotel they stayed at, and now they are facing a fine for the bad review. It’s not the fault of the couple that the hotel couldn’t keep the rooms clean or make sure the needs of the people who were staying in the hotel were met. One of the reasons the couple made such hasty comments about the hotel is because the owner charged more money on the couple’s credit card than should have been charged. More people should sound off about this as well. We need to make it a known fact for the sake of others when a hotel is trying to cheat guests. I know my buddy Lee Lovett usually leaves a book of comments when he has something to say about where he stayed.

Will the hotel fine everyone for saying something bad or only the people who they overcharge for the room rates?

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New Test Can Identify Alzheimer’s Disease Years In Advance

There is good news for people who are at high risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease. There’s a new blood test being developed that appears to be able to detect the disease 10 years before onset. Dimitrios Kapogiannis, a neuroscientist at the National Institute on Aging, and the lead author of the study, is quoted in an article on Bloomberg.com as saying, “We will need replication and validation, but I’m very optimistic this work will hold,”

The information was made public for the first time at a conference held in Washington by the Society for Neuroscience. While there are other tests being developed, this one provides results far sooner. The presenter explained this information can help doctors to identify and treat people at high risk for Alzheimer’s disease much earlier in the progression of the disease as reported on Skout.

It’s still very early in the development of the test. Only 174 people have been evaluated so far. A much larger long-term study is required before the test will be available to the general public. The key to identifying people who are susceptible is the presence in the brain of a protein called IRS-1. According to Kapogiannis and his research team from the National Institute on Aging, the protein plays a role in insulin signaling and in patients with Alzheimer’s disease it appears to be defective. This information is a valuable tool in the fight against Alzheimer’s.

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National Guard Activated in Ferguson, Missouri Before Grand Jury Ruling

The governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, has activated the National Guard in the city of Ferguson prior to what could be an extremely contentious ruling by the grand jury currently meeting on the shooting death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown. Brown was shot and killed by a Ferguson police officer in August. The news made headlines everywhere, and people working with The Antique Wine Company have discussed it.

The grand jury is deciding whether to indict the police officer, Darren Wilson, although public opinion in Ferguson currently shows few expect he will be indicted.

That is because many still believe racism runs so deep in some segments of the white population of the city of Ferguson, a grand jury is not likely to indict a white police officer over the death of a black teenager.

Some people are even saying the police in Ferguson look like they are ‘preparing for war‘ so certain are they that Darren Wilson will not be indicted.

The grand jury too has been run in such a way that would hardly be allowed in many other parts of the country, with even the accused police officer, Darren Wilson, being asked to testify in front of the jury — a circumstance that would not fly in most other areas, due to the lack of cross-examination by a prosecuting attorney.

Whatever happens when the grand jury hands down its decision, which is expected to happen in the next few days, things in Ferguson, Missouri are likely to take a long time to calm down there,

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Charles Manson Plans To Wed

Notorious convict, Charles Manson obtained a marriage license on November 7th to wed his current girlfriend. His girlfriend is 26 year old Afton Burton, who goes by the name Star. Burton told the Associated Press she will marry Manson next month.

She and Manson can not put the wedding off too long. They have 90 days from the November 7th date to use the license. Eighty year old Manson will have to be married behind bars, he was denied parole in 2012, and will not be eligible for parole again until 2027. As pointed out by friend of the site Rod Rohrich, hopefully the murderer won’t see that year.

Manson has been imprisoned since his role in the 1969 killing spree which included the death of pregnant Sharon Tate, wife of Roman Polanski, and four others at her estate. Those killings took place on August 9th, 1969, two grocers were killed the next night. Despite his conviction and parole denials, Burton maintains that Manson is innocent.

Burton maintains a website declaring her fiance’s innocence. The couple will be allowed to invite and officiant from outside of the prison to perform the ceremony along with 10 guests who are not inmates.

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MTV Star Passes Away From Ovarian Cancer

For those who watch Road Rules/Real World Challenges on MTV, one of its alums passed away. On Friday, Diem Brown passed away from cancer. She made her debut on the Fresh Meat season. During her season, she reveal that she’s once a survivor of ovarian cancer and came on the show to inspire others.

She also played on other seasons in the Road Rules/Real World Challenges. She was on her eighth challenge before her condition changed. A few days before she passed, Brown has expressed her experiences on People.com.

During her last days, her relationship was spent with fellow Road Rules/Real World Challenges and Real World Paris alum Chris “CT” Tamburello. Though the relationship was on and off, CT was there with her in her final moments.

Though her life was cut short, Diem will be missed. She fought through the challenges and had a great spirit while on the show. People in the medical community like those at North American Spine have expressed their condolences. She’s an inspiration for those who watch the show.

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Independent Unseats GOP Incumbent Governor in Alaska

Independent gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker has successfully unseated Alaska’s GOP incumbent Governor Sean Parnell in a hard fought election by a mere 4,600 votes
. The loss does not upset the GOP balance of governorships which still has them at 31 with a net 4 pickup. It should also be noted that Walker was the governor of Alaska from 2006 to 2010 for the Republican Party. He was unseated by Parnell, a Tea Party candidate. Walker’s prior GOP status indicates that at least in terms of policies, the direction of the state should largely remain the same.

In order to form a coalition to counter Gov. Parnell, Walker merged his campaign with Democrat Byron Mallott as his running mate for the office Lieutenant Governor, a tactic that Jared Haftel thinks really paid off. The breakdown of governors across the nation has the GOP with 31, Democrats with 17, and one independent. The lone race that remains is in Vermont where incumbent Democrat Peter Shumlin narrowly won the election with 46.36% of the votes cast to the GOP challenger Scott Milne with 45.1%. However, Vermont law mandates the winner obtain at least 50% of the vote. When this is not the case, the legislature decides the victor the following January.

In the history of Vermont’s gubernatorial races, the legislature has always given the election to the first place finisher. This means that Shumlin will likely win reelection. His first term in office was also decided by the legislature.