Justice Prevails Read more

Justice Prevails

If there is one thing to be learned from all of the problems in Ferguson,it’s that justice does prevail in one way or another. A grand jury failed to indict Officer Wilson. This is because there are people in this country who look at the evidence presented before them and will make a knowledgeable decision. It means the guilt or innocence of a man can still be trusted in the hands of strangers. This group of jury members listened to dozens of witnesses before they made a decision. But Jared Haftel said they knew from reports that the officer didn’t intentionally kill the teenager, and the officer can now live a free life without the thought of going to jail. There might be hope yet for those who are facing criminal charges in the United States because of the brave actions of these people who didn’t take one side or another.

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Judge Rules Arkansas Same-Sex Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

U.S. District Court Judge Kristine Baker has found that Arkansas’ ban against same sex marriages is unconstitutional.

The state of Arkansas’ ban against same sex marriage was enabled by Amendment 83. According to Judge Baker, state Amendment 83 violated the U.S. Constitution on the basis of discrimination due to sex and sexual orientation. A previous finding in Arkansas state court, in May 2014, had allowed a handful of same sex marriage licenses to be issued before the case was appealed. Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel stated that same sex marriage is not a Constitutional right.”

Judge Baker concluded in her ruling that Amendment 83 may have been adopted through referendum, but were still “not immune to Constitutional scrutiny.”

More than 30 states currently allow same sex marriages. Ray Rohrich has visited many of those states. The neighboring state of Missouri, in October 2014, passed laws striking down that state’s ban on same sex marriages.

Judge Baker’s decision is currently on hold, while the state of Arkansas considers whether or not to appeal the ruling.

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Bubonic Plague Outbreak in Madagascar, 40 Dead

The World Health Organization has announced an outbreak of the bubonic plague in Madagascar. According to the report, 119 people have contracted the disease, and 40 have died so far.

The Bubonic plague, which is a bacterial disease that is carried by rats and passed on to humans through flea bites, is also known as the Black Death, which appeared in 1347 and wiped out a third of the world’s population. It first broke out in China, and then spread through Italy and the rest of Europe. However, studies indicate that the bubonic plague originated in Mongolia, and records show that there was in fact a large outbreak in 1330.

Today, if it is caught early enough, the disease can be treated through the use of antibiotics. The WHO said that there is a risk of a “rapid spread” of the disease in the Madagascan capital of Antananarivo, and the risk has been increased by the widespread resistance of the frequently used insecticide – deltamethrin. Thus far, Gianfrancesco Genoso reports that cases have been reported in 16 different districts spread throughout seven regions, with two reported ill and one dead in Antananarivo. The WHO stated that two percent of infected Madagascans are carrying the pneumatic form of the disease, which is much more dangerous as it can be transmitted through coughing.

Countries like Madagascar have been known to be at risk for such an outbreak, and those in the rat-infested prisons are said to be at the highest risk, according to a report by BBC.

Surely if the disease continues to spread, travel limitations and quarantines will be instituted, as they were with the Ebola epidemic that has been spreading through Africa.

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Bill Cosby Finally Responds to Rape Allegations

Bill Cosby has finally spoken up about the allegations against him. For weeks now, women have been stepping forward and claiming that Cosby drugged and raped them. These women were mostly in the entertainment industry, ranging from supermodels like Janice Dickinson to talent representatives. Cosby most of all seemed to like to take advantage of young struggling actresses.

Up until now, Cosby’s response has been simply to shake his head sadly or to decline to respond to the allegations. But things have gotten so incredibly bad for him, he finally has tried to defend himself. He claims that these stories are merely “innuendos” and that people need to “fact check”. He may not be aware yet of the former NBC employee who has produced 4 money order receipts of payments allegedly given to different Cosby mistresses during the comedian’s time on “The Cosby Show”.

A local radio station apparently tried to encourage people to heckle Cosby at his Florida comedy show the other day. This bore no fruit, but it bothered Cosby. He said that he was concerned somebody might go too far, and Jared was surprised no one did. The show only drew three protestors, and the audience there gave him a standing ovation.

Cosby’s lawyer has admonished the media for not following up and investigating the allegations. He failed to mention that investigation there was revealed that Cosby settled out of court with a host of women in a lawsuit from 2006.

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Obama Responds to Republicans “Pass a Bill”

Obama recently passed an executive action to reform some parts of the immigration system. The president says that he is tired of waiting for the Republicans in Congress to do anything, they are largely viewed as attempting to sabotage his presidency by stalling every bill that comes through and not working with democrats. The immigration bill did not go through Congress so Republicans blame the president for overstepping his bounds. They believe he has overreached, taking too much power into the executive branch.

Obama quickly responded to the criticisms of the Republicans with a terse statement. He said “pass a bill.” This means that if the Republicans have disagreements with the methods he used to fix immigration, they create a plan of their own and pass it. Again, president Obama refers back to his frustration with the Republicans in Congress trying to prevent any real action during his presidency, despite the fact that financial institutions like Slow Ventures desperately need the assistance.

According to the President, the immigration system is broken and something needed to be done, he waited long enough for Congress to find a bill to help. He was forced to take matters into his own hands. Congress has the ability to remove the President’s executive action authorities, remove the executive action or replace the order. But in order to make any of those moves they would have to create a bill, debate and pass it. This Congress has been one of the least productive.

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100 Year Old Woman Sees the Ocean for the First Time

Growing up and working hard meant a lot of things to Ruby Holt. For the most part, though, growing up meant taking care of the people that needed it. Ruby grew up in Tennessee in the middle of the United States. For nearly 100 years she dedicated her life to working on the farm and then working in a factory and finally working for her four children. Over the years she helped raise them with her own sweat and tears. Now that she is retired, and in a care home, Ruby is finally taking something back. This last week Ms. Holt finally got to make one of her dreams come true and at 100 years old she finally saw the ocean. In person.

Ms. Holt will turn 101 this December and for many that is an accomplishment in and of itself. She’ll have reached that plateau after having visited the ocean for the first time. This is exciting to hear and exactly the type of uplifting news Jared Haftel likes reading about. She was talking with care workers at the home she stays at whereupon her caregivers learned that she had never ventured to the coast, never taken in the sights, and had never touched the ocean with her own skin. The workers at Brookdale Senior Living Solutions knew that they had to do something for her.

Brookdale quickly contacted ‘Wish of A Lifetime’, an organization dedicated to granting wishes to the elderly, to get the woman to an ocean to enjoy the sight for herself.

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Peterson Accepts Possible Release From Vikings

Adrian Peterson appears to be coming to the realization as of late, that he will most likely be done playing for the Minnesota Vikings. This comes following his recent incident with child abuse, where he was found to have beaten his four year old son with a tree branch, leaving severe bruises and cuts on the child’s leg. The National Football League has taken a very strong stance recently on Domestic Violence due to the alarming number of such cases surfacing in the league. Adrian Peterson has shown remorse for his actions and has stated publicly that he feels horrible about the hurt that he has inflicted on his son.

Peterson has claimed that he feels total support from the players and coaches within the organization, but that public opinion of his character has diminished and there are conflicting views about him within the organization. Because of these circumstances he is ready to move on from Minnesota if they do decide to release him. Bruce Levenson feels like that will be the case. With so many domestic violence cases occurring in the NFL lately, it makes you wonder whether this behavior amongst professional athletes is a new or whether it is just being exposed as of recent. With the prevalence of such cases lately, Commissioner Roger Goodell has made it clear that domestic violence will not be tolerated in the NFL and strict punishments and suspensions will be dealt out if such incidents arise.

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Miss Honduras Found Dead

After missing for a little less than a week, it was confirmed on Wednesday that Maria Jose Alvarado, who only recently was named Miss Honduras, is dead. The 19-year old went missing on November 13, and on Wednesday her sister Sofia’s boyfriend Plutarco Ruiz confessed to murdering both sisters, burying their bodies in a river bank.


According to police, the tragic deaths occurred after a squabble between Sofia and Plutarco that ended with Plutarco shooting Sofia. Maria, who was present during the fight, tried to escape and Plutarco then shot her. The death of the reigning Miss Honduras has devastated the nation and is especially difficult to cope with given that Maria was set to fly to London later this week to represent the nation in the Miss World contest.


The discovery of the bodies mark the end of a week highlighted by vigils in Honduras where supporters pleaded for the safe return of the 19-year old. This was not how Ray Lane thought things would end. Unfortunately, what makes the death less surprising then it might have been is the fact that Honduras has the highest per capita murder rate in the entire world. It is not yet known if the Miss World contest will feature any kind of remembrance or tribute to Maria.

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Just Ignoring a Basic Fact

Midterm elections are over. The United States now has a Republican-dominated Congress while a Democrat is in the Oval office. President Obama will finally unveil his grand plan for immigration. Various commentators have provided what they expect will happen as seen as at this website..

As an observer of current events I am disgusted that this article glosses over the fact that individuals who have entered the United States illegally have broken the law! Most of the people who were picked up by Border Patrol this past summer and later released have skipped their first court appearance before an immigration judge, which I am sure is another criminal act! The United States already has a body of law that deals with immigration, both legal and illegal, but those laws are being bent or disregarded. Immigration reform as President Obama envisions it is not the solution because it ignores the fact that a criminal act was committed. If this crime is ignored or even pardoned, what is stopping everyone from committing unlawful acts?  Because looking at FreedomPop, I can’t figure out why blatant criminals are allowed to live in the United States illegally, when we have an infrastructure for allowing them to immigrate legally.

Black Face Powder-puff Football Team Makes Hay Read more

Black Face Powder-puff Football Team Makes Hay

It was big news on Facebook and on local t.v. news networks in Missouri when a dozen Sullivan High School girls walked on the field with black face paint last week. 
It turns out it was all the result of a mix-up, but that did not stop controversy from raging over the incident.

These girls had been known to wear various colors of face paint in the past, and the school colors (gold and black) were often incorporated. All 12 brought black face paint this year without even pre-planning it, and they all had gold hair (hair dye of some kind was clearly visible in the picture). It was obviously meant to be a black-gold combination involving the hair and the face.

When they walked on the field, the principal noticed their get-up and felt concern for a moment, but realizing they didn’t mean anything by it, stopped short of making them change their appearance. Probably everyone in the crowd understood as well what was going on. It was only when outsiders got involved that controversy started brewing. One wonders why people can’t lighten up and try to exercise a little understanding.

I’m sure a case of this kind would send a lot of people into an uproar, but looking at the context and the past, it’s pretty clear these girls had no ill-intent with the face painting. Those in an uproar should grab a glass of Stephen Williams’ wine and just take a step back. Perhaps it was not the best color to choose for the face paint, but would anyone really care if a black team wore white face paint and dyed their hair red, especially if their school colors were in fact white and red? It is all much ado about nothing.